Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tagged I'm It

I was recently tagged by whoami. This is the first time that I was ever tagged. The rule of the tag was to go back to your 23rd post and copy your fifth sentence and attempt to find some hidden meaning or significance behind it.

I am not ordinarily enthused about these tagged posts, it seems to me that it forces the blogger to do something goofy or out of their norm. But when I went back to the archives to look for my 23rd post, I discovered that my first posts sucked sewage. I generally only posted a pin-up and a short tag line. Sometimes I would write a very short story or summerize an odd news story of the day but by and large I had nothing to say and said it that way.

My 23rd post was a pin-up of a gothic nurse holding a needle. At the time I did not mention the reason why this particular pin-up struck a chord with me and realize now that this was an oversight on my part. As I have said before, I am at most times a private person and was using my blog as a way to have a few laughs and did not use it as a reason to relate things of a personal nature.

When I was sixteen, I was injured in a weight lifting accident. In the middle of the clean in the clean and jerk, I fell over backwards and my spotters failed to spot me. I fell in the floor with the weights on top of me. My wrists were dislocated and broken. I spent a few days in the hospital with my arms in traction.

I have always been a night owl and one of the night nurses spent time talking to me. She had light blonde hair; the shade of blonde that was almost silver in the moonlight streaming from the window. She wore dark lipstick and the pale makeup of the goth of the era. She wore a thin sheer uniform and a black bra that peeked through.

So I will now dedicate that post to her now with my thanks to the gothic nurse with the kind voice and the soft touch, who gave a sixteen year old boy something better to think about than the pain and humiliation of being stuck in a hospital bed with his broken limbs jacked up over his head.

To all of those naughty nurses who combat the fear of needles one poke at a time.

My thanks to whoami at for making me go back and search for meaning in my ramblings. I will not tag anyone else but I urge everyone to go back in their archives and see just how their blog has changed. Hopefully you will not discover the things that I was forced to but it should at least give you pause to see where you started and where you are now.


Anonymous said...

See, it didn't kill you to fulfill the tag requirements. I hated being tagged, too. If I get tagged again it better something really good. Have a great week. Glad you enjoyed your stroll down memory lane.

Where do you get such great art for your site? I love it!

Laurie said...

oh shoot, she tagged me too, and I forgot... better get to work.

I love that story.. especially since I'll be a nurse someday soon myself ;-)

:P fuzzbox said...

whoami: Thanks again, I didn't mind the tag. It was cool that I was able to put down the story as I should have the first time. Many of my pics come from But others come from here there and everywhere. I am an avid surfer of pin-up art.

laurie: I am sure you will leave an impression on as many patients as my goth nurse of years ago.

Laurie said...

fuzz - I hope so, and I do mean that in a good way. I want to take care of the tiniest of them all - preemie babies in NICU :-)

Rocky said...

Great post, Fuzz. My blog's mission initially was to satisfy my creative side's need to write and try to make people laugh. At first, I thought family and friends would be my only readers. The unexpected change was meeting a lot of really great people (and very talented and entertaining writers I might add) I've never met in person in the "blogosphere" like youself, and exchanging comments on blogs. It has been, and will continue to be, a pleasure.

:P fuzzbox said...

laurie: I'm sure you will be great with the little ones.

rocky: When I stumbled across your blog, I was amazed at how funny and well written a blog can be. It has compelled me to try and stretch my meager talents for that you have my thanks. So your blog has acheived it's goal of making people laugh, hopefully it wil help you find that publisher for your short stories. Let me know when it comes out so that I can head out and have you autogragh my copy.

Reiki said...

fuxx, I am surprised that's the only thing that sexy nurse had jacked up over your head

The Phoenix said...

That's a great story...evidently she left an deep impression on you. Figuratively of course. Too bad not literally.

By the way, that sounds extremely painful. Did you ever go back to lifting weights again?

Big D said...

How do you and Daniel seem to fuck up your templates? Anyway, I fixed so it's not just a huge link back to your site.

I remember when I tore a legiment in Jr. high football they were checking for a tear and they had to stick a big needle in my knee there was a male nursing holding my legs down and a female nurse at my head bending over. I could easily see down her shirt. I all forgot about the needle.

change two letters on my verification ant it ovaltin

:P fuzzbox said...

dear jane: I was sixteen and to doped up to be suave.

phoenix: I was doing curls with casts on.

big d: If both of us have this? Just kidding. my word verifacation letters by changing to letters are neoexotic.