Thursday, September 29, 2005

Artsy Fartsy

Due to my anal bleaching my ass has been to sore to sit at my computer and post. No wait that's not me, guess I must have picked that up on a mafia mommy blog somewhere. The truth is not a damned thing of interest has happened this week.

I felt like posting anyway so I went back to a comment on a post from last week where it was brought up that I might have a little artsy-fartsy in me. So I figured that I would give poetry a try. Since it is a barnyard tale of sorts, Gary Hams artwork here seems apt. Anyway here goes with my first attempt at poetry since my school daze.


When I was a boy, no more than three,

I had a dog that was named Porky.

Not cause he was fat or big,

But because he was caught fucking a pig.

Well there is my attempt at poetry not half bad but not quite Wordsworth either.


Crazy Dan said...

Sounds like a true life story.

:P fuzzbox said...

It is actually but a farce although it was brought to mind by a true life story of another childs dog. You might ask Cleveland about it since it happened to one of his relatives. THANKS BIG D YOU ARE A DWARFS BEST FREIND!!!

Reiki said...

I think you should give the limerick genre a try... that might be your niche.

:P fuzzbox said...

And isn't it always nice to have a little niche.

Danielle said...

HAHA! HEY! I remember saying that about you! :P I hope you weren't offended... I was actually making fun of myself. Art majors are pretty fucking wierd.

Hey, let me try... I like limericks...

There once was a man from New York,
Who's mother fancied music by Bjork.
He couldn't stand that shit,
So he bit her in the tit,
And stabbed himself with a fork.

:P fuzzbox said...

No Offence taken at all, I just used the remark as an excuse to show my sensitive side and tell a heart tugging tale of a boy and his puppy. Nice limerick it reminds me of the joke where the man bites the tit of his blow up doll and is sad when she farts and flies out the window.

Reiki said...

Not wanting to be outdone by your artsy's a limerick for y'all inspired by tuesday's snake girl

There once was a man from El Paso
Who used his dick as a lasso
He wanted to fuck
But it accidentally got stuck on a truck
And he got pulled down the road by some asshole

:P fuzzbox said...

Thanks Ladies for reminding me of the pantameter for a limerick. Here goes a shot.

There once was a lad from the sticks.
Who grew tired of the yokels and hicks.
Going to the city
To screw something pretty
Instead he was raped by a chick with a dick.

phred said...

Ahhhhhh farm life, ain`t it great.. I`ll be back in a bit with a limerick..

phred said...

Alot of us grew up on a farm,
Alot of us were first tempted in a barn,
Some were strong - some were weak,
Some formed habits not for the meek,
Some practice still today,
Those habits born in the hay.

Crazy Dan said...

I still prefer the classics my slef, I dont know who orginal siad it but its th best.
There once was a man from Nantucket
his dick was so large he could suck it
he said if his ear was a pussy hed fuck it.

Reiki said...

wow...this place reeks of culture, now. Well, it reeks of something. Who farted?

:P fuzzbox said...

Crazy Dan, Thanks for the effort but here is the complete classic.

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who's dick was so long he could suck it.
Wiping cum from his chin
With a dasterdly grin
He exclaimed if my ear was a cunt I would fuck it.

:P fuzzbox said...

Damn your up early Dear Jane. You never know what aroma wafts in the early morning air.

Danielle said...

HAHA! Habits born in the hay.. I like that! And I remember that Nantucket limerick now that you've mentioned it... that one's definately a classic.

I was just exhausted by a poem that my American Lit instructor offered me to write. Come by and check it out. I haven't written a poem like that in like 2 years. SHIT. I've NEVER written a poem like that before. :P I better get a damn A in her class... I know I will...;-)

Reiki said...

Why was I up so early? Certainly you have heard the old saying...
Early to rise
Early to bed
Makes a dear girl
Good at giving head.

Actually, I think we are in different times wasn't so early here.

Master - Baiter said...

Squid is bait, not for eatin,
Cowboys are pathetic , and crusin for a beatin,
Clutch-Putt was warned, and would not listen,
Now he`s lookin for all the money he missin,
Have faith old friend,
High score in golf and low in football ain`t no sin.

Just KIDDIN !!

Big D said...

Alrgiht you put me on the spot here is my attempt.

There once was a boy with two pricks
He was always swinging around them two sticks
The girls would all snigger
Until he finally grew bigger
Now he is doing all of them chicks

There was a girl named heather
The poor lass always dressed in leather
She hung out with hoes
Who took off her clothes
And tickled her ass with a feather.

:P fuzzbox said...

Heather Rocks.