Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Abbreviated Bullshit
I had planned on a three post vent about my weekend but now it even bores me to tears. The abridged version includes a four hour trek through a flash flood including changing a flat tire in a mudhole. Now that I am over the bullshit I can concentrate on the important things in life like why are the numbers on a snack vending machine in braille when there is no braille menu of the items. I can picture a waiting room of blind people trying to trade a bag of pork rinds for a Hershey Bar. I can contemplate how white trash beautiful the new Jason Lee sitcom "Earl" will be. And I can investigate the claim that Nicole Richie has contracted a flesh eating bacteria.


Big D said...

Jason Lee looks pefect as white trash, maybe that's why he named his son Pilot Inspector Lee.

phred said...

I am unsure about Nicole, but I heard a rumor that the Pope has herpes.