Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Quirks

I was recently tagged by Cissa. So this will be another cheesy Mr. Mommieblog post. The idea is to name five things that show that your kids are weird. Believe me when I say that this was not hard but I thought that I would stick in a little Christmas flavor to it.

1) My son is fairly hard to buy toys for due to the fact that pretty much all he plays with is sticks and sticklike items that he can twirl. Two of his older sisters are/were twirlers and he picked up the talent like it was second nature. He does not do so with his fingers like twirlers but with a hand over hand method like precision rifle teams. He can spin a piece of pipe so fast that it is a blur and both of these sisters are amazed at how he does it.
2) My fifteen year old step-daughter's favorite gift is shoes and has been since she was two which is the same age that she learned to tie them.
3) When my son woke up this morning, he went through his usual routine. He first went to the bathroom. When he came out, I asked him if he was coming in to see what Santa had brought, he said, 'No not right now.' He went back to his room and laid around until he was good and awake before checking out his gifts.
4) The kids never ask for the high end got to have gifts of the year but frequently they ask for some cheesy little gift that ends up being a bitch to find. When the fifteen year old was four, the only thing that she asked for was a blue hula hoop. Angry Joyce and I searched for three months searching for a blue hula hoop and found it three days before Christmas. This year my son asked for a copy of the movie, 'Jack Frost' as he had seen the preview for it on his copy of 'The Grinch'. I found it on Friday in a discount holiday bin at fye.
5) The fifteen year olds favorite gift this year was a Dora the Explorer blanket. She was quite a sight this morning running around with leather boots over knee-length, multi-colored toe socks and wrapped up in a Dora blanket.

As usual I will not tag anyone and will face the curse of breaking the chain. But if anyone wants to do it, feel free. If five other bloggers do it maybe I will not have to face the Curse. Now go ahead Crazy Dan call me a mommy blogger. In the words of 'The Christmas Story', I triple dog dare ya!


RAVEN the PITA said...

Merry Christmas Mommy Blogger!

Reiki said...

Merry Christmas Fuzz. And my kids are much weirder. I have to narrow my pick of hundreds of examples down to 5

angel, jr. said...

I would help you out, but I don't have kids. Sorry.
Happy Holidays!
I do have nephews and nieces with "bizzare" behavior though.

jane said...

How wonderful that they like what they like and money isn't part of the quotient.
Even though you get teased (I'm assuming by crazydan) for being a mommyblog, I'm always impressed when a father is so involved with his kids.
You noticed your daughter had toesies on? And how you son twirls? And you remember what they asked for Christmas years ago? That is the epitomy of a loving father.

The Phoenix said...

You're kids aren't weird at all...

Their choices for gifts is quite unique however, and refreshing.

Merry Christmas, and make sure you don't shoot your eye out.

:P fuzzbox said...

pita: Good to see you back!

dear jane: I know what you mean. It was easier to narrow it down when I stuck to a theme though.

angel jr.: That's okay. I don't think the curse can take away your birthday or bathroom privaleges so I should be alright.

jane: Thank you. I will show my step-daughter that comment everytime I get one of her patented eyerolls.

phoenix: I do find it amazing what they ask for in comparison to other lists that I see. It was born of necessity when they were small and now that I am a bit more financially secure, they still appreciate the smaller things.

Crazy Dan said...

You pansy ass mommy blogger I am getting you granny panties and a 12 black dildo for Chistmas nezt year.

Laurie said...

I love hearing about your kids, and doing the Christmas theme was a great idea... so what if you're a daddy blogger? ;-)

CT said...

Hey fuzz great post, and thanks for the link, I shot on right back at ya...

:P fuzzbox said...

cd: I figured that was coming. Wait a year or two and these kind of posts will be coming from you. And pay backs will be a bitch.

laurie: Thanks and I really don't mind my daddy blogger posts It was just a preemptive strike for cd.

ct: You are welcome and thanks. It was about time for me to update the links list. Blogrolling makes it a bit easier.

Dr. Cissa Fireheart said...

Thank Fuzz for playing! And don;t worry about not tagging anyone....Last I heard all those "curses" are phoney anyway LOL