Friday, May 26, 2006

Spreading Some Love

Yesterday, my brother Big D gave me a call. He asked if I would allow our brother, Crazy Dan, to guest post on Blugstuff. I asked him why since he is a team member at West Texas Rocks and posts there at times. He would not tell me the reason. I tried to call Crazy Dan but he was not home at the time.

I started thinking of why he might want to post here and not at his usual place and the answer came to me as a bright flash of light (sort of like in cartoons.) Recently, Crazy Dan was ripped to shreds at the site italk2much for making a comment to a friend telling him keep his chin up after his blogsite was given the once over by these self-proclaimed bitches. To the best of my knowledge, he did not go to their site to do so but only commented to his friend on his friends site.

After getting in touch with him later in the evening, I found that this was indeed the fact and since Big D is a fan of the site and even has them on his blogroll. Dan did not wish for his post to give Big D any grief if there was a mix up in just who posted the response.

I have no problem letting Crazy Dan post that response to them here. It is true that I keep tabs on this site. Quite a few of the blogs that are listed on my blogroll have received ill treatment at these self-proclaimed bitches. Therefore I like to see if any more will suffer from a scathing review.

I would have no problem with this site that reviews other blogs as long as the criticism is kept to the blog and not a personal attack by these self appointed mistress' of the blog world (and they do have one token male.) If constructive criticism was offered and not just roasting a blog for the sake of their sheer demented pleasure and the whims of their readership, I would have no problem with it at all.

Whenever a blogger that is on my blogroll gets treated shabbily by this site the same thought always echoes in my mind; Why in the world would anyone submit their blog to these people? If you have any questions or doubts, Ask your readers! They are the ones that count not some site where the authors only interest is seeing how much humiliation they can heap upon you.

It is true that I have seen the authors of this blog give good reviews to a few blogs but that is by far a lesser number than those that they humiliate. I fully expect that they will see this response; in fact I am sure that Crazy Dan will let them know, if not then I shall. I also expect that they will retaliate in some way. I do not know whether they will choose to legitimize either Crazy Dan's or my words on their site. I can only state that I will never submit my blog for their hatchet and if my site is reviewed, I wish for it to be known that it is not by any submission of mine.

I have built this site, as humble as it is, by being courteous to my guests, keeping my readers in mind, and telling my story in as entertaining of a way as I possibly can. Not by humiliating and demeaning others and gaining readers over the broken bodies that litter the Blogosphere. Their readership is far greater than mine so I suppose their method works best but it is a method that I cannot and will not use.

Enough of my rant. One word of caution to those readers not familiar with Crazy Dan. He can get a tad bit foul at times. Take it away Crazy Dan.


Stand Up For Your Brothers And Sisters

The ladies of 'I Talk Too Much' want my balls and used the high school method of being a bitch so that they can try and wrestle with the anaconda. Unfortunately for them I am getting married soon so they can not experience the joy that is my cock.

Their site is all about talking shitty about other blogs. I have no problem with that. I love talking shit myself but at least I can take it when someone decides to sling some of that shit back my way. However, they have some gay ass disclaimer telling people not to talk back to them if you don't like what they say.

For standing up for my fellow blogger they have decided to attack me. I did not go back to my blog and talk shit about them. I merely commented to a friend on his site to keep his chin up. Sure he asked for the criticism, after all he did submit his blog to their site in hopes of getting some feedback. However, I am going to defend my friends eventhough their site tells you not to defend them. Only a piece of shit cocksucker would not defend their friends. I do not care if my friends pants are covered in shit and smells like Ms. Chatty's trailer house, to me the smell reminds me of rain in the summer if some questions them about hygiene.

Still I would not post anything bad against their blog but they told me, "Can you get a little more original? Think of something on your own?" So I will attempt to be more creative for them.Note I can not use the following:Fat, Whores, or Bitches (This one really is not fair since they call themselves bitches) Ignorant, uneducated and stupid.

"I DON'T HAVE ANY FUCKING KIDS K?" Thank you Jesus for making this woman's vagina so horrible that no man will enter it for fear of the noxious fumes. (A simple sentence that actually shows that she is not a whore because no one on Earth would want to have sex with her.)

"I also make more money in a month than you will in 6 so obviously I'm very good at what I do." I am sure by being one of the few professionals that will engage in double anal, fisting, and bukake your business schedule is filled and no one could hope to compete with your bank account. Not only do I applaud you for making more then I do but I would like to inquire as to your anal gang bang charge. (Some might argue that I am saying she is a whore here but whores do not get paid for their services.)

"If you hate us so much why the fuck are we on your blogroll?" First off it is not my blog Big D is generous and lets me post there sometimes. I never said that I hated you. I can be friends with fat bitchy housewives that play cum gurgling queen games for their grandfathers because they are uneducated and do not realize that being a whore is not something that is considered good. Enjoy being the toothless donkey fucking skidmark of bloggerdom. (Damn, I guess your right I am an unoriginal bastard that steals all my creativity from other people. Thanks for the idea though.)

by Crazy Dan


angel, jr. said...

I think my blogroll is broken. It's not showing that you had new posts.
Grrr, have to catch up with today and yesterday!!

siren said...

Crazy Dan - You need to stop beating around the bush and tell us how you really feel :) I'd give you high marks for creativity and originality!

Bruce said...

This so reminds me of the guy at He loves to rip on the tv and radio personalities in the D.C. area, most notably Don Geronimo, but whenever anyone disagrees with him or tries to defend one of these people, he either goes off on them or refuses to post the contrary opinion.
I say screw them. They're nothing but a bunch of cellar-dwelling dweebs who have nothing better to do but rip on people for their own amusement.

michaelm said...

As far as "I talk too much" goes I put them in "the first boxcar outta here" category.
I've visited the site before and really have to wonder not only who they think they are but more importantly, does anyone really give a sweet shit?
Great rant, Dan.


:P fuzzbox said...

angel, jr: Mine has been doing the same thing. Have you heard of It is a newsreader and I have just started using it. A lot of people really swear by it so I am giving it a try. So far it works pretty good but some sites do not have their feed on so I can't read them through bloglines. It seems like a bit of a cheat but it does make going through my daily reads a lot quite a bit faster.

siren: And they say that he isn't original. Personnally I am glad that he is one of a kind.

bruce: It is strange to me that for people who have proclaimed themselves blog critics that they bristle over any critique of their site.

michael: I wonder the same thing. Yet here I am linking them. But blood is thicker than inkjet and I was happy to let Crazy Dan rant away here.

Crazy Dan said...

Siren - Thanks, sometimes being an ass comes naturally.

Bruce - Don't you hate cock smokers like that. I say if you can't take the heat then shut the fuck up.

Michaelm - That is what i'm saying brother!

Green Eyes said...

You said it for me Fuzz.

For someone to dish it out, but put a disclaimer saying your can't respond?

Crazy Dan, I would have defended my friends, as well. And you are nothing, if not original!

Enjoy your weekend!

Mimi said...

Fuzz, as always you effing rock. I love you!

Crazy Dan, I have never had the misfortune of coming across the blog. I am damn glad you stood up for your friend. You and your brothers are some of the most creative people I have come across in blogland. You come up with your own stuff rather than needing to rip on others to have something to write about. You effing rock too!

Catch said...

Fuzz I always enjoy your postings.....when I started blogging I did it for me....and whoever those women are they can kiss my ass. I could care less whether they like my blog or not.

Crazy Dan: I dont really know you but Id say a bunch of bitches who cut on someone elses blog are silly. I mean ..arent we all here for enjoyment? Who died and left them in charge anyway?

:P fuzzbox said...

green eyes: That is the point isn't it. If one's purpose in life is to sling manure then they should be prepared to have it slung back. Have a great weekend!

mimi: You are far too kind.

catch: I think that the first concern for any blogger should be to post for themselves and to be true to your beliefs. Readers are certainly nice but first and foremost it is an outlet for oneself.

SupComTabz said...

I just find this whole thing very amusing....

Johnny Wadd said...

What a bunch of whore cunts. I'll bet if they weren't so fat & ugly, they'd be out getting banged and have less time to post unqualified blog critiques.

Ben Heller said...

Keep going with your great blog


:P fuzzbox said...

supcomtabz: It is in a way.

johnny: That is one problem isn't it. What makes them qualified?

ben: Thanks. My word verifacation is dogshdd. I don't know if that is a good sign or not.

The Phoenix said...

I know a couple others that submitted their blogs and just got shredded. Why on Earth would you subject yourself to that?

That disclaimer on their site is also a bunch of bullshit. I learned in 1st grade if you punch someone...expect one right back.

Vic said...

First off, I use Bloglines and find it to be very reliable. Plus, you can read stuff without having to open it fully, so if you like to read at work, its a good tool.

Second, Fuzz, again you impress me. You are so good to stand up for your friends. I'm ever humbled by your honor and your authenticity.

Finally, Big D...could you maybe tell me how you really feel? You go man! Don't back down.

:P fuzzbox said...

phoenix: Maybe they didn't get that far in their educational pursuits. It is tough to pass kindergarten when you can't get an S in getting along with others.

vic: I am still getting use to bloglines in a way it feels like a cheat but since I am a frequent commenter. I end up going to the page anyway it just makes surfing a bit easier.

And that was Crazy Dan ranting.

Ranea said...

Fuzz I am with you. This bitches that trash others blog are just useless in my opinion. And who made them authorities on what makes a good blog?

Crazy Dan- Fuck Em' they ain't worth shit!

ella m. said...

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit of snarky bitch. However, that site isn't even witty in its meaness, with most of the insults used having been culled from the junior high playground.

Their reviews don't really say much about any of the actual blogs, the review writers all seem to have the same writing style.

I would not be one to take their reviews or opinions too they admit they maintain the site because "it's cheaper than therapy", though why would they be concerned about cost when they brag about how rich they are is beyond me.

Pixie said...

Wow - way to go Crazy Dan.

I have never even heard of them till now. What sad little lives they must have to get so much fun out of tearing others apart.

Metal Mark said...

How creative is it to have a blog that exists only to criticize other blogs? They criticize many blogs for being boring yet they only write about one topic and they are not truly creating anything. They sound like people who got bored of bashing others on message boards so they moved their act to blogging instead

:P fuzzbox said...

ranea: Thanks, Crazy Dan will feel right at home with that response ;)

ella: I do find it strange that they are always talking of their monetary value. As if anyone would be impressed.

pixie: It is a bit sad :(

mark: I had never thought of that angle. Maybe that is why they do not alway any disparaging remarks against them because they were laughed at on the message boards.

Vic said...

Sorry about the Big D, Crazy Dan mix up. Sometimes my mind and my fingers just don't connect. Ugh!

And I do the same thing with Bloglines. It keeps me from having to look at my own site all day.

Pixie said...

I had a look at their site last night and some of the blogs they "commented" on. A lot of the blogs have since either changed their templates sice and a few have even closed for a while!
Its a shame to see how much impact other peoples bad comments have on others "E"- lives.

michaelm said...

I think it's high time for another webring...


:P fuzzbox said...

vic: That's alright. Even mom gets them confused sometimes.

pixie: What gets me is those people who have been humiliated so bad that they just quit. They seem proud to do this. I think that is what is sad.

michael: It is my understanding that this site is run by the same people that the shocker webring was initially set up for.

RAVEN the PITA said...


:P fuzzbox said...

pita: It's been awhile. I hope things are going alright down south.

starbender said...

U go crazy D-set them bitches straight! I myself have never heard of their site, so it can't be all that! Anyhow, if they are self-proclaimed---WHO THE FUCK CARE WHAT THEY HAVE 2 SAY ANYHOW???

I luv all of U'r sites -including this one!!!---DON'T CHANGE A THING 2 TRY 2 SATISFY ANYONE! (except yourself)


dragonflyfilly said...

crazy Dan, i checked those nutty bitches out a while ago...they sound really dumb, in fact, i'm not even sure that they are really female...who cares...i think it is a waste of time reading their ridiculous rants!

cheers for now,

phlegmfatale said...

I submitted my blog to It2m because I wanted constructive feedback and I did get a bit of that, but most of them pretty much hated my blog. Fine, fair enough. I did remove the gaps between my blogroll so it didn't look so long, and I reduced the size of images - I didn't know it took a long time for my page to load, but then again, I can't control how slow someone's Opera server is, so what can you do? I tried to take the information for what I could change to make my blog more readable, and I ignored the personal idiocy such as the one person who said simply "I couldn't get past the picture of the ugly dog." Fine. Thanks for the helpful feedback. I didnt ASK "come tell me how beautiful my dog is," so I didn't quite expect what I got. As I said, I got a little info that improved it, and some of the reviewers actually liked my blog, so I'm fine.

:P fuzzbox said...

phlegmmy: I read your review when it came out. Your's was a rave review compared to their usual bashing.