Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Vacation Time: The Final Update

Today starts my shortened vacation so I will not be putting up a fresh post until at least Sunday. Before I stopped posting I wanted to leave a post where I could come and comment during the times when I am able to stumble to the keyboard in between rounds of hedonism and debauchery.

Every Fucking Day, I add someone new to the list of assholes and bitches that can kiss my fucking ass.

Permanent List

People That Can Kiss My Ass Today

I will be adding names to my now invisible list throughout the week. Feel free to add as many names as you damned well please as many times as you damned well please. The way I feel I can guaren-damn-well-tee that they can kiss my ass too. As the man said,'Open up your hate and let it flow into me.'


I have never tagged anyone before. But if I don't start seeing some more names then I will start visiting my blogroll and telling them to get over here and leave some damned names or they can kiss my ass. And you lurkers out there, I have made it easy for you to leave a damned comment by leaving my anonymous and other options open. Leave some damned names or Kiss My Ass!!!!

*******Second Update********

My good friend, Phred, has a similar post on his site. It regards idiot Corporate doublespeak. While your over there tell him that Fuzz said he could Kiss My Ass.

*******Third Update*********

I just woke up from a three hour nap. Damn, That was fun. Here are some pics of asses that I will not be kissing. Not Today - Not Ever!!!

**********Fourth Damned Update********

I was tagged. I hate being fucking tagged. Hell, I'm on vacation here damnit. But since it was April and she is so cutesy and kind and her writing sticks lead in your pencil, I guess I will go ahead and say fuck it and do the damned thing.

Cue the drum roll again maestro

The top seven song to listen to when you are pissed off.

7) Dirty Deeds - AC/DC
6) I Hate Everything About You - Ugly Kid Joe
5) Right Now - Korn
4) Break Stuff - Limp Biskit
3) The Sickness - Disturbed
2) So What - Metallica

And the number one song that will push you over the freakin' edge and make you go postal.

1) Mandy - Barry Manilow

If any of those song titles are incorrect, go ahead feel free to tell me to kiss your ass. I am awful with song titles, I have chonic lyricosis, and I don't give a flying fuck. I will sing them the way I want to sing them. If I want to sing 'Two Chickens to Paralyze' instead of 'Two Tickets to Paradise' then I will. If I want to sing, 'I wish that I had Jessie's Bitch' instead of 'I wish that I had Jessie's Girl' then I will. If you don't like it then kiss my ass.

Feel free to comment and leave a song that puts you in the mood to be pissed off. And if you think that is begging for comments, then big d Kiss My Ass!!!

**********Fifth Update********

Big D has graciously offered to kiss my ass if I reach 100 hits today. If I get just a few more comments, he will have to publicly kiss my ass on West Texas Rocks. So the next update will feature every commenter between now and 100 receiving the royal ass kissing of a lifetime by yours truly. The more one commenter posts then the more they will get their ass kissed. So step up and get ready for the ass kissing of your life.

**********Final Update**********

Thanks to everyone playing along. You will never know how much fun Angry Joyce and I had with this vacation post. Thank you all for making that comment section rock. To all my blogfriends both old and new, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I haven't the time to thank each of you individually but if you are in there, know for a fact that I appreciate it. I will be working on the ass kissing post and probably post it tomorrow night. Have a great weekend everybody! You Rock!!!


Ranea said...

On my Permanent List: All these redneck motherfuckers that call me an outsider here in Podunk.

People that can kiss my ass today: The dumbasses at the Dairy Queen that screwed up my order.

Pist At The Whole World said...

Pemanent List: The Douchebag that inspired George Lucas to come up with Jar-Jar Binks can tattoo his lips to my ass.

:P fuzzbox said...

First name on the list:

People that can kiss my ass today: Angry Joyce can kiss my ass. My nipples have been sore as hell for two days. I know for a damned fact that I am not ovulating. She had to have abused me in my sleep; probably sexually. I should be thankful that it is my nipples that are sore and not my ass. But for today she can KISS MY ASS.

Angry Joyce said...

FUCKER!!! Fuzz you can kiss my ass. How dare you blame me for your sore nipples!!! I blame you for being a pain in my ass!!! And I don't give a FLYING FUCK if you put me on your goddamned permanent list!!!!

Keshi said...

ok this post got me all excited for no must be the language..hahaha!

I hope Im not in that list..plz plz dun put me in there Fuzzy :)


Keshi said...

btw happy Break-ing mate ;-)


angel, jr. said...

Have a fun vacation.

Ann Alsex said...

Tightassed people with no sense of humor can smooch on my hinny. You can kiss it too, if you wanna Fuxxie ;D

:P fuzzbox said...

ranea: Does the Dairy Queen have any other kind of employees? If any Dairy Queen employees are out there that is not a dumbass then back off but the rest of them can feel free to kiss both our asses.

pist: I hope that I never have the misfortune of meeting that douchbag but if I do then he can kiss my ass.

Angry Joyce: Bare it and Share It. Otherwise kiss my ass.

keshi: I know that you are all about the brotherhood of man but surely there is somebody that you would luv to be able to say to kiss your ass. Let us know or somebody might add you to the list.

angel jr: I know that you are religous and it might pain you to admit it. But there are bound to be someone out there that has really made you mad. Here is your chance to let it out.

ann: Bring that ass!!!

Anelize said...

Permanent list: The damn people at the taco bell who only give you one packet of hot sauce per car. WTF?!?!? I ordered two burritos and 6 tacos. I might need more than ONE DAMN PACKET OF HOT SAUCE. Think, you silly little airheaded high school dropouts. Arrrrgggghhh.

April said...

on vacation????!!!


Rocky said...

Great post, Fuzz... My permanent list would be the grocery store manager who placed the pizza on one side of the frozen section and the ice cream on the other. I'm on a diet and have to drive through there every week. Last week, I had some sort of convulsive withdrawal reaction.

Keshi said...

** surely there is somebody that you would luv to be able to say to kiss your ass...

kiss my a## Fuzzy, there's no such person ;-)


:P fuzzbox said...

anelize: Damn I hate those fuckers. And what's with those damned dropouts giving one goldamned napkin like it's coming out of their paltry assed paycheck. They can kiss my ass too.

april: Bare it Bitch. Luv ya :)

rocky: Those product placing sacks of shit can kiss my ass too. Especcially for sticking all the shit that is worth a shit right there at the check out aisle. The fuckers have 27 goddamn checkout aisles but only three half-witted cashiers with a busted ass scanner so you have to sit there staring at a goddamned Snickers bar for a fuckin' half hour. All those sumbitches can kiss my ass too.

keshi: That's the spirit. Kiss my fuzzy ass.

My word verifacation letters end in FU. How freakin' ironic. Those dope smoking blogger geeks can kiss my ass too.

Keshi said...

thanks for the fuzzy offer ;-)


Bruce said...

My permanent list....Jerry Falwell and all of those other self-righteous Bible-thumping assholes who insist that they know what's right for me.

Today's list..all the garages I called today trying to get my car inspected. Is everyone on vacation??????

April said...

oh...gotta add my list...don't know how I forgot the first time!

my husband
my husband
my husband

But you knew that already...;-)

Luv ya, too!

April said...

shit...just read one of your comments, Fuzz and gotta tell ya this. I went to a college whose intials were FU. Before I started there they were known as the Furman University Christian guess what was yelled at football games??! Goooooooo....F * * K! T-shirts were sold in the bookstore, "FU till you're purple." I wish I still had mine.

:P fuzzbox said...

keshi: I live to serve. Kiss My A##.

bruce: All those snake charmers can kiss my ass. Especcially my snake charmin, paper theiving, waiting for rapture Preacher Neighbor. He can Kiss My Heathern Ass.

I hate to break the bad news but they weren't on vacation they are here at my house getting drunk and they said that you could Kiss Their Greasy Asses.

april: Tell your husband that Fuzz told him to pack his shit and he can kiss both our asses.

To prove I am Mister Fucking Nice Guy. Here is a money making idea. Print those Shirts. " FU, till your purple" but add 'from Kissing My Ass'. If that won't make money then I will kiss your ass.

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch said...

On my permanent list: People that are to fucking lazy to get out of their car at four in the morning and ring the fucking doorbell. Oh hell no these hosebags have to honk their goddamed horn til some lazy ass no job having crackhead finally hauls his sorry nasty ass outside. Some of us work for a damn living. And I get a little bitchy when I don't get my mother fucking beauty sleep. If it happens one more fucking time then I will tattoo Kiss my 9 to 5 ass on their damned foreheads.

Angry Joyce said...

All those assholes that say I'm not a people person, Can Kiss My Ass. I am a little ray of damned sunshine. If you don't beleive me then ask Fuzz and he better tell you that I am or he can Kiss My Ass again.

phred said...

OK, Permanent list...

ALL taxing enities in Motley and Floyd county...
(I just finished paying all my property taxes $ 2800).

All the Katrina victims who are still sitting on their lazy ass whining about how the rest of the country OWES them something.( They need to move, get a job, or at least shut-up . Anybody STUPID enough to live in a flood zone should expect something like this to happen ).

ALL no-driving SOB`s in Lubbock Tx.
(And they call us hicks, I recieve 214 TV stations , and learned how to Drive 40 years ago).

All asinine corprate witches that don`t know how to handle their success / position without making someone elses life miserable.

The lady at Krispi Kreme Donuts at the Excalibar in Las Vegas.( She didn`t have change for a $100 bill. There is probably More cash in that one casino than in ALL of Motley and Dickens county).

Osama bin Laden

Hillary Clinton

Todays list..

It`s still early, 6:58 am. Nobody has pissed me off..yet. I might come back and add to this list later. I`m thinking I might list '' ALL people who are on vacation while the rest of us have to work''.

ozymandiaz said...

My ass is too sweet and beautiful for this world...

Vic said...

Oh yeah...Hillary Clinton. I'm not sure I know the difference in permanent and today but...The guy at work that said I was cold hearted and then didn't show up today cause he's clearly afraid, my child's 2nd grade teacher for being mean to her, oh oh oh my mother in law, the manufacturer of my vibrator that requires new batteries waaaaay too often, and the jerk that parked over the freakin line in the parking lot this morning. Oh dear, I've gotten started and I can't stop. I'll be back.

dirty secret girl said...

Hey fuzz....maybe I wanna kiss your ass. Add me to the list - please?!

:P fuzzbox said...

I have just woke up and have not had my coffee yet. And if anyone thinks that I am putting on my underwear today Can Kiss My Everloving Fuzzy Ass.

:P fuzzbox said...

phred: All those phuckers can kiss my ass. Except for that last sumbitch and you can kiss my ass.

ozy: Well, then your sweet beautiful ass can leave a list!

vic: I am with you. What's with those ignorent no parking assbags that have to take their big ass SUV's and block three goddamn spaces? The can Kiss My Ass.

dirty secret girl: Consider that sweet ass added. :)

Tighty Whitey said...

Just stopping by. I love your site. You might want to stop by and check out my site.

Keep on blogging!!

dirty secret girl said...

Oooooh Fuzz, you're so demanding today. Its making me all kind of crazy.

Laurie said...

Permanent: George W. Bush.

Today: Michigan weather (it's snowing and sleeting today, wtf)

Laurie said...

PS - enjoy your vacation!!!

Metal Mark said...

On my permanent list I would put Gene Simmons, Glen Danzig, Vince Neil, Ozzy and his wife plus any radio station or magazine that pushes put-on crap as heavy music.

Jamie said...

Edith Gosnowsky, bitch. Psycho coworker.

Neil Voss, assmunch. Guy who picked on me in school.

GeeDub, nuff said.

All are permanent and can kiss my ass any day.

:P fuzzbox said...

tighty whitey: Kiss my dirty Ass!!!

dirty secret girl: That's just the way you like it huh.

laurie: Dubya and all his cronies can Kiss My Ass as well.

It is supposed to get up in the '80's today. Kiss my @$$ :) LUV YA BABE!

Metal Mark: Still pissed about Kiss beating out AC/DC in battle of the bands? Gene said, 'Lick It Up.'

:P fuzzbox said...

jamie: If they are on your list then they are on mine. They Can Kiss Both Our Asses.

cleveland said...

quite touchy fuzz but everyone needs times like that every once and awhile but favorite line is "fuck it"

Ranea said...

Adding to my permanent list- All men who use this break-up excuse, " It's not you, it's me." You bet your ass it's you! All of them can kiss my ass - twice even!!

Green Eyes said...

My ex husband can KISS MY ASS!!!

Couldn't even kiss my 3 yr old's boo boo, so my kid had to go back to the daycare lady and have kiss it. They the dumb ass ex says to her, "want to keep him?"

I told her this am, next time tell him, "Yes, I'll keep him til his mom gets here!"

On top of Kissing my Ass, that man can BITE ME!

Thanks for the outlet Fuzz! xx

siren said...

The IRS is on my eternity list for making my mother cry today, those assholes.

I'm having a crappy day, so I'll be back.

:P fuzzbox said...

cleveland: Don't cop out. I know that you have someone to tell Kiss My Ass. If not put Happy Liz behind the damned keyboard. I can guarenfuckintee that she can give a laundry list of douchebags that she has already told to Kiss Her Ass and is dying to tell them again. Angry Joyce told her to bring her ass.

ranea: What's with those fuckers anyway? Damn right, It's them Kiss Our Ass.

green eyes: Assholes that cannot show compassion or emotion even to their own children are a total waste of cum and should pucker up. If they can't kiss a boo-boo then they can Kiss Some Ass!!!

Sanctimonious Assholes that feel that they are the second coming of Ernest Fucking Hemingway so it is beneath them to comment to real people Can Kiss My Ass.

:P fuzzbox said...

Siren: Those crooked assed bastards at the IRS should be fucking ashamed of their selves for making your mother cry. They are written in stone in my permanent list. Come back as many times as you need to. I am here for you. And I am not through with telling people to Kiss My Ass by a longshot. In Fact I have just started. I shall return. A Lot.

Anonymous said...

My boss can kiss my ass!

I did the heavy work of pushing a damn piano around while he "steered."

oh...and fuzz, kiss my ass! You and your damn vacation.

ella m. said...

Everyone who's ever asked why I'm so pale
Most of my family
My current staff at work
Every hick who looks at my like I have three heads
the guy at the store who always fucks up my coffee
creators of shitty music and the idiots who buy it

Right now:
organizers of the new york comic con
the calandar, for not reading 3/13
cranky customers

David Amulet said...

Sorry I've been absent, Fuzz--very busy times.

Permanent: Hilary Clinton, Bill O'Reilly, Adolf Hitler, and my eight-grade Spanish teacher.

Right now: The voices inside my head. QUIET, DAMMIT, QUIET! DAMN YOU ALL!

-- david

tubawench said...

I admit it, I'm a lurker, so kiss my ass, I love your writings.

On the other hand:
The Asshole: the guy I had the misfortune of pseudo-dating who was a thief, a cheat, and a liar

The Bitch and her posse: the evil woman who knows shit about horses, but decided to butt her ugly ass into my business and tried to take my horse away. The horse, BTW, is of no value except to me, but I've spent thousands to keep her alive. Stupid Bitch.

Those two can kiss MY Ass from here to eternity!

Thanks Fuzz. Needed that.

the weirdgirl said...

On my permanent list: Donna Shuster, you can kiss my fucking way-skinnier-than-yours ass (yeah, I KNOW that's why you don't like me). In the words of Phred "asinine corporate witch"!

The Phoenix said...

Mr. Keller, my 10th grade Chemistry teacher. I hope you fucking rot in hell. So I accidentally spilled a small beaker of water on your desk. So what? You didn't have to fucking make an ass out of me in front of the entire class. You knew my dream was to go to the Air Force Academy, and you said, "There's no way they're going to take a boob like you."

You're lucky I didn't take your bunsen burner and set your ugly ass on fire.

You're a true motherfucking asshole, and I hope you've had at least three strokes by now.

(Damn that feels good).

sugarpunk said...


my X .. his bitch.. prez b ... fuck it the list of who doesnt need to KMA is shorter.. and my typing skills suck..

todays:... CNN, FOX, MSNBC.. god jsut STFU!

:P fuzzbox said...

anon: Thank you for commenting. Your boss and you can Kiss My Ass. Have a Nice Day :)

ella: Great list. They can kiss my ass. By the way, Why are you soo pale? Kiss My Ass. Just kidding, Luv ya, Mean it!!

david: Como Esta!! Kiss My Ass. Just kidding, bring those voices out and let them write a list.

tubawench: See did that freakin' kill ya. Pseudo-dated, that sounds like an asshole that damn sure needs to pucker up. And the bitch, her posse and the horses that they rode in on can all Kiss My Ass as well.

weirdgirl: Corporate damned asinine witches can line up and kiss your scrawny ass and my fuzzy ass. Give 'em hell!

phoenix: I had a third grade teacher who did everything that she fucking could do to turn me into a right handed person from a left handed person. Including whippings, verbal abuse, and humiliation. So for all those teachers who instead of fostering a love of knowledge use their damned position to inflict hate on innocent children. They can drop dead after kissing my ass.

:P fuzzbox said...

sugarpunk: My list is going to take days. But I am a man on the mission. And yeah those outlets of pablum should most assuredly STFU. For right now though. They can just kiss our ass.

Keshi said...

I'd say it's a very delicious serving Fuzz ;-)

lol I couldnt help but ROTFLMAO when I saw some of the comments here...


Sherri said...

permanent: My work place nemisis can kiss my ass for stealing my job when I was on maternity leave! And, wpn, you better believe I'm laughing my ass off at this very minute because #1 you have no fucking idea what in the hell you're doing, and #2 the act of you stealing my job got me a much MUCH better job as a replacement.

Truly Sickened said...

People that put up sick ass links just for shock value can kiss my ass!

Anonymous said...

Important announcement: Wiggles are posing as real people in the blogosphere. Updates to come.

April said...

3 hour nap??? wtf???

Kiss my ASS, fuzz.

My boss can also kiss my ass...made me move a piano today while he watched and "steered". Fucker.

People who don't use turn signals can also kiss my ass...gonna rear end one some day and then it'll be MY fault.

Green Eyes said...

Damn convenience stores that run out of my beer on a Thursday night can Kiss My Ass! WTF?

jane said...

damn 56 comments? You done scared the chit out of everyone Fuzz! I know EXACTLY what you mean about people on your blogroll not visiting. That is my pet peeve too. I'm not the type of person to just have names there, I visit every one of them & it aint no 1 way street. I know that sounds bitchy, but it can't be bitchy cuz I agree with you and men cant be bitchy, can they? Maybe we should trade who our good bloggin buds are so we can check them out.
Have a nice vacation.

:P fuzzbox said...

keshi: Ain't it a hoot. Kiss my a##!!! ;)

sherri: That bitch got just what she fuckin' deserved. She can kiss some ass!!!

truly sickened: Thank you for your comment. Kiss My Ass.

anonymous: Ben Heller has been mysteriously on exile during the latest Wiggles tour. Coincidence, I wonder. Ben, Where are you to defend this anonymous attack upon your reputation? Get over here and tell them to Kiss Your Bum!!!!

april: I fucking lied alright you got me. It was a 1 hour NAP and a two hour nap. I am old it takes me awhile to recover. Thanks for noticing, Kiss my Fuzzy Ass.

green eyes: Out of your beer on a Thursday Night. Lynch their Ass!!!

jane: I just figured people needed to vent. I guess they did. Hell you even came and commented.

You know I'm kidding. Luv Ya. You will always have a home on my blogroll and in my comment section. Glad you feel the same.

Keshi said...

hoot indeed :):)

btw mate r u really on a break? lol! aww its so good to have u ard..stay stay stay..hehehe...


Letter Hater said...

I hate word verifacation letters. Kiss My Ass!!!

Big D said...

You want my list? You sure? You've been crying about it. So here it is.

Cry baby bloggers always whining about comments can kiss my ass.

Ungrateful motherfuckers that call me in the middle of the night for computer problems can kiss my ass.

Blogger for being down all the time time can kiss my ass.

The I fucking RS for having me pay in six thousand dollars and allowing me to have only three hundred of it back.

The motherfuckers on welfare spending my fucking money can kiss my ass.

The 70 year old retired bastard leaving off my text money can kiss my ass.

The motherfuckers using Medicaid to buy Viagra with my tax money can kiss my ass.

Liberals in general can kiss my ass.

Anyone who said GW can kiss their ass yeah munch on my ass.

Any towel headed motherfucker out there can kiss my ass!

Dumbass fucking techs that give me a bad name can kiss my ass.

Indian script reading douche bags can kiss my ass.

Telemarketers can kiss my ass.

Dell tech support fucktards can totally kiss my ass.

Women who take maternity leave, yeah your fired and kiss my ass!

People with unsecured wireless router and call me for help can kiss my ass.

Grammar Nazi's can also munch on my ass!

In fact let's shorten this list EVERYONE CAN KISS MY ASSS!

Master - Baiter said...

Permanently kiss my ass..


Whoever stole my pedal car when I was 5 yrs. old.

All Game Wardens

The bureaucrats that decided to do away with the '' muscle cars ''

Hillary Clinton

siren said...

One more shoutout before I go to bed...

The jackasses at work that keep getting promoted even though they don't do shit. The idiot in IT that thinks he's a friggin genius and blames everyone else for his screwups. And the cleaning crew at work that never cleans my damn cube.

They can!

Thanks Fuzz. I feel better :)

:P fuzzbox said...

keshi: Tomorrow I won't be popping in so much. I have to do something vacationy or I will have to kiss Angry Joyce's ass.

letter hater: Consider it done. All spambots will simply be deleted and replaced with a simple message. "Spambot Kiss My Ass!!!"

big d: Such an Angry Young Man. Kiss my ass. Luv ya Bro.

master b: Damn I was worried the damned gaters had gotten ya. Hillary is one scary bitch. She can kiss some ass for sure. Hopefully her ass kissin' will take her no farther.

siren: They are good at something. And that is kissing ass. You know what the difference is between kissing ass and brown nosing? Depth Perception.

starbender said...

Hahaaa! Luv the list idea! U were right!
On the perm:
Yale University-They won't take U.S. soldiers--->But they will take senior members of AlQuida--and the one I'm talking about only has a 4th grade education!!!
Whoever is behind the 6 port deal with the UAE!

Kiss my ass today-The weatherman-unless it hits 60 degrees in Cleveland today!

I'll be back later with more!

Vic said...

Damn Fuzz! You are the man! I bow to your awesome comment whoring. Oh wait...nope...instead, I want you to... kiss MY ass. So today, along with you, I want the bitch that cut me off in traffic, my alarm clock, the asshole that invented bras and my endocrinologist to kiss my ass. Ok, not really you...unless you want to. ;-)

Fans and Friends of The Great and Talented Barry Manilow said...

Kiss Our Ass!!!

Anonymous said...

Barry Manilow is God. The judgement is upon you. Look into the eye of oblivion. You are now living on borrowed time. He writes the songs and you will face the wrath.

Ranea said...

I am with Vic, the guy that invented bras can most definitly KISS MY ASS!!! The girls (as I call them) don't like to be bound up like that. But I want to add the guy that invented pantyhose as well. That guy can KISS MY ASS through my control top hose!!!

Ann Alsex said...

What about David Hasslehoff, Fuxxie? Kiss my ass! He rocks my world!:D

:P fuzzbox said...

vic: And all I had to do was submit to the power of the darkside.

fans, freinds, and the Cult of Manilow: Kiss my Ass!!!

ranae: As long as we are cussing undergarment makers, I will add: The dumbass who invented boxer-briefs (They are fine when new but when they get a little use in them, that is a lot of material to ride into your buttcheeks) and the inventor of the plus-size thong (nobody needs to see that.)

ann: Hasslehoff is the man. It was an oversight. Sorry, Kiss my Ass!

:P fuzzbox said...

starbender: I agree wholeheartedly with the port deal. It is like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. The bumbling idiots in charge of that one should Kiss the American Public's Ass on the way out the door.

Ranea said...

Yeah Fuzz boxer briefs make a man look like they are wearing diapers.

But You can KISS MY ASS! if you don't start spelling my name right!!

tubawench said...

Add to my list:

Republicans who think they have a mandate from God.

Democrats who are so duplicitous that they even deceive themselves.

Great song for a pissed off mood:

"It's a Great Day to Whup Somebody's Ass"

Big D said...

If you get a hundred comment you can kiss my ass!

Anonymous said...

****Special Announcement*****
It has been discovered that a blogger posing as a Heavy Metal Reviewer. Is actually leader of the Cult of Enya. Updates to follow!!!

:P fuzzbox said...

ranea: Sorry about that. Kiss My Ass, It's not nice to make fun of someone with aixelsyd!!!!

tubawench: Thanks for adding a song to the list and ain't it a nice day for Whuppin' some ass. Who sings it? I tried to leave a comment on your site. But it told me my ip address was spam. That sucks ass!!!

big d: Thanks for bringing me one comment closer. Kiss My Ass!!!

anonymous: Metal Mark, Say it ain't so!!!

Angry Joyce said...

Caught you. Looks like my ass will be the first one kissed. Pucker Up Fucker.

:P fuzzbox said...

angry joyce: Damnit Busted. I have been doing it for 10 damn years in private. I guess a little public humiliation won't kill me.

Vic said...

Ok are soooooo gonna owe me. I'll pimp you on my site. We'll discuss payment later. K?

:P fuzzbox said...

vic: I am soo ready to pay.

Ranea said...

I was also the first commenter and a multi-commenter. Does that make me a grand prize winner? It should count for something. So pucker up buttercup :)

:P fuzzbox said...

ranea: Lickin' my lips getting ready!!!

Ann Alsex said...

I did an audio just for you fuxxie. Cum over and give it a listen. And yippee you can kiss my ass!!!

:P fuzzbox said...

I'll give it a listen. I am dying to kiss that sweet ass.

siren said...

What this world needs is more ass kissing. I'm willing to support any worthy cause :)

Oh...and kiss my asiago

:P fuzzbox said...

siren: That's the spirit. How could I resist such a sharp cheddery request to kiss some cheese? Munch my muenster ;)

George W. Bush said...

The Secret Service alerted me to your activities three months ago. I luv your blugshit. Yippee Ki Ya, Motherfucker. Kiss my presidential Ass.

:P fuzzbox said...

This might be tough dubya. Hope you know it's just for laughs. My brother voted for you ten times that should cut me some slack. Til my next update, Kiss my Ass.

hillary clinton said...

Bill loves your blog but he is just looking at your perverted pictures while he smokes dope. I think that you suck, Kiss my Ass.

:P fuzzbox said...

While I have you on my blog, I have a favor. Tell bubba when he comes over tomorrow to stop by mcdonalds. When he left today, I got the munchies like a motherfucker. I'll make bubba kiss your ass for me tomorrow. But you can kiss my ass forever.

dinky said...

Yo Quero, vesa mi el choolo, Pendaho?

:P fuzzbox said...

Damn how the fuck did a freakin' chihuahua find my damn blog? Okay I'll fucking do it. But first answer me, do you give commisions to your dumbass employees for fucking me out of hot sauce and napkins? Bitch, Kiss my ass!!!

george lucas said...

You don't like Jar-Jar Binks. Kiss His Ass!!!

:P fuzzbox said...

I bow to the great master of the trilogy, but how bad can you fuck up episode one. The cartoons were better! I'll do it but til then both of you can Kiss My Ass!!!

National Federation for Grocers said...

Did you enjoy that Snickers, fuzz? Kiss our Managers Ass!!!

:P fuzzbox said...

Okay on my next update. But until then, Stick an ice cream cone between your butt cheeks and pound it in with a frozen pizza. Kiss My Ass.

Jerry Falwell said...

I hear that you had a copy of that filthy sinful Hustler cartoon as your desktop background. Pucker up sinner. You can kiss some rightous ass.

:P fuzzbox said...

Damn now a godforsaken snake-charmer. I'll do it. But til then you and your paper thieving cohort can Kiss my Heathern Ass you self-rightous douchbags and it goes double for those crazy assholes protesting at soldiers funerals.

siren said...

Woohoo!!! Kiss my ass!

siren said...

I was the 100th and now 101st commenter. While I wish my comment had been a little better, I was in a hurry to get one in there before someone stole my thunder.

Congratulations, Fuzz! Let the ass kissing begin!

:P fuzzbox said...

Thanks soo much for successfully being both the 88th and 100th commenter. I was expecting a comment from Playtex at any time. I didn't want to have to kiss Roseanne Barr's thong.

the weirdgirl said...

Songs to get mad to:
"Sabotage" and "Sure Shot" - Beastie Boys
"Anarchy in the UK" - Sex Pistols
"Come Out and Play" - Offspring
"World Destruction" - Timelords

(sorry I'm late)

April said...

aw, fucked up the tag. Kiss my ass...again.

Somehow knew you'd hate that I tagged's why I did it. ;-)

Green Eyes said...

OK, I'm answering your calling, even if I'm a little late.

The old woman that almost broadsided me today can KISS MY ASS! Damn old people, get off the damn roads! If my kids had been in the car I would've kicked her ass! Then made her kiss mine!

Al said...

people who write checks at the grocery store can kiss my ass!

Anonymous said...

I have nothing but love in my heart this morning but I do have some concerns regarding this blogging community that we all are a part of.

Why do some bloggers think that innocent flirtation is something more and freak out?

Why do some bloggers forge a blog relationship, commenting every post, exchanging links, and extolling you to open up and when you do, turn tail and run, never to be heard from again.

Why do some bloggers beg for advertising money? I am not talking about people having a legitimate business or service but those people who whine every other post to click on ads or donate by a paypal button. Especcially those bloggers that intentionally put up popups and popunders.

Why do some bloggers pigeon hole a blog as a certain type of blog thinking that the author is only capable of one personality trait? Don't we all have different sides? In each of us live a mommy/daddy blogger or at least have those same kind of thoughts for our families. In each of us live a sex blogger, either basking in the glow of sexual content or frustrated by a lack of intimacy. In each of us live a person concerned about the world around us, searching for answers to the problems of the world around us. In each of us is a comic, trying hard to find something to make us laugh and ease our minds.

Why do some bloggers delete comments from others simply because the other blogger spins a sexual tale or posts a suggestive picture?

Why do some bloggers look down upon others with small readerships but then clammor for the attention of that readership once it has grown?

I am sure that I will have more to add later.

Until then Thanks,

tubawench said...

Fuzz, I heard the song on the Bob and Tom Show. I don't remember which comedian sang it, but if I do, I'll be sure to pass the name to you.

Sorry that my site wouldn't let you post a comment. It can kiss both our asses. I'll see if I can figure out what the deal is, but don't hold your breath 'cause I'm no computer genius.

Tina said...

All the nasty whores are work are on my permenant list. But since I made more money than all of them last night, they can all kiss my ass.

Songs for a pissed off girl:
I love myself today - Bif Naked
Fuck you - Headstones
Never Again - Nickelback

(A little angry canadian music for ya)

mrsbeach said...

The dumb phucker over in bumfuck Egypt that calls wanting to sell me shit, and cannot speak English,(I cannot understand a word he says).. well..he can KISS my ASS!

Ruben said...

Enjoy your down time.

Anonymous said...

Marijuana is bad for your ass. I got a buzz on and went to Pizza Hut. Damn those flaming wings kick ass. I must have sopped up a gallon of Franks Red Hot. The minute I got back to the house that hot shit kicked in. There I was my skinny shanks quivering over the toilet with flames shooting out my ass and successfully killing my buzz. Pizza Hut and Frank can Kiss My Ass!!!

Anonymous said...

Bluggers that get more comments than I do can kiss my ass.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers that whine about readership. Can Kiss My Ass!!

Anonymous said...

What the world needs are more muppet impressions.

Ranea said...

I know it's way late, but here's a song for your list.
Trick - by Otep. An awesome heavy metal band fronted by a goth chick.

Shay said...

heh 117 now.
mwa hahaha

You don't like being tagged? I like it - must be because no one every tags me, or they tag me with something boring.

Trailer Trash Tomboi said...

Anonymous commenters can Kiss My Ass !!

Anonymous said...

Trailer Trash whores do it for Spam.

Green Eyes said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Green Eyes said...

Oh Boy! They're getting mean and wild over here, Fuzz!

The whole world can Kiss my Ass! Hey, what do you want? I'm a happy girl here. Want a beer???

michaelm said...

Now I get it. I read your comment and didn't understand the "list" comment.
Damn. I'm way late for the party.
I will add someone to your list though.
The extremist muslim that drove his SUV though the Student Union Center at a college in NC, injuring 9 students, can kiss and lick my ass. He claims it was in retribution for the way Muslims are treated in the US. Oh, my...please don't get me started.
My dentist can kiss my ass for charging so much money. No wonder he wears a mask.
I could go for a while here. I'll stop there. Sorry I'm so late Fuzz...


:P fuzzbox said...

weirdgirl: Thanks so much for adding to the song list. They are all excellent choices. Last year, I saw the Offspring in concert and would kill to have the job of the Keep 'em Seperated guy. He basically ran around the stage shaking shit and flipping off the audience. That is my kind of gig.

april: I really don't mind doing tags. I just have fun bitching about them.

green eyes: After a driver reaches a certain age, there should be some kind of competency testing. I drivers liscense shouldn't be a lifelong ticket to be a pain in the ass.

al: God, I hate that. I'll give 'em something to freakin' sign.

mac: I can empathize with your concerns. Part of the message behind this post was a way for me to break out of a total blogwhore shell that I had crawled into. From now on I am going to be me and not give a rip who I piss off.

tubawench: I'll try again. Maybe it will let me post anonymously and I can just sign it.

tina: Thanks for the song additions. I really like Never Again. Nickleback is stopping by here soon. Can't wait to check 'em out.

mrs beach: Outsourcing all the telemarketer and service calls has to be the biggest pain in the ass ever. At least you can hang up on the telemarketers when you actually call to get some help and you get some dumbass that can't speak a lick of English and have to repeat yourself after every sentance, that is what gets my blood boiling.

ruben: Glad to see somebody smiling.

All you anonymous peeps: That is some wicked shit. If I do say so myself.

ranea: An excellent tune by an excellent band. A couple of years ago I thought they were the best band not on the main stage. The rock live for damn sure.

shay: Hell 30 or 40 of them are mine. I think this comment section is one hell of a good read. Thanks for dropping in.

green eyes: Damn Skippy!!!

michael: Can you believe that shit? If it had been some white supremist hitting a group of muslims, all hell would be breaking loose. But here we are admitting some Taliban Killer into freakin' Yale. WTF, This asswipe has a fourth grade education and gets in when American high school graduates with a 4.0 GPA cannot get in. We have our priorities way fucked up.