Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Words of The Sage

( I would like to give my apologies in advance to anyone who will be offended to the words of the sage. In his defense, I will only say that he came from a different time. It was a time of segregation in the south and not the multi-cultural world in which we live today. He also came from the world where the role of woman in society was not held in the esteem that we are working towards today. So to all races and sexes who find offense I am truly sorry.)

I can still recall the voice of the sage as he told me of lifes lessons and truths. It came as from a deep well in a rich and gravelly resonance. It was a voice honed by untold quarts of cheap whiskey and sharpened by roll-your-own cigs of homegrown tobacco. I remember many of his stories and parables but one story remains in my memory more clearly than any of the others.

When I was a young boy no more than eight years old, he told me a story of his youth. "Boy, when I was your age you could go down to the flats and get a piece of pussy or a chicken sandwich for a quarter. And I ain't never ate a chicken sandwich in my life."

Lessons, I do not know if this parable leaves a lesson for todays generation or not. Many of his values do not hold up in todays world. But this much I do know, the cost of hookers has skyrocketed past the cost of chicken sandwiches, and for good or ill, the world is a different place for it.


Crazy Dan said...

good ol sage lets put that on his tombstone

Big D said...
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Big D said...

I can get a chicken snacker for a dollar at KFC. Why can't I snack on some snatch for a dollar?

phred said...

Something is wrong here, you can get a chicken snacker for 1 dollar (300 % increase),booger is $ 100.
Over 800 % increase. Supply and demand or are we just getting RIPPED OFF ?

Crazy Dan said...

I have always been able to get snatch for free, but then again some of us are more gifted tehn others. and Phred stop lying you in know in your case its about an 5000% increace.

phred said...

Well... there was this one time in Reyanosa..
Dan my friend, YOUR days are numbered. Enjoy the free life now all you can. PAYDAY is coming soon for you. I have been married for 28 years. I know what I am talking about, right :pfuzzbox ??