Tuesday, December 06, 2005

West Texas Nutrition 101-C

Chapter Three: Approved Cooking Methods

There are basically four main approved cooking methods in West Texas. These are Boiling, Baking, Barbequeing, and Nuking.

Boiling: This is one tasty way to cook, and it is one of the healthiest ways to cook. One of my favorite dishes is boiled chicken. The recipe is simple. Roll cut up pieces of chicken in flour and then throw it in boiling grease. In all actuality, there are three ways to boil food. One is to boil in grease, another to boil in water, and the last is to boil food in it's own natural juices. I never use the term frying as it has taken on an unhealthy connatation and I believe in being healthy.

Baking: This is a method of cooking mostly reserved for approved desserts such as pies, cakes and cobblers but is also handy for such dishes as certain casseroles, enchilades, and meat loaf. One casserole in my family is from a recipe that Angry Joyce received from her mother. I did not know the name of it so when the kids asked me what it was, I simply replied Shut Up and Eat It and so that is the name it goes by to this day. It is simply layering taco meat mixed with undiluted cream of chicken soup, Velveeta cheese, ro-tel tomatoes, and flour tortillas , and served with a side order of refried beans.

Bar-B-Q: The creme-de-la-creme of cooking methods. Whether grilling or smoking, food just tastes right cooked over a good bed of coals or smoked to perfection with mesquite or pecan wood. Any wood that puts out a fruit will also make a good wood to cook with. I bar-b-q once a week and at one time did it more frequently until Angry Joyce told me to cut it out.

Nuking: Although it is not traditional, there is one modern convenience that is too handy to pass up. The microwave oven is good for two purposes. One is to reheat food and the other is to pop popcorn. Other than that, they make a handy clock in the kitchen.

This concludes Chapter Three of the Nutrition Saga. Once again thanks for all the suggestions. I believe that I will have one more post regarding a few staples of West Texas Cooking.


Shay said...

well, judging by that picture, it's going to be hamburger sented pussy for dessert! Which would be great, if you REALLY REALLY like Bar-B-Q

Reiki said...

another benefit of grilling besides scenting one's unmentionables like Bar-B-Que, is there are no pots and pans to clean up after you grill, allowing more time for more unmentionables.

:P fuzzbox said...

shay: Everything tastes better with a little bit of that smoky flavor.

dear jane: Good point! And go ahead you can mention it.

desert boy said...


Naiad said...

Hi you,

I wanted to say thank you. I could have deleted that comment but that would mean that it really mattered what they said.

And I love the picture, absoluely love it.


angel, jr. said...

Barbeque--it's the simplest way to cook with the best flavor. Plus if the grill is big enough, you can everything done at once.

:P fuzzbox said...

desertboy: Thanks for dropping in.

naiad: You are most welcome. And thank you and come on by anytime.

angel jr.: I have a rather small pit and can only fit in about 10 briscuits at a time but I make do.

jane said...

Oh, I like the boiling in grease! lol
I enjoy learning all of your secret cooking tips, the Shut Up and Eat It sounds umm...interesting.

Ann Alsex said...

I know another reason for a microwave. Heating up baby oil for a yummy massage!!!

The Phoenix said...

BBQ is big here in Missouri, especially Kansas City. I have been all over the country, and I have not had better BBQ than KC's.

I guess that's why they are always in the top 5 fattest people in the country.

:P fuzzbox said...

jane: Gotta think healthy.

ann: You always come up with the handiest ideas.

phoenix: I was on a business trip to K.C. last year. You are correct in that they have really good bar-b-q but the sauce there is just a little to sweet for my taste. But I do like the burnt ends.

Naiad said...

Thankyou again!

Shay said...

I always feel weird nuking things...like the food isn't going to be as good if I cook it that way.

But at least my pussy won't smell like Bar-B-Q!!

Laurie said...

I am in total agreement with you as to the use of a microwave!

Popcorn popper extraordinaire.

:P fuzzbox said...

naiad: Again You are most welcome.

shay: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

laurie: It beats the hell out of those antique hot air poppers don't they.

Manic Mom said...

What the hell is that woman doing? Putting out a fire or heating up her crotch?