Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Term of the Day
Dirty Little Dickbeaters: This term is my wifes for a mans hands. It most frequently is used when she is not in the mood and I am as in "Get those dirty little dickbeaters off of me." Most of the time this is when she is having a period. Early in our relationship she felt that all the blood and mess would put men off. I told her that it did not put me off. I could just look down during the act and imagine that I am killing her with my cock.
( Disclaimer the first part of this blog is true my wife does use this term in this fashion. The second part regarding my cock is a joke stolen from the Maxim website in an article entitled, "How to tell an offensive joke." But it sounded funny and fit so thanks to maxim.)

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Crazy Dan said...

That is great, I feel the same way but could never put it in words. You must be the phrase master.