Monday, October 31, 2005

Random Thoughts

Halloween Edition

For an excellent overview of the Samhain festival, here is a link to the modern day practioners of the ancient Celtic Tradition, the Wiccans. It is both a short and informative treatise and I was to lazy to post the whole story here.

Last week in Frederica, Delaware, a 42 year old woman hung herself in her front yard overlooking and in plain view of a highway. Although many motorists saw her hanging body, it was not reported to authorities for hours due to it's being mistaken for a Halloween decoration.

Yesterday before the football games, I was flipping through the channels and came upon VH1's show 'I Love the 80's: In 3D'. On one segment, Elvira gave off the Biggest Boob of the Year in Review. Although she has to be approaching or over 60, there she was with the same bra-busting exposure of massive fake cleavage. I was thinking how tough this generation has it. When I was young, you only had to worry about being embarrassed when the occasional freind would have a hot mom. Now in the age of fake breasts, a young kid has to worry about offending a freind by blurting out, " Man, your Great-Grandma has some rocking Boobs." Oh well it's a sick world and Happy Halloween to all.


Big D said...

In this age of scientific breakthroughs one must wonder what the social repercussions this generation is going to have on the next. Oh and big boobies are sweet!

Reiki said...

yes, it is a sick world, but are you still a happy man fuxx? Big D, such a well worded comment so early in the morning???? You must have had your coffee already.

Laurie said...

fuzz has that hi-octane java he was telling me about, jane.

i'm going to be one of those gravity-defying grannies ;-)

:P fuzzbox said...

Oh yes, I will be a happy man for a long time. If I have the misfortune of outliving my wife, I can picture myself wheeling thru the nursing home in a motorized scooter chasing after silicone grannies popping viagra with my daily jolt of java. Ya gotta luv it!

Rocky said...

Maybe if the movie "The Graduate" was made today, Dustin Hoffman's character would skip Ann Bancroft and go after Granny Robinson.

thebluestbutterfly said...

I like the Vamperella picture.