Thursday, August 31, 2006

Kiss My Ass: Animal Loving People Hating Fucktards

The animal loving, people hating chickenshits in this country have made the rights of animals more protected than the rights of human beings and the idiocy must stop. Last Friday, my daughter was attacked by a group of dogs walking to the grocery store. Luckily she escaped before being severely bitten. When I talked to the police officer he stated that there was nothing he could do. The law forbids him from doing anything with the animals without the consent of their owners except in case of eminent danger. Since no one would claim these dogs, he couldn't do squat by law. He told the city office of the problem and they stated that they know of these dogs but have not been able to catch them. They have ordered live traps but it looks like they are taking their sweet ass time getting it done. I told the police officer that he might want to look the other way when I drove down this alley at night to take care of the problem my damn self. So for all those asswipes that care more for a bunch of violent stray muts than human life; fuck you and kiss my hairy ass. I hope you are fucking mauled and maybe then you will realize just how big a fucktard you really are.


phred said...

Lead poisoning.. yep, that`s the ticket.
But wait, guns make too much noise. I prefer the ole crossbow myself.
200# pull = silent but deadly.

phred said...

PS...for the dogs, not the fucktards.

Keshi said...

I so hope these ppl get some sense real soon b4 it's one of their own that gets mauled to death.

I hope ur daughter is ok.

Ol' Lady said...

are these dogs hanging out in a certain area? anit-freeze...will solve the problem. Sometimes in alley's people change their oil and fix their cars, right? Well what if one inconsiderate person left the anti-freeze laying there in an old hubcap?

Phats said...

Wow, I am glad your daughter is alright. I didn't know you had a daughter! Learn something new everyday

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Princess Fuzz is okay.

I was chased by dobermans in the backalley were I grew up. Scared the crap out of me. I avoided that house for YEARS. After you go after the dogs, find the owners huh?

Writer Chick said...

You know the irony is that PETA has destroyed more animals than any other 'shelter' in the country. That's their dirty little secret.

Buy a couple pounds of raw hamburger and lace it with laxatives. Strew around liberally. Maybe with an anti-freeze chaser.

CT said...

Here here... I got your back fuzz!!!

David Amulet said...

People first. We have opposable thumbs, we have nuclear weapons, we have iPods. We rule.

-- david

:P fuzzbox said...

phred: The fucktards might could use a shot in the ass.

keshi: She is fine. Thanks for asking.

ol' lady: I plead the fifth in knowing about this colorful doggie kool-aid.

phats: She is actually my step-daughter. I have been her only father figure though since she was three so I tend to think of her as daughter. She acts more like me than either of us would admit. I have two other grown step-daughters and a son. Yep, I have young 'uns out the wazoo.

:P fuzzbox said...

jenna: Noone is claiming these dogs. Two were Pits and the others were just mutts.

wc: I did not know about the laxatives. Thanks.

ct: I was at your place wasn't I?

david: Amen!

michaelm said...

I'm with you, Fuzz.
Fill up the tank and happy bumper hunting.
Don't forget: after you nail one, use a little bit o' reverse action just to make sure the job is complete.


michaelm said...

Looooove the tomato...


Curare_Z said...

What do you mean the police can't do anything about it?! What the fuck? Imminent danger -- Ever heard of rabies jackasses?!

oldfartswife said...

I am glad your daughter is ok. I think she will carry this with her for a very long time. If you shoot the dogs YOU will go to jail fuzz because the dogs were not armed, that is unless they have one of your body parts in their mouth.
It is a sick world when people care more for an animal than a human being.
Just my opinion, but all animals not on a leash or with an owner (this includes dogs,cats, racoons, snakes, whatever) should be fair game for target practice.
Another thing that chaps my ass, is the people that live in government housing, getting food stamps, can have dogs, cats or whatever, and can afford to buy the catdog food and get the critter shots and groomed. WTF!

Mimi said...

I am an animal lover. But I have no problem with taking out the ones that need it. I am all for you going down that alley for your daughter and everyone else.

Ben Heller said...

It shouldn't make a difference whether the dogs are owned or not. They must be immediately removed from any situation where they're causing harm to people. I can't believe the laws are so half arsed and somebody isn't doing something.

Paige Burns said...

I'm glad to hear your daughter is okay. As a previous Pitt Bull (American Staffordshire Terrier) owner I'm saddened and pissed that people don't take responsiblity for their animals. Letting them run amuck only serves to make people more afraid of a really wonderful breed.

What scares me more is thinking about what these people's kids are doing if they can't keep their dogs in check, it's probably their kids robbing the stores...



The Phoenix said...

I hope your daughter is doing OK...that's a pretty scary situation to be in. Not only is damaging physically, but can be psychologically as well.

As she's healing up, I think it's time to do some wild dog hunting. Where's your crossbow?

Mike said...

If you run out of ammo, give me a call.

Sherri said...

I would think strategically placed pools of antifreeze may do the trick!

Your poor daughter, I'll bet she was scared to death! Make her carry pepper spray from now on.

Crazy Dan said...

Fuzz I think its time to gather the posse grab a thirty pack and go on another hunting trip.

Catch said...

I think Crazy Dan has a great idea up there. Thank goodness your daughter wasnt badly hurt. I truly am becoming a great believer in vigilante justice....when the laws no longer work....and they dont seem to....its time to take a stand.I wonder how the officer would have reacted had it been his daughter?

:P fuzzbox said...

michael: I have been holding on to that graphic for a while. It really caught my eye when I first saw it.

curare: No Shit. That was one thing that I mentioned.

old farts wife: It's a fucked up world in a lot of ways.

mimi: Thanks. I am not an animal hater. But when it is either a critter or a person. I will pick the person any day. Except maybe pediphiles. Then they should be stuck in the same cage let them fight it out and then waste the winner.

:P fuzzbox said...

ben: It is a politically correct, tree hugging, people are bad, world that we live in. Hopefully people will realize how fucked up this is.

paige: I have never owned a Pit but I have many friends who own some of the breed. Any breed can turn violent, I do not blame the breed itself only those owners who are not responsible enough to deserve to have an animal.

comment police: Long time no see. I guess I haven't needed policing in a while.

phoenix: She is doing fine. She isn't fearful of the dogs so much as she is out for vengeance.

:P fuzzbox said...

mike: Will Do.

sherri: She is fine. The pepper spray is a good idea.

cd: Sounds like a winner.

catch: Vigalente justice does sound better day by day.

tsduff said...

It's a tough call to find the right solution. I don't advocate leaving poison around indescriminately for just any animal to find... the loose dogs need to be dealt with one on one. I once had to have a pitbull mix we had adopted from ARF put down because he bit my son, completely unprovoked. It was sad, but had to be done.

oldfartswife said...

Don't tell anyone....but today is Heart of Fire's birthday!!

Leigh said...

A small town north of here a pack of stray dogs attacked and killed a little girl, and still they had a hard time destroying these animals due to the amimal act. When did a dogs life become more important then a little girls life. I'm with you on this one.

Hope your daughter is feeling better. That would scare the hell out of me.

Pixie said...

I wouldnt trust a pit bull an imch!.

Dont the local councils round up strays over here ?

:P fuzzbox said...

terry: Sorry about the situation with the adopted dog. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose when you go that route. Some great dogs can be found for adoption. But so can some problems.

old farts wife: Mum's the word. ;) I don't hear from her much since she became a Dr.

leigh: That is tragic. The laws are ludicrous.

pixie: I wouldn't trust a stray no matter the breed.

Different places do it in different ways. Around here it is supposed to be handled by the city employees but it isn't being done at all. When my schedule is more set I am contemplating going to the council and suggesting that I do it on a per head basis.

phred said...

Anti-freeze will surely work, but there is something satisfying about the sound of a 200# thud.
Sometimes, if you gut shoot them...they will run home and die on the front porch. Making it easier to identify the owner.

LisaBinDaCity said...

I'm so glad your daughter was all right! How scary!

That being said, I am an animal lover. However, I think some people are fairly insane about their rights. Responsible pet owners don't let their animals run wild, especially the more agressive breeds.

Rocky said...

Glad to hear your youngin' is OK.

Reminds me of the story out of Idaho of the jogger who was mauled to death by a cougar. The big cat was taken out. Both the jogger and the cougar left orphans. Funds were set up for both. The lady's kids got a couple thousand and the cougar's kitties got a shitload more.

Anyway, the best way to deal with those dogs is with a rolled up newspaper (old Martha Stuart jailhouse hint: It works really well if you have a crowbar inside the paper).

jane said...

Maybe they'll take it more seriously when someone sues the city for negligence. I don't think it's the animal people who are at fault for protecting animals, they need protection. It's whoever is in charge of "people" laws for not protecting us enough, we really need them!

starbender said...

I hate LEFT-WING Azzfck Fucktards!
They sure screw'd this world up!
I am glad u'r daughter is okay, must have been very scarry 4 her.


I also --sooo hate people that treat pets better than their own children!


starbender said...

sorry 4 buttin in,

'animals, they need protection'---

not when it comes 2 human life!!!

--sorry--u lose--hands down!

gautami tripathy said...

In India too, strays dogs are all over the place biting people. No one cares.

A lot of rabies cases coming up.I have tried reporting about the stray animals but no autority is ready to listen. They simply try to pass the buck.

The animal rights people don't seem to care for human beings.

:P fuzzbox said...

phred: That would make identifacation easier.

jane: I do not hate animals but when the laws to protect animals supercede the laws to protect people then it is the laws time to go.

starbender: Liberal laws in many sectors do leave me wondering. The laws of criminals often supercede those of the victim. Whether it is animal or human beasts.

gautami: Rabies can be a real hazard. If the animal can't be tested the shots can be quite painful. Thanks so much for dropping in. I hope your country can turn this problem around just as I wish it can be turned around here.

:P fuzzbox said...

lisa: It isn't that I hate animals. I just think some peoples priorities are screwed up.

rocky: That is tragic.

yellowdog granny said...

the problem isnt the dogs's the stupid fucking people that own them...but the truth is...people are more important than animals..and someone needs to take out them dogs..and then kick the shit out of the owners...bastids..
sorry about your daughter and hope it didnt hurt her heart..

Big Pissy said...

yeah! What Jackie Sue said!

...and you know I'm a dog person~but this is just a tragedy waiting to happen.

:P fuzzbox said...

granny: You are absolutely right and she is doing well.

pissy: It is.

Laurie said...

Yep, Antifreeze 'em. I would if it were my kid. Glad she's ok.