Saturday, June 02, 2007

Some Things

Some things in life are confusing at first but then are easily mastered. Like the first time as a teen that you encounter a front clasp bra in the front seat of your parents Pontiac.

Some things in life are always confusing like a Spanish speaking soap opera.

Some things make us happy when we are young but the thrill is gone as we age. Like partying until dawn.

Some things always make us happy like seeing a smile on a loved ones face or a good BLT sandwich.

Some things in life are painful at first but then become sweet later in life. Like discovering that the old high school sweetheart that dumped you has now become a fat ugly shrew.

Some things in life are always painful. Like like the cheerleader that you turned down back in high school is even hotter now than she was in high school.

Some things in life bother us at first but now put a smile on our face. Like when a sappy '80's pop song that you hated on the radio now has you singing along on a VH-1 retrospective.

Some things in life always bother us. Like remembering that hot drunken high school cheerleader that you wouldn't get with because you were faithful to your high school cheerleader that eventually dumped you anyway.

Some things in life suck at first but then we adjust. Like having to remember to put down the lid on the toilet after you take a piss.

Some things in life always suck. Like how the fuck could I have passed over the chance to bang that hot drunken cheerleader for that two-timing, backstabbing, fat bitch in the making, high school sweetheart.


Andie D. said...

So who did you run into first? The old high school sweetheart the hot cheerleader you turned down?

Rocky said...

I also have reflections like this at times and wish I could do the whole "Back to the Future" thing and tell myself not to waste my senior year dating a psycho bitch.

But then again, without that experience, I wouldn't have been so scared at the similarities between her and Glenn Close's character in Fatal Attraction.

phred said...

Hmmmm, I thought I was one of a few. I wasted 2 yrs messin with a PSYCO chick. Totally PSYCO. What was I thinking? She was foxy, and full chested, but...
If I could go " Back to the Future ", I would tell her to buzz off right at the get go.
But if I did that... would it change MY future?
Then I would not be writing this right now.
( Insert Twilight Zone music here ).

David Amulet said...

VH-1 Classic has grown on me. Mostly because they have started playing so much Metal Mania.

-- david

LisaBinDaCity said...

You nailed it on that VH-1 thing. I caught myself singing this total piece of crap I would have died before listening to recently ;-)

:P fuzzbox said...

andie: I started in Kindergarten with my high school sweetheart.

rocky: I think that we all have someone from our past that resembles that charector. Maybe that is what made it so damned scary.

phred: You are entering a dimension....

david: And last night, they aired the 40 most softsational soft rock songs. It was like a freaking train wreck. Damn did I hate those songs and what I hated most is that on a lot of them, I knew the freakin' words.

BTW, my word verifacation letters are evllbj. That is just too damned cool.

:P fuzzbox said...

lisa: You must have caught that soft rock crap yourself. Was that a train wreck or what?

Ol' Lady said...

I actually like it when I go back to my home town and one of the cool guys from school recognize me...I look at them like they are a piece of shit...that's how I was treated by them. But the best part is they all went NO where in life and are just so lucky that Canada has welfare to support them and their fat lazy ass wife's, which by the way were the 'pretty' cheerleaders who all seemed to have rug rats just after grad???
It's a good feelin :) but I guess it really isn't nice to gloat over their misfortunes...fuck'em it feel good to gloat

:P fuzzbox said...

ol lady: As they say, a life well lived is the best revenge.

Mike said...

Oh the girls I could have (SHOULD HAVE) slept with, but my damn concious got in the way!

What confuses me about the Spanish soap-operas is how they get some may hot, barely clothed women in one place without it being a porno!

:P fuzzbox said...

Mike: Ain't that the damn truth. Makes me want to go down to Mexico and try my hand at soaps. I just need to learn to habla espanol a little better.

jane said...

Just the fact that you knew, dated and/or were dumped by so many cheerleaders has left me impressed! (I was always jealous of those bitches)

ATLLG said...

Now THAT was a awesome post