Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Few Things That Suck

My work hours are from 6 am to 6 pm. This means that I go to work in the dark and drive back home in the dark. All daylight hours are burned up at work.

Mr. Roboto made VH-1's, 100 Greatest Songs of the '80's. Could I be the only one that felt that this song was a sign of the apocalypse or at the very least, the worse song ever produced by humans.

There was no fall here to speak of whatsoever. It went straight from sweat your balls off summer to freeze your ass off winter.

I haven't had enough time to blog as much as I would like lately but it sucks that so many of my old blogfriends have stopped blogging at all. I miss so many of them that have dropped out. Thanks to everyone else for staying around.

There is a horrendous stomach virus going around. It starts with massive amounts of flatulence and then screaming diarrhea. Angry Joyce fell it's victim last night. I will most likely fall it's victim soon. I have so much to look forward to.


LisaBinDaCity said...

I hate it when I don't see sunlight all day.

Did you get your flu shot? Maybe that will fight off future icky illness...

And don't worry, we'll be here when you get some time :-)

Ol' Lady said...

I agree that the no daylight sucks, I think we should rebel and not turn the clocks back then at least there would be some light at the end of the day.
Good luck with pending virus, hopefully you don't get it...

Ben Heller said...

I've been blogging for over a year now and I've noticed a lot of bloggers have gone. Situations change, jobs, family commitments, and I guess time is a major factor. Keep going Fuzz, I'll always drop by.

Hope Angry Joyce is feeling better, and I hope you don't get it. Nothing worse than being shackled to the thunder box, spraying the pan.

Curare_Z said...

Domo arigato Mr. Roboto. Domo Domo. Domo Domo.

I was living in Japan when this song came out. It was even stupid there...where Domo arigato makes sense. :-)

Sorry I've been an absentee blogger. I'm back now though. Thanks for giving me something to continue reading while I've been getting out of my own writing funk!!!!

Pixie said...

Its horrible going to work int he dark and coming home in the dark. Our office didnt have any windows either so we couldnt even get a glimpse of daylight.

I hope the virus passess you by and AJ feels better today.

angel, jr. said...

I think that song by Right Said Fred--"Too Sexy" is a song that is just as bad.

Mike said...

Mr. Roboto, huh? How about My Sharona, or She Blinded Me with Science??

We were sick up here about 2 months ago. It was coming out of all ends. It sucked!!

Mimi said...

Hey I loved Mr Roboto! But I was only 5.
I think my fav was Eye Of The Tiger.

I hope that virus skips you!:)

starbender said...

Isn't life grand? That damn flu was here also... No rest for the wicked!
I don't have the time 2 surf like I used to, but try to get around as often as possible. It sucks driving in the dark (both ways), and totally sucks that we have no more fall and spring! Wah.... I luv'd those times of the year!

: ]

phred said...

Like you and I always say... What doesn`t kill you.. makes you stronger.
Angry Joyce will be even stronger ( if she lives ).
I had that stuff last season.
Seems like alot of blogs have slowed down, mine included. But I don`t plan to stop, just have to re-set our priorities sometimes.
Rock On , brother.

Catch said...

I know your not blogging as much and I miss you! I come and check your blog and I go away with a sad face ;((. I dont like the short days either. I dont know why they have to mess with the time...why cant they just leave it as is. Oh I hope you dont get that flu! Poor Angry Joyce. Hopefully it wont last long, maybe just a 24 hour thing. One year I got a flu shot...had the flu 3 times that winter!!!! 3 freakin times! Take care Fuzz, maybe more people will be bloggin with winter coming.

David Amulet said...

I'll focus on Roboto. A kitchy song, yes. A bad song by any standard of quality, yes. But a representative song of the 80s anyway? Absolutely.

-- david

Phats said...

It was freezing here today, I had to actually start my car before work.

6-6 would suck I am on the go from 5;30am to 10 pm most nights I know how you feel

Mr Roboto god what an awful song

oldfartswife said...

hey fuzz

Mr who??? I love the picture.
be nice to AJ, you just know you will get it, I feel for ya.
We still have not set all of our clocks- what time is it really? ha

you know what they say about all work and no play....
reality bytes

Ben O. said...

"Screaming diarrhea"? I'm not sure I've ever had it that bad . . . probably pretty close, though.

Funny - Ben O.

the weirdgirl said...

I know, I've been missing the bloggers who aren't around anymore either. Glad you're still here, Fuzz! (Even though I haven't been leaving many comments I still come by.) Take care and don't get sick!

:P fuzzbox said...

lisa: Thanks, I did not get a flu shot. I did one year and it was the worst flu that I ever got.

ol' lady: Thanks, but I got it. And bad.

ben: It seems weird to see so many come and go in so short of a time. Blog time moves much faster than real time.

curare: Nice to see you back around. I've missed you.

:P fuzzbox said...

pixie: I would feel claustrophobic without at least a small window to look upon the world.

angel, jr.: I think that there are probably more memorably bad songs than good ones in the '80's.

mike: And what about Dolby's hair. It is no wonder that he was blinded.

mimi: It hit me fever, chills, and the works. Hopefully it will pass soon.

starbender: At least it isn't just me. I was wondering if anyone else noticed the sudden change from summer to winter and then back again.

phred: Yep, what doesn't kill you makes you strong unless it slowly weakens you until you die anyway.

catch: Sorry but hopefully it is just a short respite and my hours at work will cut back to allow me more time on-line.

:P fuzzbox said...

david: It is a representative tune and that is really sad.

phats: The almanac predicts a cold wet winter. Hope you're ready.

old farts wife: I was wondering if anyone would comment on the pic. It is a little more risque than my usual fare.

ben: At least I saw it coming and stayed away from the Franks Red Hot and jalepenos.

weirdgirl: I am sorry. I have been neglecting commenting on your blog as well. Hopefully I can change that.

Paige Burns said...

Hope it doesn't catch you. The vomit kind went though my house twice now, leaving me unscathed for now.

Mr. Roboto is a dreadful song, and now I can't get it out of my head, thanks.

jane said...

Hiya Fuzz! Your work hours suck! When my kids were little, I didn't get them from daycare until dark & I hated it.
I don't know why they roll the clock back when we get less sunlight naturally.
Mercury is in Retrograde & when this happened in the spring a noticeable # of bloggers took breaks or quit blogging.

Jamie Dawn said...

Massive amounts of gas followed by explosive diarrhea.
Sounds like a party! Let's hope you get a really bad case of this fun virus. You and your toilet will be very well acquainted. Please don't breathe or cough in my direction. I'm not in the mood for a diarrhea fest. I'll just let you and your wifey-"poo" have all the fun.
Our fall is really pretty. The trees are still gold, purple and red. It is so lovely. I hate for it to turn really cold and ruin this nice fall weather. I hope we have a mild, almost snow-free winter. I am not a fan of snow unless it's on Christmas Eve.

:P fuzzbox said...

paige: Sorry to hear that you and yours have had a couple of rounds of the virus. Sorry bout the tune.

jane: I never thought about the astronomy angle. Thanks. I wish they would just pick a time and go with it.

jamie dawn: The virus was delightful. Now you can kindly go fuck yourself. :)

yellowdog granny said...

i refer to it as the 'sit down deficate, jump up spin around regurate blues..excuse spelling..

michaelm said...

I think I'd 'kiss those farts' anyday.
And I agree with most commenters: your work hours suck, dude.
Then again, mine aren't much better... 8-(


tsduff said...

um - looks like I missed everything. Darn. Hope that includes the horrible screaming mess you and the missus endured. Sorry you got slammed.

I'm happy to have found your wit and humor on this site. Hope you keep it up. :-)

:P fuzzbox said...

granny: Spelling looked alright to me. I think this damn blogger comment section should have a spellcheck. It is just freakin' archaic to not have one.

michael: Cool pic, huh.

terry: Although I don't get to blog as much as I like I don't think that I will drop out for quite some time to come.