Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kiss My Ass: It Ain't For Everyone

I recently received an e-mail from a long time reader. In the e-mail, she responded that she was upset over my language used in these Thursday rants. So I stuck in this parental advisory for readers sensitive to coarse language. Now that you have been properly warned, these readers can click to one of the PG rated blogs in their favorites list and kindly get the fuck out. But come on back now, ya hear.

What kind of perverted fucking world do we live in? Sure I am down with a certain amount of sickness. As long as it is hurting no one, I have to say no harm no foul. But what a fucking week.

Some fucktard goes and kills Amish girls and is only stopped from sexually abusing them by the police's quick response. And fucking Foley. I can't believe this perv is an elected official. When does he have any time to do anything but send nasty messages to boys? And why the fuck have his cronies and the fucking media been sitting on this story. Isn't the media's job to give us the fucking news?

There is a special corner in hell for pedophiles. I hope they all get there as quick as fucking possible. And that goes for all the asshole fucktard rejects that help them get away with it and put them back on the damned streets.


Johnny Wadd said...

Yup there is some disturbing shit on the news these days, especially the last few weeks.

Keshi said...

fuckin good post Fuzzy ;-)


Catch said...

If someone wrote and complained about the language in my blog I would tell them dont read it then! How assinine.

Your right about those damn pervs...and it seems like they are coming out of the woodwork in droves. What the hell is it about these guys??? they wanta be in public office, but they still want to be pervs. There are wayyy too many pervs in this world today....two words for it....vigilante justice.

michaelm said...

The Amish calamity is incredibly disturbing. Not sure how to respond to that one 'cept to say I wish this bastard had shot himself first.
As far as Foley goes, he was abused by a Priest. Give the poor guy a break!
(Yeah, right...awww, poor Foley. He should shut his cakehole, lean into the strike zone and take one straight up the poopshoot.)
I'm still laughing over that latest development.
As far as your language goes, it's raw and powerful. That's why we all keep coming back.
Rock on, Fuzz.

Ben Heller said...

What I find most courageous about the whole incident is the Amish community's willingness to peaceful forgiveness.

I'm unsure if I would react the same, but it shows the dignity and bravery many would find difficult to understand.

Curare_Z said...

Are you kidding? I learned the words "cumbubble" and "fucktard" from you. I mean, you're improving my vocabulary. :-) LOL

But, I am not LOL about all these sick fucking weirdos out there. Now that I'm pregnant it scares me even more to realize that I'm bringing a child into a world surrounded by freaks. Time to get more shells for the shotgun, I say.....

Sugardaddy said...

just for the record, anything i might do in the future or have done in the past is not my fault because:
my mother didn't breastfeed me, my father was a cold workaholic, i was (pick your choice) sexualy/physically/mentally abused by a (pick your choice) close relative/clergyman, and if i do get caught i am headed for rehab for my (pick your choice)alcohol/drug problem.
also i probably just found out i am gay.

Mike said...

It seems like it comes in waves too. As far as the person that is upset with your language, fuck them! If they don't like it, don't read it!

Laurie said...

It's called free speech, baby!

The Foley situation is a mess. First, if that were one of my sons on the receiving end (no pun intended) of that sick perv's IMs, he'd be castrated. I wield a mean scalpel, pal..

The big fun comedy show is watching the Republicans try to spin, spin, spin this away - to no avail. Hannity and Limbaugh are just about outta their minds lately, and I'm lovin' it.

And it seems to me that rehab has become a convenient "get outta jail free" card for bigshots who get themselves into hot water. Why not? They have an excuse for what they did and a hideout until the furor dies down.

Next thing you know that fat fuck Denny Hastert will be checking himself into rehab... LOL

oldfartswife said...

hey fuzz, I have have one thing to say about saying fuck and shit like that: "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
As far as the "poor" bastards who "choose" to harm children, hang em in the public square, see how many keep their hands off kids after watching their perv friend swing to his last tune. Women are just as guilty as men, if not more sadistic.
Dang it fuzz, this crap just pisses me off. There is no excuse or cure for this. Society has had a hand in creating this by slapping the fuckers hands and not having a harsher punishment.

have a nice day

Bruce said...

I know I don't need to tell you this, but... Dude, it's your fucking blog(if this offended anyone. too goddamn bad).
Mike's right; these things alwsays seem to come in waves. Why this is the case, who knows. In fact, about an hour and a half north of me in Culpeper, VA, all the schools are closed because of a "non-specific" bomb threat. If this turns out to be just some kid trying to be funny, I hope they pull a Full Metal Jacket on him.
And Foley? I hope he gets a visit from Bubba in "rehab".

Paige Burns said...

this is why I don't watch the news. i hope they burn in hell.

Ol' Lady said...

fuck, fuzzbox I have never seen any fucking problem with your fuckin posts.
As for the pervs....send them all to Iraq....they could be used as decoys

David Amulet said...

School shootings--I just don't get 'em. Someone taking out coworkers, sure ... it's at least understandable. But sschools?!?

-- david

phred said...

You`re right on all counts...again.

The SCARY thing about Foley many more like him are there up there ???

My sincere condolences to the Amish families that lost loved ones in the school shooting. I am sure I have no idea how devastating this must be for them.

Fuzz, I got used to your ''language'' a long time ago...
I DO , however, wonder about your brother..have you been to West Texas Rocks lately ????
I think he is reacting to his assimilation.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think the advisory helped. Thanks. ;-)

Big Pissy said...

It's your fucking blog!

Say "fuck" as many fucking times as you fucking want to!

:P fuzzbox said...

johnny: It just seems to pile higher and deeper.

keshi: Thanks, I know it took a lot for you to say that. ;)

catch: It seems that soon it may be the only way to mete out justice. Where is Daredevil when you need him?

michael: I try to rein in my language most of the time but sometimes a curse works best. No matter what the old school marms think.

:P fuzzbox said...

ben: The Amish religion shows a remarkable difference to the Muslim religion. All though both of them wish to return to the days of the past, the Amish do not push it on others through terrorism. Their handling of this tragedy is starkly different to the reaction of Muslims to a simple cartoon.

cz: And you forget fuckwidget. It is a term that is now my favorite curse.

mike: Thanks. I promise not to tone down any more than what I already have. I am toned down plenty on this blog. Believe it.

sugardaddy: That is a big problem in todays world. No one wants to say that it is their fault. It is time that people suck it up and admit their mistakes.

laurie: I don't think that it is a political issue as much as an issue about people in power getting away with bullshit for far too long on both sides of the aisle.

:P fuzzbox said...

old farts wife: I would be all for public executions in the county where the perv commited his or her atrocity.

bruce: I hope that guy finds himself in a world of shit.

paige: I am sure that they will.

ol' lady: They would make excellent cannon fodder.

david: I hear ya.

phred: I think it is humiliating losses in fantasy football have had a crippling effect on his attitude.

vic: It can't hurt.

big pissy: Fuckin' Thanks. I appreciate the fuck out of it.

Phats said...

For starters it's your fucking blog tell them you can talk however the fuck you want! haha! geesh some people are so sensitive.

The amish shootings made me literally sick to my stomach.

GO red raiders!

Catch said...

Read my blog for today....I got a joke for ya on

Ben Heller said...

Fuzz - Maybe there's a lot some religions can learn from the Amish ?

starbender said...

AMEN fuzz!

rockyjay said...

Nine F-words or different versions of it...

Mimi said...

Those sickos have no souls.

I can not believe a regular reader complained about your language! WTF is their fucking problem?;)

Green Eyes said...

FUZZ!!! Hey there! Who would complain? Their loss is all I have to say.

I heard tonight that the first little girl volunteered to be shot first. Amazing. Amazingly sad and unjust. Damn the bastard for taking his own life first.

Hear about the guy who shot two police officers and a dog, only one cop surviving? Cops finally found him hiding in the woods and he was shot some 62 times. His family is hiring a private investigator to see if he there really was provocation to fire. Another amazing thing in the news. The news depresses me.

Missed ya!

:P fuzzbox said...

phats: Go Purdue. I bet they will rebound this week. The Red Raiders actually did it last week and beat the Aggies. Cool Beanz.

catch: It was a great joke!!

ben: A great many could.

starbender: Thanks!!!

rocky jay: It is great to see you again.

mimi: To each their own, I suppose.

:P fuzzbox said...

green eyes: I have been putting in anywhere from 60 to 72 hours a week at work. It just takes me awhile to catch up on my blogging. Sorry if it takes me awhile to get over to ya. Don't think that I am trying to slight you. Ya know that I luv ya.

writer chick said...

Freedom of speech is only for 'them' Fuzz. Don't you know that by now? Fuck em if they don't like your blog or language, no one is gluing their eyeballs to the screen.

There's some stuff about Foley that is interesting that I'm assuming you haven't seen. I'll scare up some links if you're intersted in reading.

And as far as relying on the media to bring you the truth, I wouldn't hold my breath. That ain't their goal. They bring the info they want you to know, whether it's true or not.

Jim said...

I've always wondered what you say when you stub you toe

:P fuzzbox said...

wc: It would seem that truth is both relative and irrelevant. If one only paid attention to the major news outlets.

jim: After one particular outburst of creative cursing after stubbing my toe, Angry Joyce vowed never to move the coffee table again.

the weirdgirl said...

You said it, it's been quite a week. Fucking asswipes! I don't even have words to describe my disgust.

phlegmfatale said...

You know, just as with the on/off switch on the tv - I don't get why people intentionally go to a web site and then rant about what they see there. If you know it will offend you, stay the hell away, you morons!

Sar said...

Fuzz, in a rant like this, you have to use fucking colorful language. Hell, in any good rant you do!

Keshi said...

lol how did u even know! I was gasping for breath after saying it HAHAHA!