Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm Whacked

Yesterday I received an e-mail, that quite literally floored me. A kind gentleman directed me to this site. And told me that I was a googlewhack. As this site explains, a google whack occurs when a two word phrase is typed into a google search and only one result comes out. What great phrase would hit my site, hold onto your hats, flopless vagina.

Woo Hoo, I am the only place on the entire world wide web to go if you want to know about flopless vaginas. The search hit because of this post. This post was a word game that was introduced to my by Dear Jane. The rules of the game are simple. You must alter a word by changing, adding, or subtracting one letter and then define that new word. Thanks to Phred's new word of flopless dancer (even though in all actuality, he changed two letters to alter the word) and the various vagina phrases on the post, a googlewhack occurred.

It is nice that something good came out of this post. It was a lot of fun for the five or six people that read this blog at that time. I haven't thought about doing it in a while but I managed to think of another one.
  • crapsule- When a capsule prematurely ruptures in your mouth and puts a nasty taste in your mouth.

Thanks Jim T. for alerting me to this great honor.


starbender said...

hold everything--
flopless vagina?
WTF---Good thing
who knows about these!

yellowdog granny said...

i stand in jaw droping da man..flopless vagina...what a word..and a googlewhack on top of i have your autograph?....

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi from India
Nice blogg

Ben said...

Dave Gorman is a pretty famous Writer/Broadcaster/Comedian in the UK.

His book on Googlewhacking is popular (I haven't read it yet).

Apparently there's 1000,s of people over here desperately trying to Googlewhack (It's not easy).

You did it with out even trying.

You the man Fuzz !

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fuzzbox? *rubs floor with toes* Can I have your autograph?

:P fuzzbox said...

starbender: It is quite amazing. I wonder why anyone would type that in anyway.

yellow dog: For a nominal fee, I suppose I could send an 8x10 autographed glossy suitable for framing. ;)

deepak: Thanks for popping in. I appreciate it.

ben: I did not know that it was something that people actually try and attempt on purpose. Wow that is amazing.

:P fuzzbox said...

jenna: What cha want me to sign? Maybe something that you can tattoo over? ;)

michaelm said...

There's a contest held every year where they do that exact thing. They change one or two letters in a word and come up with an entirely new meaning.
Googlewhack, huh?
Sounds like something you'd do with your date on a steamy Saturday night...
Congrats on the exclusivity, Fuzz.


Big D said...

Flopless Vagina describes this blog so well.

angel, jr. said...

That's so cool. I'm so jealous. You are part of google's whack.

Susie Lou Ann said...

My favorite would be fidiot (fucking idiot). Although technically, I suppose that's more of a conjunction.

Hm. I'll have to think about this.

The Phoenix said...

I can't say "flopless vagina" without laughing. I can't even type it.

Way to go, you're now a google wacker.

Andie D. said...

I always knew you were a wacker. And now you're a google wacker to boot. Congrats! ;)

All I've got is weekand - a weekend that has an extra day off work due to holiday or vacation (I actually use that one).

Perplexio said...

I've got another one for you, Fuzz:

testcicle: The state of discomfort of the male reproductive organs when exposed to excessively cold temperatures.

Curare_Z said...

Here's one for you, in the spirit of this post:

Google Wanker: Someone who spends all their free time trying to become a Google Wacker.

Congrats on not being a Google Wanker and becoming a Google Wacker based solely on your your readers' obessions with flopless vaginas.

Catch said...

its hard for me to even imagine a flopless vagina....I dont even want to try to imagine it! lol

Mimi said...

This is hilarious but I am confused. Is a flopless vaginia a good thing or bad thing?

Green Eyes said...

Flopless vagina? I'm with Mimi!

Just think, I can say, "I knew Fuzz when..." after you hit the big bucks with your newfound celebrity status!

Bruce said...

The question is, who the hell would google flopless vagina?

oldfartswife said...

I am not sure, but I just might have one of those flopless thingys-

Leigh said...

What an awesome accomplishment! Thanks for the giggle.

Happy Hump Day!

Evydense said...

I read his book on this just a few months ago... great stuff. He actually got googlewhacked himself first, found out what it was about and then went and visited a googlewhacker he found. His schtick was to then get each one he visited to find two more and send them to him. He'd be off around the world chasing them down. His goal was to get 10 in a row, and personally visit them, without breaking the chain, all within a year. He did it. So, now you gotta find a couple! Good luck! I've tried to do it myself (yeah, boring life) but no luck so far. Great site BTW.

Phats said...

That's hilarious! You're like a celebrity now, I have never heard of googlewhack. haha

:P fuzzbox said...

michael: As a recall it is a contest for Mensan's. Maybe I should be a Twisted Mensan. (Shades of Dune)

big d: It does at that. Hey what's up with your server dude.

angel, jr: I wouldn't have a clue how to become one. I just got lucky.

susie lou ann: You did it perfectly and came up with a great word. BTW thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

phoenix: That is a hell of a word.

:P fuzzbox said...

andie: Phunny, and great word.

perplexio: That's a good one.

curare: Good one. I can't imagine what to do to actually try to get this done.

catch: You know you do.

mimi: I am thinking that it would be a good thing. But I guess that it is in the eye of the beholder.

:P fuzzbox said...

green eyes: If only there were bucks in it.

bruce: I have typed in some strange stuff in images for posts but I doubt that I would have ever typed in that one.

old farts wife: Woo Hoo!!!!

leigh: Thanks a bunch. Half way over Yee Haw!!!

evydense: I don't know if I could ever find two more but it might be worth a shot. Thanks for stopping by.

phats: I had never heard of it either. Crazy stuff.

jane said...

My vagina sometimes flops. (just so you know)

Keshi said...

**flopless vaginas

hmm nice one lol!


:P fuzzbox said...

jane: Ohhh, that sounds sexy. :)

keshi: Crazy, huh.

David Amulet said...

Fuzz: Is it my imagination, or have you used the picture that accompanies this post before??

-- david

:P fuzzbox said...

I believe that I have used it three times. I love the pic and use it on posts that mention e-mails. Occasionally on posts I will reuse some of my favorite pics. There are two more pics that I also use for posts that mention e-mails and I have used them multiple times also. I could use different ones but I like these and will probably keep rotating them.