Monday, April 24, 2006

Out And About: Day One

I planted all three this weekend.

1) Because as the song goes, " There's only two things that money can't buy. That's true love and home grown tomatoes."

2) You can't make salsa without good peppers.

3) The sign told me to.

To paraphrase David Allen Coe, ' And if that sign ain't country, I'll kiss your ass. '


:P fuzzbox said...

I was planning on doing an out and about type photo blog thing this week. But until I figure out this darn camera I have about three days worth of posts before the camera got jicky on me. Hopefully I can figure it out by Thursday.

Catch said...

Nothing like a home grown tomato on a mouth is waterin!

I got a new camera too....took me 6 months to get used to my old I gotta break this one in.

Metal Mark said...

I have to wait a few more weeks to plant the veggies because we could still get a good frost yet.

Keshi said...



:P fuzzbox said...

catch: Hopefully it won't take six months but it sure might.

metal mark: Two of the three sure signs of spring are here in West Texas. The buzzards are back, the mesquite trees have leaved out, but a still haven't seen a scissor tail.

keshi: Two weeks ago the sign reminded everyone that it was time to plant taters and onions. The feed store has a sense of humor.

Michael said...

You can't make salsa without good peppers.
And plump, juicy tomatoes!
Are you a salsa freak like me?
I love to add fresh cilantro to my salsa.
Winter is finally over when I can get really good tomatoes.
We're close.


Big D said...

They don't have a sence of humore the feed store is just like that. Come on you know we're all hicks!

The Phoenix said...

Maters, peppers, and flowers...OH MY!

I bet they sell Larry the Cable Guy CDs at that place too. Right by the cash register. I just know it.

Mimi said...

I love home grown maters. Until my mom unloads about 50 of them on me.

ozymandiaz said...

I used to do what signs told me to until I read that sign that said "Drink Cananda Dry". I was so drunk by the time I made it to Vancouver that I passed out for a week and I still had a lot of Canada to go.
Now I just do what the voices tell me to.
They say "hi" and that you have a really nice blog but get back to the pictures of the girls.

Vic said...

We planted this weekend too - all of the above, plus squash, green beens and corn! Maybe we can blog this summer about our great harvests!

David Amulet said...

I planted nothing this weekend. My thumb is about as far from green as one can get -- it's the color of ... of ... hmmm, what IS the opposite of green on the color wheel?

-- david

April said...

oh, just love me some home-grown veggies. I gotta get a garden started again soon.

Love the sign...reminds me of my home, too.

angel, jr. said...

Nothing like a good salsa.

Green Eyes said...

Like David, I too, have a black thumb. I've even killed a cactus!

But, tomatoes, love them!

:P fuzzbox said...

michael: Cilantro is a key ingredient. But I generally buy that at the store. I gave up growing herbs a while back.

big d: I like giving people the benefit of the doubt.

phoenix: Nope but you can get a great deal on some bib overalls.

mimi: They can stack up.

:P fuzzbox said...

ozy: Will do.

vic: I love fried squarsh.

david: I don't know about on the color wheel but on the plant it's brown or black.

april: Nice to give you that reminder as Glenda the Good Witch said, 'There's no place like home.'

angel jr: Gotta luv it!

green eyes: Cactus is actually harder to keep growing than many think.

siren said...

Blogger ate my last comment.

That sign is great. I'm so ready for home grown veggies...let me know when yours are ready ;)

Ranea said...

It's a wonder the sign didn't read, Maters Ungions and Flawers. LOL

Johnny Wadd said...

What you need is a nude beach or something to practice with.

Perplexio said...

Fuzz, what's your pepper of choice for homemade salsa? Jalapeno? Habanero? Poblano?

I'm actually not a big tomato fan, I actually prefer cucumber based, artichoke based, and corn based salsas.

:P fuzzbox said...

siren: Will do.

ranea: Gotta luv the ungions.

johnny: Hellz yeah.

perplexio: I have always preferred jalapeno peppers for salsa. Habenero's are okay for putting on food but a little hot for just chips and salsa and I never have been a big fan of poblanos except for use in certain dishes. Corn based salsas are okay but I never have tried any with cucumbers or artichokes.

Ann Alsex said...

I am not big on maters or peppers. I am more of a cucumber and zucchini person.

Fuckkit said...

I've been trying so hard to ignore the signs but they just won't go away!

*clutches head*

The voices were never this bad.

guerrilla blogger said...

i was wondering what the heck a "mater" was...but now i know, and knowing is half the battle. "GO JOE!!"

Big D said...

Blasphemy! Nothing is too hot. Do you forget Dad's habenro goodness. Now that was some HOT stuff. Only Tasha can come close and we both know she has no tastebuds.

:P fuzzbox said...

ann: As long as you get your veggies that's A-OK. :)

fuckkit: You wanna borrow one of my voices. They are that bad on a good day.

gb: Knowledge is power!!!

big d: That orange concoction could be used for torture interrigations. The insane sauce comes close but damn that shit is addictive as any drug.

Jim said...

OFF TOPIC -- fuzz -- I left a comment this afternoon -- Blogger must have nuked it, exactly what we were talking about!!!!

Laurie said...

I was sitting here looking at that sign going, "maters??? what's a mater??"

Damn yank. ;-)

:P fuzzbox said...

jim: Blogger has been acting really screwy here lately. Sorry about your comment being eaten.

laurie: Taters is pretty easy to figure out. Not many but old timers even here call them maters. Most of the time it is pronounced tomatuh around these parts.

Sherri said...

Yikes! Taters and Maters.....

Where are you from again?? LOL

I can't wait to start planting my flowers! It snowed again last night at my house, can you believe it??

:P fuzzbox said...

sherri: We had a cold front push through here today as well. It is only supposed to get up into the high 60's today. :)