Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Can't A Person Get A Moments Peace

I was reading through the paper yesterday afternoon when I came across a story that flat out pissed me off. Legislation is being considered in at least 14 states that will limit when and where protests may be allowed at funerals. What have we become as a society; when this type of law has to be considered?

The latest protests are by a group of Christian fundamentalists. The Westboro Baptist Church, headquartered in Topeka, Kansas, are protesting at the funerals of soldiers. These religous zealots carry protest signs, which state the message that these soldiers were struck down by God because they were fighting for a country that harbors homosexuals and adulterers. They also made a name for themselves in the '90's for protesting at the funerals of Aids victims.

The paper went on to say that this will bring about a clash between privacy and free speech rights. I say bullshit. It does not matter what a persons thoughts are on this war, it does not matter what your thoughts of homosexuality are, and it does not even matter if you feel the deceased was a complete ass. What does matter is the right of each and every human being to be allowed to be given their final respects in a dignified and honorable fashion.

This country seems to have an ever growing population of uncivilized cretins, who care nothing for the rights of others but only a nagging voice to have each and every one of their crackpot ideas shoved into the face of their fellow man. Freedom of speech along with the other basic freedoms given to us in The Bill of Rights are strong pillars for a just and great Nation. I will not abridge anyone's right to say whatever the hell they want to say from the highest mountaintop but when that right interferes with the common decency and respect that should be afforded to each person as they are laid to rest, then that is when I must say that enough is enough.

I say if such a law must be passed then by all means give it some teeth. Anyone convicted of making a mockery of the final rights of any person should be taken to the town square and publicly horse-whipped until either they learn respect for their fellow man or at least have gained the knowledge of when to keep their damned mouth shut.

If such laws are not feasible then I have an alternate solution. These protesters should be invited to try that shit here in West Texas. I am sure that if any were to show up and spread their idiocy at the funeral of a proud son or daughter of Texas, they would receive a lesson in good manners. Their protest signs would be shot from their hands and they would be ducking, diving, and swinging from Mesquite tree branch to Mesquite tree branch in order to escape gun-packing Grannies bent upon teaching them some manners.


Laurie said...

Oh yeah, I've heard about those freaks and my blood pressure went through the ceiling. How DARE they, I say.

I hope someone does start taking shots at them someday for their disrespect and straight-up lunacy.

angel, jr. said...

I think that funerals should be respected. It's not a place to express an opinion.

Vic said...

I can't even type right now. Are you freakin' serious? I can't believe that. That ain't Christian and in ain't God. Dear Lord!

Oh yeah, Fuzz. You finish with them in Texas and send them right on East to Georgia. We wouldn't put up with that crap. We still stop on the road for funeral procession. When one of our own was killed in combat a few months ago the streets were lined for miles with yellow ribbons welcoming him home.

There's just no excuse for that. I'm outraged!

Anelize said...

I absolutely agree. And I must say, the visual on the mesquite tree swinging was perfect. *grin*

cleveland said...

hellz yeah fuzz you have got to be a sick fuck to protest a funeral

Ranea said...

The twenty-one gun salute for the fallen soldier should have been aimed at the protesters. How disrespectful for the dead and their grieving loved ones. We shouldn't have to have a law against protests at funerals, their mothers should have raised them with more manners! And the funeral home could pick up some bussiness if they mowed down a few with the hearse.

Josh said...

That of shit really pisses me off. I don't care what your beliefs are, you have to be able to separate the actions of a nation versus the value of a man's life.

People are willing to do anything if it is in the name of religion. It's as bad as the Crusades or the current mobs rioting over the Danish cartoons. Get some perspective people!

Josh said...

I should really proofread my comments before hitting that publish button.

Big D said...

Hell Yeah! I say an ass whoopin' is needed.

:P fuzzbox said...

laurie: Freaks are right. I do not begrudge them for being freaks but there is a time and place.

angel jr.: I am with you. The only opinions expressed should be that of a human being giving condolences not spouting propaganda.

vic: I would be happy to send them y'alls way. As soon as they received their just desserts here.

anelize: I am from below the Caprock here and the people just to the east of us know us as mesquite monkeys as they are a bunch of jealous treeless sumbitches. I thought the imagery would work. Thanks.

cleveland: Ain't that the truth. Church giggles are one thing. Being a complete ass is another.

ranea: You might want to write the Funeral Home Orginazation. They should be interested in a sure money making idea.

josh: You said it. It is all about perspective and reality. These people need served a healthy dose of each. Don't worry about the typo. I have always wondered why they don't have a spell check on the comment section. And just a little promo for a bud, over at Phreds World he has a rant about the toons.

:P fuzzbox said...

big d: Hell yeah!! Let's load up the truck.

siren said...

It makes me angry and sad that some people in this country are more obsessed with their personal agendas and less concerned about common human decency. Dignity and integrity are becoming the exception and not the rule.

Great post, fuzz. I'll help kick some ass, I have just the shoes for it.

Metal Mark said...

It's a common courtesy to let people show their last respects and those who allow these protests are lacking in common sense. There are plenty of places to protest and there is no need to do it at a funeral.

jane said...

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Tina said...

Screw shooting the signs from their hands. I'd be shoving the sign posts up their asses and then booting them down the street.
Protests have no place at a funeral.

:P fuzzbox said...

siren: Nice to know that those boots aren't just for walkin'.

metal mark: They can protest in front of my neighbors. That should keep them out of my hair for awhile.

jane: Nice to see you get new digs. I will have to go by and check it out.

tina: Being as they are such homophobes that should fix their wagon. Either that or force them out of the closet.

Ben Heller said...

"because they were fighting for a country that harbors homosexuals and adulterers."

Sounds very much like these headcases want 1930's Germany.

Fuzz, like you I would be so F88Kin mad.

ozymandiaz said...

Nah, it's not a socialist republic they want, its a fundamental (highlight MENTAL) Islamic...oops I mean Christian state. They want to dissmantle the very freedoms that protect their sorry asses. Like I always say; freedom and domocracy make perfect sense as long as you see things MY way.

Tai said...

Love those gun-totin' Grannies!

I think we could all use a few more of those around!

Crazy Dan said...

It has always been my practice to wait until the funeral is over before I go piss on the grave, this people should do the same. By the way my tap danceing skills are coming along great and can't wait dance a little jig at your funeral. Love ya long time!

:P fuzzbox said...

ben: Quite a few similarities, huh.

ozy: It might not be a perfect system but it beats the hell out of the others until I can get elected as enlightened despot and I don't see that happening anytime soon.

tai: Ain't they a hoot? Thanks for popping in!! You seem to have a bit of my quirk for the handy use of apostraphies.

cd: I have no fear of outliving you. I will not dance at your funeral but I may whistle a happy tune. 'Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's off to hell you go. Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho.'

Bruce said...

Living in the "Land of Falwell", as I do, I have been subjected, almost on a daily basis, to these nutbags who think their way of life is the only way. Who the hell are they to tell us how to live our lives. I say, "Protest this!"

David Amulet said...

Right on, brother. What happened to that concept, that idea, that used to govern relations between individuals and now seems all but forgotten? That ideal known as ...


-- david

Jim said...

on the other hand, the demonstrations have brought many, many good people to their feet to stage counter-demonstrations and block the lines of sight and sing religious songs so the families do not have to see or hear Pastor Phelps and his "God Hates America" groupies -- we should applaud the strangers in the counter-demonstrations.

here's a puzzler for you: Phelps preachers that God has predestined only a small number of people to go to heaven (I assume he means himself and his followers) -- everyone else is going to hell. So if the rest of us are predestined to go to hell, and nothing that we do can change that, what is the point of his protests?

:P fuzzbox said...

bruce: I see enough fundamentalism around here don't think that I could tolerate ground zero.

david: It is getting to be a somewhat outdated concepts. But maybe it is just that the uncouth are getting more demonstrative.

jim: I have always had problems with predestination. If rewards are based on predestination then what good is choice?

And the counter protesters certainly have my applause.

Breezy said...

Don't love it, leave it...right? If God is striking down soldiers for fighting for our country, then wouldn't He be just as angry at those who are living in it??

the weirdgirl said...

This is outrageous! And I think it's doubly-outrageous because I can only imagine that if they're targeting funerals they're doing it specifically to get media attention. They may hide behind their "beliefs" but they know what they're doing.

And I gotta agree with David. There seems to be a decreasing amount of manners and civility in this country. It's as if everyone expects be treated politely and given consideration but they don't want to bother acting htat way themselves.

:P fuzzbox said...

breezy: Maybe they think that putting up with their b.s. is punishment enough.

weirdgirl: Tell 'em sister.

Rocky said...

Yeah! Love that strong opinion. Sometimes I think I may have been born in West Texas, but secretly moved north.

:P fuzzbox said...

rocky: we would be proud to claim you.