Saturday, August 06, 2005

Mermaid Week Draws to an End

I have always been intrigued of the ingenuity of ancient man to create fantasies that still endure in the human psyche today. Ancient men sailing far from home created in their mind the fantasys of beautiful creatures and dangerous temptresses of the deep. Last night in order to celebrate the end of mermaid week, I took my wife to the lake to celebrate a little recreational water sports. As I was driving home with rocks in my sandels and sand in my buttcrack, I felt rejuvanated knowing that even as a approach forty, I have enough lead left in my pencil to get a stiffy in some damn cold water.


Big D said...

Everything looks fine to me.

Crazy Dan said...

That right a little pencil.

Big D said...

Barak increased the league to 16 instead of ten and can increase it more if need be.