Friday, December 30, 2005

Blaming the British

I am pissed and I think that I will blame the British. I know this is unreasonable and my woes probably have nothing to do with them but I have to blame somebody.

I have had one of those hungers for a certain food. I am sure that most everyone has had this happen to them before. Nothing else fills this hole in my gut. I have been hungry for some barbacoa.

Barbacoa is not a Spanish name for Bar-B-Q but a dish made with the cheek meat from a beef head. It is put in a flour tortilla and made into a taco and it is pure heaven. Now with the mad cow disease worries, the head is destroyed in the packing plants and so barbacoa is a food of the past. But damn am I hungry for it.

The first case of Mad Cow that I heard of was in England so rightly or wrongly, I blame them. Damn them and their damn fish and chips. Maybe I will try to assuage my hunger with a bowl of menudo and see if cow guts can get beef heads off my mind.


Reiki said...

Perhaps you are pregnant...cravings for strange foods and all...I suppose you could blame the British for that as well.

Big D said...

Dear Jane Damn, he has been walking a little funny and saying brillant. I guess That explains it. The British got my older brother pregnant. DAMN THEM!

Ben O. said...

Hey, if you can't blame the british, then who the heck can ya blame.


Nice site and great picture - Ben O.

ella m. said...

If the British won't take the blame, perhaps you should try the French? These days they seem to be the nation equvalent of the kid in junior high with a "kick me" sign on their back in a crowded hallway.

angel, jr. said...

Cravings for weird foods? I get cravings for funyuns and cheese dip every now and then.
But I think your craving sounds really good. Do they deep fry the tortilla?

:P fuzzbox said...

dear jane: I think you have to be exposed. I don't think that Angry Joyce telling me to fuck myself while passing through the hallway is quite enough exposure.

big d: phunny

ben o: Thanks for dropping by. We are all about the visuals around here.

ella: It does seem like the French get a bad wrap these days. But since they came up with bleu cheese, I think they probably deserve it.

angel jr: I have never seen it deep-fried but I bet that it would be good that way.

The Phoenix said...

Blame Canada...that's what I do.

Metal Mark said...

Normally the French or the Germans tend to get more blame, but take your pick I guess.

Crazy Dan said...

Why are you always picking on these little helpless countries, can't we all just play some Maj Jong.

RAVEN the PITA said...

Blame the french thats what T does!! ...Damn I miss England.

Ann Alsex said...

Can't we all just get along?

Mojotek said...

I always thought it was Spanish for barbecue... and when I go to an Authentic 'Mexican Only' eatery here in town, I never ordered it cause I just thought it was a barbecue sandwich with some extra spices.

From your description I'll have to try it now.

Reiki said...

fuxxx, you mean exposed, like in the chicken pox, or you have to expose yourself? See, I keep getting pregnant, but I can't figure out How?

Rocky said...

Blame the Antarcticans! Those bastards! Then again, maybe that's the last place on earth to enjoy beef cheek tacos.

P.S. - Fuzz, if you like fish, you can always have Walleye Cheeks, a Minnesota delicacy.

:P fuzzbox said...

phoenix: I have met many fine Canadiens in the blogoshere and one of my best friends here at home is a Canadian. I give her hell for being a 'frostback' but she is one of the finest human beings that I have ever met so I cannot blame the Canadians.

metal mark: I guess it could be a whole E.U. kind of thing.

cd: Isn't that some foreign game in Vegas that means give me all your money.

raven: The French endure enough wrath. I would like to spread the wealth.

ann: Always the piecemaker.

mojo: You can still find it. You are lucky. By all means give it a try.

dear jane: Self exposure does not count.

rocky: I have never heard of the cheekmeat of the walleye. I had always heard that it was the best part of salmon. One of these days I will have to give walleye cheeks a try.

not-so-normal mom said...

Here, in San Diego, those tacos are called "tacos de cabeza" you can get them anywhere! I was always afraid of them!