Thursday, October 12, 2006

Google My Ass

After seeing what a great job that Google has done with blogger, I can't wait to see how Google plans on fucking up You Tube.

Why the fuck can't they make vending machines for plastic bottles like the old machines for glass bottles where you just put in your money, opened the door, and pulled one out of the machine. Fuck No, now it rolls around for fifteen minutes and comes out with the explosive power of a 10 kiloton bomb.

And for you football fans, Cowboy fans in particular, I have a question. Who is the biggest fucktard, Drew Bledsoe for his lousy play or Bill Parcells for not pulling his ass?


Catch said...

hmmm,,I dont watch football so I dont know either of those guys, Im sure google will f**k up utube..and I am sick of drinking out of plastic,eating out of plastic, and cooking with plastic ( in the micro). I think plastic has taken over this world and its not good for us. I think it puts out poisonous microns that get in to our databases. And that my dear boy is why we are all so messed up anymore. When I was a young girl drinking coke out of glass bottles I was perfectly I never know what I am going to do...and its from all the plastic thats in my database. You got any ideas how to get rid of it Fuzz?

LisaBinDaCity said...

I have a theory that the vending machine guys are actually evil sadists, who laugh gleefully as they anticipate the explosion. In fact, they set them to roll around even LONGER.

michaelm said...

As a Pats fan, I owe a bushel of gratitude to Bledsoe.
If it weren't for him getting fucked up we never would have found Tom Brady.
Parcells? He's just an aging tool.
Occasionally a good coach, but a tool nonetheless.
The YouTube saga should prove very interesting...


angel, jr. said...

I wondered why they always had carbonated drinks drop, roll around and then crash.

Bruce said...

God damn Google..why can't they leave well enough lone? They've become the ClearChannel version of the WWW. I am so glad I moved to Typepad. And being the diehard Cowgirls hater that I am, I will refrain from commenting on them.

Paige Burns said...

Google is becoming the next Wal-mart.
LMAO. Oh, so true.
Um, both? Sorry, didn't watch the game.

Anonymous said...

I want to create a cool online program that Google will buy for billions of dollars and then fuck it up. Then I'll create a newer better program that Google will buy for billions of dollars and fuck that up. Then I'll sit back on my pile of billions of dollars and laugh my rich ass off. Unfortunately all of this involves coding and I simply don't have the patience (re: tecno brains) to create something so I'll never create a future Google fuck-up. Sigh. Damn it.

They have plastic bottles for klutzes like me who drop their Coke off the kitchen counter then eye it suspiciously and fearfully. Sigh. What a friggin' mess that was.

starbender said...

Oh boy, I miss those old pull the bottle machines!

...and Dallas seems 2 suck just like Cleveland this yr.....

; ]

Crazy Dan said...

no shit at least Miami had theballs to pull Culpepper that big steaming pile of used tampons.

rockyjay said...

I am still staring that ass.

Oh, there is a message...

You guys have bottles? Our vending machines spit out cans. No problem there.

Mimi said...

I could handle the fizzy soda if it was still 45 cents. But instead we pay over $1 for soda that explodes when we open it.

Google fucked up Blogger? NAW!;)

yellowdog granny said...

oh oh oh....*waving hand in the air...i know i know....they both are fucking assholes...bledsoe for being a fucktard and not retiring and parsels for being a fucktard and not retiring...sigh*...soda pop...i miss dr.pepper..but my dr.pepper only comes in a 81/2 oz glass bottle with the old timy crank off lid...made in Dublin,Texas...not on my diabetic diet..fiddlefuck

writer chick said...

Yeah Fuzz, they're already calling it GooTube. That conjures up some great pictures, doesn't it?

Green Eyes said...

So, did you get blased with an explosion of Coke? lmao

So NOT a Cowboy fan, sorry!

Big Pissy said...

"Goo Tube" ?!?!?

Great! Just what we need!!! :(

Johnny Wadd said...

Bledsoe has always been overrated, as bad as things are in Buffalo i'm glad they ditched HIM. The guy is like a fucking statue, dude move around!

CT said...

yeah the vending machines are shitty!!!

Metal Mark said...

The Cowboys are going to have to make changes soon if they think they are going to make playoffs. They are in a tough division.

Ol' Lady said...

I don't remember sending you a pic of my ass...oh well I guess everyone will see it now :-}

David Amulet said...

There's enough fucktards in Dallas to go around. Why pick just one?

-- david

jane said...

Is it just me, or does that lady have a long ass? I've never seen one that long. Anyways...
I saw that game & felt bad for Bledsoe, but hey, I'm a woman & when I don't care particularly for either, my mothering emotions can surface.
Shit, I think Google is going to screw up everything. Isn't Gmail is perpetual beta mode too now? If not, I'm sure it will be soon!! LOL

Ben Heller said...

Bloggers becoming a real pain lately. It takes at least 5 attempts to post a picture, and I've noticed that I've frequently written comments in comment boxes, only to find the comment section crash when I hit the post button.

Obne thing for sure, we're gonna see a lot more ads on Youtube in the very near future.

Someone will start a new site as an alternative I reckon.

Gerald Ford said...

Yeah, I hate that whole problem with vending machines dropping my soft drinks. At work, we have one fancy machine that *shoots* the cans out of their slots! It's fun to watch, but what gives? It's like people *want* their cans shaken up.

More fizz in the short-run I guess.

Phats said...

Hmm I like youtube, and I am sure google will screw it up, can't wait.

There is nothing better then getting a coke and opening it and having it explode all over nice right

I vote for the tuna!

:P fuzzbox said...

catch: Nope no plastic ideas. Now latex, that is a different story.

lisa: I wonder if they wear bondage gear under their delivery uniforms?

michael: That is soo true. If Bledsoe was worth a shit, he would have a fistful of rings.

angel, jr: Their mommies didn't luv them.

bruce: I have had a love hate relationship with the Cowboys for years. Right now I am leaning towards wanting to strangle the fucktard Jones.

:P fuzzbox said...

paige: Google could fuck up a wet dream.

jenna: The screw top lids are handy dandy for that reason.

starbender: Poor hapless Cleveland where is another Kosar when you need him.

cd: Culpepper has been all hype. Maybe Miami needs your fav Garcia.

rocky jay: I knew a true ass man would appreciate that one.

mimi: Sadly I still remember the 15 cent machines.

:P fuzzbox said...

granny: But in my opinion Jones is the biggest fucktard of all. I can never forgive him of some of his gigantic blunders.

wc: Don't it though.

green eyes: Yep, it got me. What about the Bucs. Geez what a shitty year. I wonder if Gruden will choke the shit out of someone soon.

pissy: Ain't that the truth.

johnny: He reminds me of the aged braced Marino. He should get out before he is a complete joke. Woops to late for that. He should get out before someone hangs his ass.

ct: You said it.

:P fuzzbox said...

mark: They will be damned lucky to get a wild card berth.

ol' lady: Sorry for letting the cat out of the bag.

david: Where's the love?

jane: Longer than a well rope. I kinda like it that way.

ben: I bet it will soon be more ads than content.

gerald: But they get flat damn quick.

phats: Duly noted. He is due for a more permenant retirement.