Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ubergeek Reality TV

Being a semi-comics geek, I could not miss the first episode of 'Who Wants To Be A Superhero?'. The reality show run by Ubergeek hero Stan Lee. The show is trying to find the contestant who best exemplifies the heart of a superhero. The winner becomes the new superhero in their own titled Dark Horse comic. It was just as cheesy as I could have hoped for and even more.

It is hard to root against Lumera, the gold clad warrior, as her boobs threaten to burst from her suit as she runs like the wind in defense of justice. My favorite though is would-be superhero Major Victory. In red spandex and sporting a plastic do worthy of William Shatner, he combines just the right amount of cheesiness, self-effacing humor, and heart to make a great comic book hero. That and I love his catch phrase, " Be a winner, not a weiner."

For the Official site which also includes a game to build your own superhero. (For your kid. yeh right.) Click here.

The show got me to wondering what I would be if I could be my own superhero and could choose my superpower.

So here are a few of my chosen superhero powers:

  • I would have to have the power to fly that would be a given.
  • I would have the power to make the models from porno mags pop out of the pages to help distract bad guys and allow me to kick their supervillian ass without wrinkling my superhero suit and to help celebrate victories.
  • I would choose the power of telepathic breast augmentation. This could really take the starch out of the Mid-East Terrorists. With all their phobias about the decadent Western culture, they would be in mortal fear of being renamed Osama bin Booblicious.

Now I just have to think of a cool superhero name.


On a related note, Stephen Lynch performs my favorite superhero tune, 'Awesome Man.' Click here for the video.


LisaBinDaCity said...


And here I thought you were a Texas Stud Muffin!!! EEK, an UberGeek ;-)

Leigh said...

What will they come up with next! I love Stephen Lynch, he is one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Hm...Pornoman? No,no...not very cool. Hm.

I will need to think on this some more. Captain Boob? No, no, no.


Sherri said...

I would definitely need sanitizing power! It could make my second job a snap.

As for a superhero name, how about Super Stud?

Big Pissy said...

Ohhhh....Sherri...."Super Stud" is a good one!

Anonymous said...

That song...AWESOME!!!

*still giggling away*

Metal Mark said...

I was raised on comic books too, but havn't read too many in the last ten years. I still have probably 800 comics stored away.

Keshi said...

huh Greek wut???


:P fuzzbox said...

lisa: Can't a man be both?

leigh: The world has gone reality show crazy. The skies the limit. Lynch just flat out rules.

jenna: Captain Boob has a certain ring to it. He could have a sidekick named Nipple Boy. My favorite part of the tune is the plans for Bob.

sherri: Super Stud could work but I would be worried of DC Comics going after the whole super thing.

Catch said...

How about Fuzz the Fearless boob buster?

:P fuzzbox said...

pissy: I don't know that a logo of SS looks all that good on tights. Although it might appeal to some.

mark: I haven't read much recently although the Daredevil and Green Arrow series done by Kevin Smith was excellent. I must thank Big D for introducing them to me.

keshi: Geek as in nerd.

catch: I like it. The logo of F the F would look pretty cool.

Ben said...

What about

Fuzz (The Peoples Poet)

Every time you confront your enemy you let out one of your rhyming couplets and it hits them as hard as a roundhouse or uppercut.

Fuzz - "Move away Evil Darklord"

Darklord - "So you think you can take on the might of the Darklord, who with one powerful lash can despatch you to the outer Zoglone Galaxy, or even Idaho"

Fuzz - "I'm not afraid of you Darklord, for I have the power of my Poetry"

Darklord - "You think silly Poetry can overcome me, King of the Outer Trinion Starfleet. For I am the Master and will smite you with my Galactic Sabreschlong"

Fuzz - "Not before I hit you with my rhyme"

Darklord - "ha ha, try it sucker"

Fuzz (braces himself) -
"For I am Fuzz,
The Master of Rhyme,
Fighting for freedom,
Killing all crime"

THWACK !!!!!
Darklord - "agghhh"

Fuzz -
"I protect all the bloggers,
From far and from wide,
And they're all happy,
To have Fuzz on their side"

BIFF !!!!!!!

Darklord - "ug ughhjk"

Fuzz -
"There's no one can beat me,
My time has come,
For Darklord it's over,
Your day is done"

BOKKO !!!!!!!!!

(Darklord is turned into a green shrivelled globule, Fuzz has saved the blogging world)

Fuzz - "For I am the champion,

(Fuzz trudges home, bloody and battle scarred)

Angry Joyce - "Where the Hell have YOU been ?,you're late !!!"

Fuzz - "but...but..."

SCHMACK !!!!!!

Fuzz - (wincing) "ow ugh oh uh"

Angry Joyce - What do you mean, you've got nothing to fear ??

David Amulet said...

Now why would you let the badguys play with the porn stars, even if only as prep for you ass-kicking ways? Isn't that sending the wrong message to the evildoers, that they will get some hot action?!?

-- david

Mike said...

It's hard to root against a woman with breasts like that!

Gotta love Lynch. I hear him on Opie & Anthony occasionally.

angel, jr. said...

How'd it do in the ratings?

Curare_Z said...

To me, Stephen Lynch IS a superhero.

How about "Fantastic Fuzz?" Your motto could be, "You must, you must, you must increase you bust."

Bruce said...

If I had a super power, it'd be the ability to balance my checkbook...

:P fuzzbox said...

ben: You missed your calling as a comic book writer.

david: They don't get any action until they become a prison bitch. That adds a little insult to the injury.

mike: Ain't that the truth.

angel, jr: It did pretty fair. But since it is on the SciFi channel, I don't think ratings are too much of a concern.

curare: I like that name. Short sweet and to the point.

bruce: That is a good power to have. And sometimes a super power.

Laurie said...

Osama Bin What???? LMAO!!!

Green Eyes said...

OK, Fuzz, I just spent way too long building my hot superhero guy! Thanks!

phred said...

I would be.. '' RV Man '' bigger than a boxcar, able to shutdown an entire Interstate highway, able to sleep and drive at the same time, and always willing to fight for all senior citizens around the world ( senile or not ).

The Phoenix said...

I'd have the power to give the black people of St. Louis their electricity back much faster than AmerenUE did. Then maybe the Rev. Al Sharpton could be my friend.

Keshi said...

ohh it's I read it as greek sorry!


:P fuzzbox said...

laurie: They wouldn't look any better in a burkha.

green eyes: You can cut and paste the code and e-mail them to your friends. It's a pretty good time waster.

phred: You mean there are some that aren't. ;)

keshi: No prob. It's all greek to me.

:P fuzzbox said...

phoenix: What, are you and Al on the outs right now?

Sar said...

Fuzz, you make me laugh.

Gerald Ford said...

How about "Fuzz the Retrosexual Avenger?"

Speaking of which, I posted earlier, but THANK GOD the metro thing's out. I am a borderline metro, grup, but now I have some real role models to sort me out. ;)

Now to kick someone's ass, and develop my super powers:

- Able to walk to the bus stop at the speed of walking!
- Faster than a 56k modem!
- Has no known weakness*

* Other than bullets, heavy objects, sharp things, bleeding to death, spontaneous combustion

Gerald Ford said...

God, I am just apalled by the geek factor. Makes Babylon 5 look hip. ;p

:P fuzzbox said...

sar: Then make me a finalist. Purty Puhlease.

gerald: Spontaneous Combustion. I hate it when that happens.

the weirdgirl said...

I love this show! (I was just about to do a post on it as well.) Of course, I did dress up as a superhero for last halloween so I think I'm already a certified geek.

Have you seen the movie "Orgasmo"?

:P fuzzbox said...

I am looking forward to your post. I am wondering who is your favorite.

I am afraid that I havent seen the movie. I looked at the write up on it online. It sounds like my kind of flick. I will have to check it out.

yellowdog granny said...


:P fuzzbox said...

It would make a great comic book but I am wondering who you could have as a supervillian?