Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mindfreak or Mindfucked?
Last night I finally got around to watching an episode of Chris Angel Mindfreak. I had been meaning to catch it for a while it seemed like my kind of trainwreck. It might be mortifying but actually I enjoyed it. Last night they showed back-to-back episode. The first episode culminated with "Mindfreaks" suspended by nothing more than fishhooks to his back from a helicopter. Although I can not understand the motivation for a person to take this act of mutilation to such an extreme, I admire his testicular fortitude which far exceeds his intelligence. At the end of the episode he gets back to the ground, his back a bloody, throbbing, oozing mess, proceeds to hug all his freinds, family, and entourage so I guess inflicting massive pain upon oneself gives off touchy feely endorphins. Although anytime I stub my toe on the damn coffeetable in the dark, I only feel like cursing and burning the damn thing. Never once have I felt like waking the wife and kids having a big hugfest.
In all The Mindfreak was damn well worth watching eventhough he seemed like an update of the 70's and 80's magician Doug Henning only minus the tiedye and gay overtones.

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