Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Halloween Dreams

For me the costumed cuties rule the night.
Keep to yourself the shrieks and frights.
As for me, I'll take the jungle babes, the french maids
The wishes from the genie in a bottle and dark angels of all grades.

Naughty Nurses with push up bras,
Sexy vixens with cat claws,
Superbreasted Superheros like Wonder Woman and Storm.
Help the coldest Halloween stay cozy and warm.

Wishing all of you a Sexy Halloween with Vampire Brides
Geisha Girls, Jungle Babes, and Dark witches besides.
The best of times with latex and lace
When you can be what you want and not be out of place.


phred said...

ELVIRA is Smokin hot !!!

Mike said...

This is the one time of year that women purposely dress slutty and we can say anything we want because we're all "in character". I love it!!

Big Pissy said...

That Elvira chick looks awesome in that costume!

I always enjoy your poetic side. ;-)

ella m. said...

Your glaring omission of naughty nurses saddens and dismays me.

Anonymous said...

Wow...that was romantic.

:P fuzzbox said...

phred: Elvira is the ultimate Halloween pin up.

mike: I love staying in character. It is nice to have a day that it is in vogue.

big pissy: Thanks.

ella: You are absolutely right. Therefore I added a verse just for you.

jenna: Awww. You say the sweetest things.

yellowdog granny said...

one year when i was skinny and all tits i dressed up as cat woman...it was hot..the tail was rigged to stay arched and up in the air..but going to the bathroom was a problem and after the 3rd trip the tail was not only dragging..it was soaking wet from being dunked in the toilet..i told everyone that it just meant that i wasnt in heat any longer..

The Phoenix said...

Is that Elvira or Shania???

Catch said...

dont forget to use precaution! wrap it before you whack it.

Anonymous said...

Well what do you wish for your female readers that aren't partial to sexy women? :)

Mimi said...

The sexy costumes.....why men never outgrow Halloween.

:P fuzzbox said...

granny: That's a tough way to cool down.

phoenix: It is from a lingerie/costume site. Pretty cool huh.

catch: No muss no fuss that way.

wc: Why don't you tell us?

mimi: We're just cool like that.

starbender said...

Me--I'm just happy giving out candy!; ]

Andie D. said...

I love it!!

I'm going to be a geisha and my husband (who is a pilot) is going to be a stewardess. NOT a flight attendant, mind you, a stewardess. He's going to look hotter than me.


Jim said...

I'm so confused -- do you want us to vote on whether you should dress as a Naughty Nurses, a Sexy vixen, or a Superbreasted Superhero [sic] for Halloween? Since you already wore the push up bra for Labor Day, I'll vote for Vixen. Please post pixs.

tytcpvvw for tatcpvvw

Keshi said...

she looks goth to me but yeah hot :)


Ben Heller said...

You never told us what you're wearing for Halloween Fuzz ?

ella m. said...

Fuzz,I love you to pieces for including both the group of costumed girls I seek out (nurses are fun) and my personal costume choice of the year(superhero) in the edit.

angel, jr. said...

Naughty nurses on Halloween. Now that is a costume.

oldfartswife said...

great poem fuzz
Have a wonderful Hallerweenie!

the weirdgirl said...

What do you mean? Latex and lace are for every day!

:P fuzzbox said...

starbender: I can only paraphrase the old adage that candy is dandy. But cleavage doesn't rot your teeth.

andie: I luv it. Have fun!!!

jim: Maybe I should dress like a Rock Star. Perhaps a cock sock like the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

keshi: Goth is hot to me.

ben: Check my answer to Jim.

ella: Luv you back. Knowing you I had to add the Superhero hook. Who do you think has the best costume?

angel, jr: Right you are sir.

old farts wife: Have a blast yourself.

weirdgirl: Sometimes I forget where you live. That is what priests where there huh.

michaelm said...

A friend of mine once went as a '69'.
He strapped a blow-up doll to his face and won first prize.
May all your sweet dreams come true, Fuzz.

~m (aka, the naughty Doctor)

Gerald Ford said...

Ah, I do love those naughty Halloween costumes. Anything involving garters and stockings works for me. :D The nurse thing even more so.

Who needs candy afterall!

David Amulet said...

I'm with ya. Why do you think I'm hosting a costume ball?

-- david

Paige Burns said...

Two years ago I went as a Vampire Doctor, even had a jar labeled "Blood Bank" ... no one got it. I had to explain it to everyone, it was a sad sad Halloween.

Last year I was Trinity from the Matrix, yeah, I was hot.

:P fuzzbox said...

michael: That is one helluva good costume idea.

david: Cool.

paige: Thanks for the visual. :)