Sunday, October 23, 2005

Halloween Week

Yes it is that most festive of seasons once more. Halloween is Angry Joyce's and my favorite holiday. We had planned on being married on Halloween with a Costume Party betrothal but due to unforeseen circumstances (as these things happen), we had to move the date up to a typical June wedding because the pregnant nun isn't near as hot as the nasty nun. Maybe one day we will renew our vows on this holiday.

Whether you are carting around trick or treaters, home passing out goodies, getting wasted at a costume party, committing random acts of mischief, or dancing naked around a bonfire in the woods have yourself a merry little Halloween time. Personally I will be scaring the bejesus out of unsuspecting trick or treaters.


Laurie said...

I love Halloween, too!

MT has gone mad with the decorations this year, and the house looks pretty cool.

We're going to a party this Saturday, and on Halloween, MT is taking the boys to trick or treat, and I'll pass out the candy. After the boys go to bed, we watch classic horror films on DVD.

I love it.

A Halloween wedding would be too cool!

cleveland said...

hellz yeah fuzz its allways fun halloween hope your enjoying your vaction but when tonight is over i will be the undisputed loser of the fantasy football league oh yeah just curious who you going to be to scare the hell out of all the ghosts and goblins GO PACK !!!!!! (cocksuckers)

Reiki said...

so how are you going to scare the bejesus out of the trick or treaters? Flash them when you open the door?

Big D said...

Little Kids scare me!

:P fuzzbox said...

laurie: Halloween is the greatest and scary movies are always good on Halloween. The scariest is "Beaches" whenever it comes on I run screaming from the room.

cleveland: I don't know your players had to suck real bad to lose to the gang of losers playing on my fantasy team so far.

dear jane: I would never do that to young children. The boys would feel shame all their lives and the little girls would have false expectations that no mere man could possibly live up to.

big d: you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

phred said...

Big D.. I`m with you.

Master - Baiter said...

I love Halloween.. it sure does piss off them little un`s when I drop a couple of dead minnows or a piece of rottin squid in their pretty little trick or treat sacks...
HaHaHaHaHa !!!
I love Halloween !

Tina said...

I love halloween, but i'm not sure what we're doing this year. Probably just handing candy out to the kiddies at the door.