Sunday, September 23, 2007

Is She A Skank?

Yes my friends, Phone-A-Friend has a new quick and easy service. The question of whether that potential hook up is a skank is finally answered. When you are at your favorite watering hole and you are wondering whether it is the alcohol or the female sitting at the end of the bar, that is giving you the warm fuzzies, just snap a pic on your cell phone and send it over to Phone-A-Friend. Professional Skank Identifiers will peruse your pic and text you back with an immediate answer. No more going to bed with a 10 and waking up with a 2. You will know immediately that you are actually going to bed with a two. What you do with that information is up to you. Remember if you have listed with Phone-A-Friend and gave us your bottom level number, we will automatically come to your rescue if the pic to our Professional Skank Identifiers ranks lower than that bottom of the barrel number. Just read a testimonial from a happy customer.

I was sittin' in the Happy Horny Toad Saloon and this purty little thang kept givin' me the google eyes. I kin tell ya it was shore nuff givin me a warm feelin' in my Wranglers. I sent Phone-A-Friend a pic off my cell phone and they told me the reason that she was givin' me the google eyes is cuz she was googly eyed. Pershate ya, Delbert McScratchin.

And remember our service is equal opportunity. We know in this day and age, a woman needs our service just as much as a man. Hell if you get in bad enough shape you might even end up with someone like me.


eZ said...

hey fuzz
if I was drunk and wanted to get laid- it wouldn't matter what they looked like- as long as they were willing and able-I'd hose em off and have a go with em-
I went back and read that post-very funny!

Catch said...

lmao at EZ,

What a great service Fuzz! Since I never carry a cell phone can I just call you and let you talk to him and see what you think??? If you say hes a loser I'll drop him like a hot potato!

Keshi said...

LOL Fuzzy u come up with the smartest ideas!


angel, jr. said...

That is a cool useful idea. Do you think you can add the service of--is she a psycho hose beast skank?

the weirdgirl said...

Ah, another fine service filing a hole in our society. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! I needed that laugh! Thanks Fuzz!

:P fuzzbox said...

ez: Glad that you liked the old post. It has always been one of my faves.

catch: Is anyone worthy of you? I don't think so.

keshi: Thanks, darlin'.

angel, jr.- Pre-marraige, I dealt with many a psycho hose beast. I can spot one from miles away.

weirdgirl: Filling holes is what I do best.

mimi: You are very welcome.

writer chick said...

Hopefully, the women won't start doing it too or no one will ever hook up with anyone. ;)

Ol' Lady said...

great idea...

Big Pissy said...

LOL! Genius idea!

The Phoenix said...

Now there's a million dollar idea I didn't come up with. Geez.

Phats said...

That's hilarious and a great concept.

Lolly said...

That's hilarious! And I like that picture, too.

:P fuzzbox said...

writer chick: Yep, my sentiments exactly.

ol' lady: Thanks.

big pissy: Nuthin' more to do than let the big bucks roll in.

phoenix: I don't know if I will ever have a million dollar idea. I would settle for a million one dollar ideas.

phats: Thanks bud. I just read that Drew Bree's just gave two million dollars to Purdue. The way it looks it might be the best thing he does this year. The Saint's don't look too shiny this year.

lolly: Thanks, I'm all about the visuals.