Sunday, May 04, 2008


AJ saw a friend yesterday at the grocery store. Her friend is usually one of those women that dress at the height of fashion, with make up on, and hair just so, even when out only going grocery shopping. On this occasion however AJ's friend looked like she had been run through a ringer. She wore no make up and her hair was disheveled even worse than Ryan Seacrest.

AJ asked her what was up. The friend stated that about a week ago, her two year old's puppy had been hit by a car. Although the pup had not died, it was in very bad shape and had to be euthanized. The friend had explained to her child that the puppy would have to go to the animal doctor. There the veterinarian would give the puppy a shot. After that the puppy would go to heaven and have bunny rabbits to chase and would be able to run and play again just like before the car accident.

AJ still wondered why her friend looked like hell on this particular day so she asked her friend what she had been doing today. Her friend then told her that today was the day that she took her two year old in for her vaccination shots.

It must have been hell trying to convince the child that she wouldn't be chasing bunnies in heaven after a vaccination. I don't know but her friend should have thought about that trip a little in advance.


The Covert Lover said...

Ha! And the child's first therapy session is schuduled for_____?

tsduff said...

I much prefer the old "sugar shots". But I suppose you are too young to remember those. Hilarious post!

eZ said...

Poor baby!
Even thoough my son is 35, they say his mind is about 2 years. When I took him for a flu shot, I really think he thought I was (letting) someone hurt him. He cannot speak so I really do not know. I try to treat him as normal as possible I told him "ya big puss, suck it up". Just kidding fuzz, I kisssed his arse all day to make up for it.
Getting a shot still makes me shiver and shake.
I have 2 nephews who has a form of Asperger's, they suspect a vaccine they got when they were babies caused this. ??
take care

Anonymous said...

Poor kid. That visit should be good for at least a year on the shrink couch ;-)

Jim said...

nothing gets the day off to a good start like a 'dead puppy' story -- arg! :(


Fuzz -- I need to know, in a conversation would you say "I-20" or "IH-20" -- Thanks Jim

:P fuzzbox said...

covert lover: Hopefully soon.

terry: Thanks. I don't remember the sugar shots but I am still old enough to have my smallpox vaccine scar.

ez: Having a son with Asperger's, I have heard that childhood vaccines might be the culprit.

lisa: At least.

jim: Around here one would just use the I.

Jez said...

That poor kid! Well at least a therapist will have a happy ending from the story, a heavier wallet.

Jim said...

fuzzer -- thanks, I'll exxplain later why that was important -- Jim

cnrld<--the way West Texans pronounce 'children'

Leigh said...

I don't know who I feel worse for the son or the mother.

David Amulet said...

Well, hindsight is usually clearer than foresight ...

JM said...

Oh wow. Yeah...I bet the child was mortified of shots.

Sherri Sanders said...

Kids, gotta love them.

That reminds me of my 5 year old. I once told him he had to sit back and put his seat belt on because if the cops see him and stop me they would put me in jail.

Everytime we see a cop now he ducks down in the back seat and hides because he doesn't want me to go to jail. LOL

Travis Erwin said...

Talk about words coming back to bite you in the ass.

:P fuzzbox said...

jez: I'm thinkin' someone is going to make some big bucks.

jim: It's phonetic spelling is chirren.

leigh: I'm thinking that neither one of them were in a happy place.

david: I try not looking in the rearview. Someone is most likely coming after me.

angel: I bet that you're right.

sherri:Better safe than sorry. ;)

travis: Truth!!!