Sunday, August 28, 2005

Honolulu Hookers: Sick and Twisted Must See T.V.

Yes this program was just the sick and twisted show that the promos promised. The chronicle of the Honolulu strip where most of the prostitutes are transgenders, post-sex change ops, and various chicks with dicks is a tour-de-force spectacular. Their is no words to describe the depravity and glory of the human spirit. From the chick with a dick describing how "she" was paid 50 bucks to watch a woman shit in a johns mouth to the chick with a dick who was paid 120 bucks to ream a john's bunghole, the show never surprised to shock and deliver.
The show also showed just how different the mindset of some of the transgenders are from the norm. One of the interviewees described how she detested sex with gay men but only had sex with straight men. I am sorry but sex with a chick with a dick is still gay sex in my mind. A cock is a cock although another interviewee gave the view that a hole is a hole. This view was exposed as he/she described "fish fucking" or the screwing of a tucked penis against a testicle. Another described who he/she feels like a woman in everyway but refuses to contemplate getting rid of it's penis because he/she enjoys using it.
One of the interviewees was bragging about it's breast augmentation surgery and was amazed at how men are attracted to breasts but now has realized that men want pussy too, Duh. Their was also a "woman" who underwent a sex change operation two years ago and both strips and hooks. If you didn't know you would think that she had always been an attractive woman and she has won numerous beauty contests including "Ms Penis". She explained that she would probably give up stripping due to the fact that the other strippers were jealous and would tell customers that she was a man.
My favorite line of the show was when one john asked the size of the she-males penis, the she-male replied "It's bigger than yours". In the words of the old Kinks tune "Lola", Girls will be boys and boys will be girls. Its a mixed up, shuffled up, shook up world except for Lola.


phred said...

You`re right, A queer is a queer, is a queer.
A queer by any other name is still a QUEER !
I had intended to watch that show .. but from what you say, I didn`t miss much.

Big D said...

I watched that sow it was like roadkill, you just couldn't turn away.

Jaime said...

Big D . . . if you watched that . . it means you're now automatically gay.

:P fuzzbox said...

I wouldn't worry about it Big D. That comes from a man whose words are taken from the mouth of an asian chick. Sorry Jaime but the truth will set you free.