Saturday, February 25, 2006

A New Twist To An Old Story

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This post was originally posted on October 12, 2005. Sorry about the quality of the audio in spots. My cell phone was cutting out a bit due to the cloud cover. I am not going to curse the rain though because we need it bad here. We have received 8/100 of an inch since October.
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Ruben said...

Your blog has an awesome design to it.

Ben Heller said...

Hey Fuzz,

Thanks for that !!

Now I'm gonna have to do an ad for your site in return...although not in a Texas accent

great stuff
cheers mate

Ranea said...

I have grown quite fond of your redneck drawl. I have one myself. I don't know if it is as bad as yours. Maybe I will do an audio one day. Then we can compare Texas drawls. See y'all later :)

cleveland said...

no matter how many times i hear that story i laugh my ass off the only thing is i am sorry i never i got to see the actual event nice post fuzz

:P fuzzbox said...

ruben: All the credit goes to my bro, big d, over at West Texas Rocks. He took my suggestions and pic and laid out an awesome template. Something pretty to look at to take the edge off of the crap that I stick on it.

ben: I loved your audio post. The British accent is killer. You positively need to do more of them.

ranea: Aah Shucks ;)You need to do one. They are a lot of fun.

cleveland: They kept it interesting that is for certain.

siren said...

That was great, Fuzz :) I love those stories - who knew you could do so many fun things at work?

Big Pissy said...

fuzz: great post! Love the accent. I have to say, it reminds me a little of some I hear in these parts ;-)

Your new layout looks fantastic!


:P fuzzbox said...

siren: Thanks, we were masters at killing time during the night shift. From forklift rodeo to betting on bug races to racing on carts like scooters. There wasn't much that we wouldn't try.

Pissy: Thanks :)

siren said...

The bug races has to be my all time favorite. That's the first post I actually read on your blog and I've been a fan ever since :)

:P fuzzbox said...

siren: Although it isn't strictly about work, my favorite story to tell about this group of guys that I worked with was posted on Oct. 17 titled Man's Best Friend. I don't think I give it justice because I was laughing when I wrote it. Those guys were funny.

phlegmfatale said...

Wow fuzzbox - I wish I'd thought of the rodeo ideer when I was working the graveyard shift driving a jitney at the Dallas Bulk Mail Center - oh the joy that could have been mine! Great audio post. I came here via ben's site. Fun blog, hon. Always nice to see fellow Texas dwellers in here.

Ann Alsex said...

You sound more like a hick every audio post that you do. Hamming it up a bit aren't you Fuxxie :D

Ann Alsex said...
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Keshi said...

I luv the accent posts u do Fuzz...:)


starbender said...

I don't know what I enjoy reading more?!?
The posts--or--the comments!!!

:P fuzzbox said...

phlegmfatale: Thanks for popping in. It is always great to hear from fellow Texans.

ann: Perhaps I have been watching to much NASCAR.

keshi: Thanks ;)

starbender: It's the comments. Or it is for me anyway.