Monday, August 15, 2005

A Stormy Weekend Post
I haven't had much time to post due to an employee at the plant who managed to shoot himself in the finger with a pneumatic nail gun. It hit dead center through the finger splitting the bone but missed both arteries, which made it more funny looking than gruesome. I walk in from being called in at 4:30 in the morning and here this guy is with a three inch nail through his finger and not a drop of blood. The first e.r. transfered us to a larger hospital but before transfering they asked him if he wanted a shot of pain killer and he wouldn't take one due to his fear of needles. Here he is with a three inch nail sticking out of his finger and he is scared of a much narrower needle. It's like standing there getting kicked in the nuts on Jackass but refusing eat a worm on Fear Factor.After hours of waiting the e.r. doctor finally grabbed a pair of vise grips and pulled it out. The weird thing was it came out just like it was stuck in half melted butter. After they pumped the finger full of saline like a human water balloon to wash it out, and dripped antibiotics for an hour, I took him home and investigated the incident filling out the initial report. I made it home about 8:30 but that is why I make the medium bucks.
So this was only a precurser of possibly the shittiest weekend I have ever had. But more about that as the mundane saga continues.


Crazy Dan said...

Boobies always cheers me up.

phred said...

Yeah..boobies, but this girl is touching herself..