Friday, November 25, 2005

Another Bonehead Story

Wednesday night as a prelude to Thanksgiving, I went over and hoisted a few beers with my neighbor of the mullet militia. The conversation at one point turned to work and people that we have worked with. We found out that we had both worked with the bonehead. This is the same guy that I have previously discussed that walked off the roof twice while working as a roofer.

My neighbors experience with the bonehead came while both of them were working as guards at the prison on the outskirts of town. My neighbor was a sargeant and the bonehead was a new guard. The prison is no different than any other job in the fact that it is the duty of old hands to break in the new employees by putting them through their paces.

A short time after the 9/11 attacks the supervisor on the shift called the hapless bonehead into his office. The supervisor was holding the phone and told the young guard that he had a Major Johnson on the phone and the major was requesting that the bonehead load up immediately as they were calling all ex-army personel to meet at the National Guard to fly to Afghanistan. The Bonehead stated that he had never served in the army. The supervisor then talked into the dead phone and pretended to talk to the fake Major. He hung up the phone and said that they were also calling up all ex-boy scouts and that is why his name was on the list.

Boneheads jaw hit the floor. With an expression of sheer terror,he stammered and stuttered that he had to go home. The supervisor then broke down and told him that it was all a joke. Some people are just so gullible that it is almost a cruelty to pull their leg. Almost.


Ann Alsex said...

I love the picture. I always thought scouts were so sexy. I luv the motto, 'Be Prepared'.

Laurie said...

hahaha.. that is funny!

you're right about the "almost".

Reiki said...

but why is the boy scout in the picture rolling up his sleeve? is he preparing to shoot up some heroin, or give blood???? hope you are enjoying all that leftover turkey, fuzz.

:P fuzzbox said...

ann: Preparation is the key.

laurie: When I heard this story, I was impressed with the way the supervisor covered the army story that went bust with the boy scout cover. That shows the ability to think quickly on your feet. But who would have thought that anyone would buy it? It's too funny not to laugh but it is kind of cruel.

dear jane: Heck yeah, I slapped together my famous or infamous cassorole. Crazee Tastee! Hope your Thanksgiving turned out better than you hoped.
And as far as the picture goes, at least he wasn't unzipping his pants.

Rocky said...

Classic work prank story! There's nothing better to land a sucker hook, line and sinker.

:P fuzzbox said...

rocky: Ain't that the truth.