Monday, May 28, 2007

Hi Tech World; Lo Tech Redneck

Technology has done wonderful things for mankind. Sometimes though, I wonder if technology has gone just a little too far.

I left one of my thoughts on this subject in a guest post over at Jane's place. If you want too see me at one of my most profound moments click over there and get some food for thought. (Yeh right like I ever get profound. It's more like profane.)

And my thanks to Jane for having me. Hope your readers don't bolt, darlin'. Luv ya!


Keshi said...



eZ said...

hey fuzz ya think with all the techno that they would come up with a better way to do the toilet paper- most of the time I can't get it started out of the metal thingy, or it tears into one inch pieces, I need it bad, I can see like three freakin rolls in there, and can't get to any of them. I have had the fancy kermode flush when I sat down, wonder how they get the kermodes to flush if the sensor is screwed up-ha

pure evyl said...

That is my kind of remote.

Johnny Wadd said...

That mute button sure would come in handy.

:P fuzzbox said...

keshi: Glad ya liked it.

ez: Ain't that the truth.

evyl: Hell yeah.

johnny: True and the PMS Off button would be a true life saver.

Phats said...

haha! love the remote that's great. All the hilljacks in Indiana came out of the hills over the weekend because of the big race, I am sure they will all resurface again in August for the brickyard.

Catch said...

Good post over at Janes....and so true...those danged self flushers scare the crap outta me! I keep all my remotes in a drawer...the only one I use is the one for the tv. By the time I go through all those remotes its easier to get up and do it myself!

Anonymous said...

I tried to watch a DVD the other night. Fucked up the TV remote so badly I had to call my kid and have him walk me through the reset. Give me rabbit ears and 3 channels.
Just be glad the 7-11 had indoor plumbing. Travel over South AL and you will find the answer to "where is the mens' room" is "third tree to the left (that's the side you are holding your chew).

The Phoenix said...

I've seen people not able to watch TV when they lose the remote control. Lazy-asses.

Green Eyes said...

When I was young, you never saw four kids move so fast to find the remote and put it on my dad's chair when we heard his car pull into the driveway!

I must admit, I've always ruled the remote. I'll blame the genes!

Thanks for the supprt, Fuzz, luv you too!

Phats said...

HAHA phoenix that's me! I am a lazy son of a bitch :)

Crazy Dan said...

You think it will work on goats too?

ozymandiaz said...

where is the BJ button?

David Amulet said...

I have just found the perfect remote.

-- david

CT said...


:P fuzzbox said...

phats: Maybe one of these days I'll see ya at the Brickyard. I've always wanted to go.

catch: I am always hunting for remotes. I need to put them on a chain like a pen at the bank.

sugdaddy: Many rest areas in Texas are that way. The restroom is a turnstile in the fence that leads to a pasture.

phoenix: True.

green eyes: Ya know that I luv ya.

cd: It should.

ozy: I knew that the damn thing needed something.

david: Once they stick in ozy's recommmendation it will be perfect.

ct: Thanks.