Friday, June 23, 2006

It's That Time Again

Tomorrow starts the time of the year to sell fireworks in Texas. And yes I am one of those rednecks in the fireworks stands. For the past few years I have taken time off work to ply my entrepreneurial skills.

The actual reason for me selling fireworks is the same reason as a crack fiend becoming a crack dealer. I am a fireworks nut and have to support my habit somehow.

Have a great weekend everyone and hey be safe out there.


:P fuzzbox said...

As I will be out at the stand without net service, My blogging will be sparse the next two weeks but I will pop in from time to time.

Shay said...

you texans are behind the times!
We've been selling fireworks (not me personally) since Victoria Day weekend! ^_^

Breezy said...

me nervous???...about spending the rest of my life with your little bro? i'd be crazy not to be nervous! one still coming?

angel, jr. said...

I love fireworks. Keep your fingers safe.

Bruce said...

Tree- pretty

Sorry, I had a Buffy flashback for some reason.

Laurie said...

I love fireworks.. and you probably sell the good kind that are illegal in Michigan. Unless we drive to Ohio, all we can buy are sparklers, those stupid snake things, and other "baby" fireworks.. :-P

Have fun :-)

Green Eyes said...

Damn, gotta love a man that knows how to handle his rocket!

Andie D. said...

Why am I not surprised? ;)

Catch said...

Good luck Fuzz....I hope you sell lots of fireworks...people are setting them off here already! We have a big fireworks display here on the 4th.....its tradition...the whole town

siren said...

Best of luck, Fuzz, and be careful.

Phats said...

Yes! I love fireworks, they rock. My friend Chrissy set her boob on fire once lighting a firework, so becareful.

I went to that big brother site, that was freakin' awesome loved it thanks! chicken george though? I would have sworn it would be Ivette after last year. I can't wait til it starts

:P fuzzbox said...

shay: Some states sell fireworks year round but sadly we are not one of them.

breezy: I'll be there with bells on. Do I need to wear anything else?

angel, jr: Safety First.

bruce: It might have been the pic.

:P fuzzbox said...

laurie: That reminds me of the Native American in Joe Dirt. I love the description by Joe of all the cool fireworks besides plain ole' snakes and sparklers.

green eyes: ;)

andie: Who'd a thunk it, huh?

catch: I love the big displays.

siren: You betcha.

phats: Chicken George was such a cool guy at the start of that season but when he died his hair blue I think that he melted too many brain cells. It will be interesting how this site chooses the worst as their picks get evicted.

Anonymous said...

Should we be nervous? You...exploding fireworks?

I was finally traumatized by the singing Applebee boys. Strap a few fireworks onto them, okay? That was painful. Now I'm going to see them all the time, aren't I? Sigh.

michaelm said...

I used to be a nutjob with rockets.
Once set a cemetery on fire.
Oooh, not good.
Had a pack of firecrackers go off in my room as a kid. Dad wasn't very happy. It looked like a Nor'easter had just blown through.
Fireworks+Beer+Night Sky = Good Times.


:P fuzzbox said...

jenna: No need to be nervous. It's all good fun. Sorry that you were exposed to the Applebee's duo. Dang they are bad.

michael: I have never set anything on fire but I have seen someone set there car on fire by shooting Roman candles from the front seat of their car. That was phunny. Not to them but to all that they had been shooting at.

Breezy said...

well i'd appreciate it if you would at least put on a teeshirt and jeans...i'll feel special if you wear something nicer, but please, at least something besides the bells

:P fuzzbox said...

Well since you asked nicely. :)