Thursday, August 18, 2005

Last night upon returning home from work, I discovered that my home was without electricity. My wife explained to me that when she returned from work , the electricity was off. She called TXU and they explained that their records showed that we had a delinquent payment after reading off the check number the clerk stated that yes that was their fault and we were current and would send someone over ASAP to turn it back on. My wife then asked exactly when they would be back to the reply of 24 to 48 hours. After going through Yasmine, her supervisor Habib, his supervisor Abdullah, and his supervisor Chakapoopoo, the only response given was, "So Sorry for the Inconvenience. Your electricity will be turned back on in 24 to 48 hours." This spoken in various forms of broken English except Texan which is the accepted vernicalar used by most customers of TXU.
So last night, We loaded up the kids and spent the night at my parents. And they were true to their word in 24 hours our electricity was turned back on. We will soon be ex-TXU users and will spread the word of anti-TXU as far and wide as possible.
The only good thing about the experience is that it could have been worse. The secretary for the small municipality where I work had a much worse experience with these idiots. She called up the morons and gave her name and requested that they cut electricity to the light pole that was used to hang Christmas decorations in front of City Hall. The next morning the light was still on but returning home, she found that her electricity had been cut off and was off for a week.
Maybe these Idiots will go bankrupt like the Enron snakes. Although I hope that Chakapoopoo and his compatriots aren't too inconvenienced.

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Big D said...

Fuck those indians bastards I was go six shooter on their ass.