Saturday, December 31, 2005

There Ought To Be A Law

Another dog mauling story is in the news out of Califorinia. When will all cities and municipalities across the country join the select few that have passed laws banning particularly vicious breeds of dogs. I urge all concerned citizens to talk to their local officials and join in the protest against these dangerous animals.

In Fremont, California, a police officer was attacked by a pack of beasts as he was escorting a 17 year old boy home after a routine traffic stop. He was later treated and released for minor injuries including bites to his ankle. He was lucky to escape more serious injury for the five angry Chihuahuas were out for blood.

Remember it is your duty to help curb this vicious breed. The next ankle attacked could be yours if you stand idly by and do nothing.


Laurie said...

I'd better keep an eye on my attack Shih Tzu ;-)

Happy New Year, fuzz! xo

Crazy Dan said...

Kill them all and let God sort'em out.

Reiki said...

that is really embarassing that the cop was attacked by a 2 1/2 lb. weakling.
have a safe and happy new year, fuxx

Naiad said...

i know you've secretly wanted a pink Chihuahua all your life.

Make sure to have fun tonight, Fuzzy ;)

RAVEN the PITA said...

damn ratdogs! Happy New Year Fuxxie!

:P fuzzbox said...

laurie: Watch those ankles! Hope you had a great New Year with the Crue.

cd: Such an angry young man. Let it out.

dear jane: I bet that he caught shit down at the station.

naiad: Don't know about a pink one but my Grandfather had the fattest Chihuahua that I have ever seen. Maybe because it was on a Bologna diet. And yeah I had fun we stayed home with the young 'uns watching Dick Clark and sipped wine and champagne and the kids drank sparkling grape juice from wine glasses. I bet yours was much more exciting or at least for your sake, I hope so.

Happy New Year to you also pita. And I wish you and t the best for the coming year.

Tina said...

Those nasty little rats are pretty vicious. My little killer has left me with several scars. Of course, the officer could have kicked those dogs like a football. I'm too nice to do that to my dog.

Rocky said...

Great post, Fuzz. Ah, the chihuahua... yes, a vicious breed. Thank God that officer wasn't wearing flip flops, or those dogs would have skeletonized his foot in a matter of seconds.
If he would have been a K-9 officer it wouldn't have helped to have the canine backup. A chihuahua could turn a German Shepherd into its bitch in about 2 seconds flat.

Ann Alsex said...

You are tooo phunny! Hope you had a Happy New Year, Go Tech :D

phred said...

My great aunt had one of those dogs.. I never did like him. He had a bad attitude. Every time she left the room, I would kick the shit out of the dog. He soon learned to leave with her.
The kicker is one ever knew my secret.. the little shit had such a bad disposition.. you couldn`t tell he disliked me..

Shay said...

You see! That's why my family keeps cats instead. ^_^

:P fuzzbox said...

tina: Be careful!

rocky: Thanks, I am all about the psa's.

ann: Thanks for the support but in the end the 'Bama defence played a better game.

phred: That must have been one ill-tempered pooch.

shay: Just be wary of the cat scrath fever.

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