Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Twisted Test: Quiz #1

Taking on-line quizzes is a guilty pleasure of mine, so I decided to come up with a Blugstuff quiz. This quiz will help you find out if you have what it takes to be a happy person in a sick world. Each question has two answers. Just pick the one that pops in your head as correct.

1) Bambi:
A) A Cartoon Disney Deer.
B) A Blonde stripper with big fake Double D's.

2) Dirty Sanchez:
A) An illegal alien after a rough border crossing.
B) A somewhat deviant sexual practice involving face painting.

3) Snowball:
A) A round ball of packed snow for wintertime fun.
B) A truly disgusting sexual practice involving the swapping of more than spit.

4) The Olsen Twins:
A) Weren't they cute on Full House?
B) Now that they are legal, why haven't we seen them naked?

5) Floaties:
A) What children put on before going into the kiddie pool.
B) Ejaculate floating in the water after hot tub sex.

6) Tool:
A) A device used to perform a mechanical function.
B) An asshole that really pisses you off.

7) Hershey Highway:
A) A freeway in Pennsylvania named after the famous chocalate.
B) The name for the rectum when describing anal sex.

8) Rabbit:
A) A cute long eared mammal that munches on garden veggies.
B) A really funky new fangled sex toy.

9) Wang:
A) A proprietor of an all you can eat Chinese Buffet.
B) A Penis.

10) What the internet is best for:
A) Communicating with others across vast distances in a massive world community.
B) Porno Baby. HARDCORE PORNO!!!!

Now count the number of B's that you answered and check your score.

0 - Mary Poppins is a fictional character and Mother Theresa is dead. Who the hell are you?
1-3 - Shouldn't you really be at
4-6 - You should know that sitting in the middle of the road will only get your ass run over.
7-9 - Just a few more steps down the road and you will be truly twisted.
10 - You sick freak, Welcome to my world!!! Wanna' do a guest post?


Anonymous said...

Oooh yeah...I'm a freak! Yay!

yellowdog granny said...

i had no sooner finished the quiz when homeland security kicked in my door and arrested me...dang...

starbender said...

hahaaaaa, I have something for U fuzz, go HERE

I laughed sooooooo hard. Stop by my site and tell me what U thought.

:P fuzzbox said...

vic: Who'd a thunk it?

granny: Sorry. Didn't mean to get you busted.

starbender: The Sock poem really pops done Snoop style.

starbender said...

some posts are better than others, it's just funny how they translate!

oldfartswife said...

damnit, I am headed back to Nick Jr, I guess I am not as sick as I thought....wait I just swallowed a floatie

the weirdgirl said...

Um... I can't take this test, I already know how I'd score.

And Fuzz, you neglected to mention piledrivers or reverse cowgirls.

writer chick said...

According to your tests, I'm way too innocent to be visiting your site. But how else will I learn?

Sar said...

I'm a freak and half. And your test thought so too. ;)

Catch said...

Now Fuzz you know Im Snow White. ;))

Big Pissy said...


That was great!

Keshi said...

I guess Im far away from even qualifying to sit at ur tests LOL!


Anonymous said...

Just call me Mary Freaking Poppins lol.


Ben Heller said...

Like I don't know what your score would have been !!!!

I'm not going to tell you my score, cos' you'd rip the piss out of me for being such a wuss.

:P fuzzbox said...

starbender: It's the shizzle.

old farts wife: Didn't spit, did ya?

weirdgirl: Yee Haw, giddy up!!!

wc: Education is a task that I take seriously. ;)

sar: I knew there was something I luved about you.

:P fuzzbox said...

catch: Uh huh. It's grand to be a dwarf!

big pissy: Thanks!!!

keshi: Don't be so modest. ;)

lisa: Shouldn't the freaking be in quotations? ;)

ben: Now would I do that?

Bruce said...

I already knew I was a sick, twisted fucker; thanks for confirming it.

angel, jr. said...

Laughing way too hard. I'm going to have to retake it to get all the way thru it.

Crazy Dan said...

After taking this test I should apply for Saint Hood or something because I scored 0!!

:P fuzzbox said...

bruce: Welcome to my world.

angel, jr: Glad you liked the test.

cd: I should have stuck in a bukake question for you.

tsduff said...

okay, be honest. Did you really make that up?

Oh, and what was your score? :-)

Ol' Lady said...

I have been told that I was sick before and I have been told that I'm a freak...but thanks to you I'm now a sick freak...I feel so much better in really knowing what I am...imagine all the folks out there that have no idea what the hell they are

Paige Burns said...

I've just been run over. I knew the B answers but damnit if the A answers weren't the ones that popped in my head first! *must stop watching cartoon network*

Mike said...

You KNOW I picked all "B"'s!!

CT said...

yeah every single answer was B, this was a trick quiz right? lol

ozymandiaz said...

I always knew I was a 10 and now I've scored ten. Like Paige, I watch the cartoon network also. It's just that when I see Spngebob I think "wow, look at all of those holes... that's like amonths worth of fresh..."
don't even get me started on the PowerPuff Girls.

michaelm said...

I scored an 11.
What's up wit that?
I hope you're proud of me...


Anonymous said...

I got 9. Almost there. It was Bambi that kept me from being a sick freak. Damn.

:P fuzzbox said...

terry: But of course. And I got a twenty.

ol' lady: Aren't they a sad group?

paige: Try watching it during Adult Swim.

mike: Hell Yeah!!!

ct: You bet cha.

ozy: I wonder how Spongebob would work as a contraceptive device.

michael: Pleased as punch.

jenna: Bambi over at the Crystal Pistol said to tell you hi.