Friday, April 18, 2008

That's What Friends Are For

Not being a big C&W fan for the most part, I generally don't watch CMT but as not a damn thing is on television Friday nights, I found myself watching, 'Can You Duet'. Tonight was the audition stage and since it is basically a reformatted country duo version of American Idol it used the same formula. Every once in a while a decent act followed by a dozen no talent bums. One duo got my attention though.

A couple of the contestants stated to the host before they went on that they were a group and there was no way that they would split up if the judges picked one but not the other. Sure enough it happened. The judges liked one of the girls but not the other. When asked if she would like to go on without her partner, the girl needed a few moments to think it over. They walked out into the hallway and the chosen girl cried and said she wouldn't do it. The passed over girl gave her a hug and said nothing.

What kind of friend is that? Friends don't hold friends back. She should have offered her congratulations, wished her friend luck, and told her that she would take care of her friends pets, plants, etc. and then if she needed to get even she could always bang her friends boyfriend. After all that's what friends are for.
On a side note, the chosen girl eventually told the judges that she would go on, the friends hugged and all was well.


Jez said...

They may have hugged again. But the friend who was not chosen is probably gonna end up 300lbs with a house full of cats and a shrine of pictures of her "friend' with the eyes scratched out.

Ol' Lady said...

Yes a true friend would wish her luck and then go fuck her boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

Loved how you slipped in the old bangaroo of the beyotch's bf ;-)

David Amulet said...

She should have shot her.

Anonymous said...

The "I won't go on" was an effin Kodak moment for the show. Trust me had the Birkenstock been on the other foot it would have gone down the same way. Aint no way someone is going to turn down a chance for national exposure (well unless you are a Congressman caught tap dancing in a mens room).

Anonymous said...

*stabs pins in doll* I don't know what everyone is talking about, I'm REALLY *stab* HAPPY *stab* FOR *stab* HER *stab-stab-stab-stab-stab*...*kicks cat*....

-The rejected chick

:P fuzzbox said...

jez: You are most likely correct.

ol lady: Zactly.

lisa: Thanks. I do try.

david: CMT is much to family oriented for that. Maybe on MTV2.

sugardaddy: That's truth.

ace: Yeah, she was damned upset.