Monday, June 04, 2007

Tagged For Food

Usually I hate tags but The Weirdgirl tagged me with a meme I couldn't refuse. So here in no particular order are five restaurants that know how to fill that empty place in the gut with the tastiest of grub.

Orlando's - (Lubbock, TX) - They bill themselves as being a little Italian and a lot of fun. If you think that Italian and Texas cuisine aren't a match made in heaven, then just order up some Mafia Queso for your appetizer and prepare to be amazed. The pairing of a damn fine chili con queso and Italian sausage served with both tortilla chips and garlic toast will blow your mind. I generally follow that up with a spicy dish such as Sizzle Shrimp, which is shrimp served with a habenero sauce served over angel hair pasta. And if you have room, they serve some desserts that are truly decadent such as the Chocolate Rum Cake. Makes me hungry just writing about it. Natalie Maines was once a waitress at Orlando's but I hope any of you conservatives don't hold that against them.

Joe Allen's - (Abilene, TX) - Next to my barkyard grill, the best barbeque that I have ever wrapped my mouth around was some good ol' mesquite smoked brisket at Joe Allen's. And the big horse trough filled with iced down cold beer as soon as you walk through the door doesn't hurt none at all.

The SmokeStack Restaurant - (Thurber, Tx) - The Smokestack is an awesome experience. Housed in the old company store for the now defunct mine in Thurber, it has that awesome combo of having a great ambiance and some damn fine homestyle cooking. And when you're there don't forget to pick up some Dr. Pepper made the original way in Dublin, TX. It's Dr. Pepper the way that God intended it. Made with pure cane sugar.

Furr's Cafeteria - (Lubbock, TX and a whole lot of other places) - All you can eat, everything from fried chicken, sirloin and mushrooms, liver and onions, fried okra, the best damned mac and cheese ever made, and more stuff on their buffet line than you can shake a stick at. What more could you ask for? Pie, that's what. And they have got it. Just think of any type of pie that you have ever ate and chances are they will have it.

Texas Roadhouse - (Maybe there is one near you.) I am not usually one for big chain restaurants but the Texas Roadhouse is an exception. They have never overcooked my steak one solitary time and that is a big plus for me. When I want it medium rare, I don't want some overzealous cook to destroy a good chunk of beef by cooking all the juicy goodness. And just one tip, don't waste your time with some damned salad. Take the chili instead. They have a mighty tasty chili.

I could go on and on but I will limit myself to these five other than to say if you are going through Dickens, TX then you would be an idiot not to stop at TC's Ponderosa and grab yourself a sliced barbeque brisket sandwich, they could damn near feed two hungry bears. If for some ungodly reason, you ever find yourself in Spur, TX, then you best stop by Los Olivarez and get some of the best damn enchiladas that you will ever eat. And if you find yourself in Matador, TX then stop by Main Street and eat one of the biggest and best burgers ever concocted along with some crazee tastee Onion Rings, and if you tell 'em that Fuzz sent you, you will either get treated royally or kicked out on your ass. That's just according to what the proprietor thinks of my latest post.

Another thing that I got a kick out of was seeing how this meme has played out. Here is how it has got to me.

Nicole (Sydney, Australia)

velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

LB (San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy)

Selba (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Olivia (London, England)

ML (Utah, United States)

Lotus (Toronto, Canada)

tanabata (Saitama, Japan)

Andi (Dallas [ish], Texas, United States)

Lulu (Chicago, Illinois, United States)

Chris (Boyne City, Michigan, United States)

AB (Cave Creek, Arizona, United States)

Johnny Yen (Chicago, Illinois, United States)

Bubs (Mt Prospect, Illinois, United States)

Mob (Midland, Texas United States)

Yas (Ahwatukee, Arizona USA)

Alicia(Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA)

Tug (Hell, Colorado, USA)

Bond (Memphis, TN, USA)

TopChamp (Glasgow, UK)

Kailani (Honolulu, HI, USA)

Amber (Henderson, TN, USA)

the weirdgirl (San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA)

Fuzz - ( Spur, America)

So now I will do something that I rarely if ever do. I will go ahead and keep the tag rolling. Here are the lucky tags. Michael at Smoke and Mirrors because I think that his and my tastes are similar and if ever I head up that way then I will know where to strap on my feedbag, Keshi at Viva Forever since I want to know what kind of tune she will put up memorialising food. Lisa B at Lisa B In Da City because I know she will know some awesome eateries (she's just cool like that), Rocky from Rocky Road Scholar because first of all I know he is a lot like me and loves some good eating and I do not remember him ever doing a tag, and Big D and Crazy Dan at West Texas Rocks just to see how much they will contradict me.


Crazy Dan said...

I must say those are some great picks. I will have to try the SmokeStack ouse in Thurber, TX becasue Breezy is a giant fan of Dr. Pepper, her grandma has a DR. Pepper Muesum so we might could find something to bring back too. My only critism is of the Furr's I love Furr's the one in Lubbock and Plainview but the have recently built one here in Amarillo and it is the worst buffet I have ever eaten. I is set up like Golden Coral and does not have the two things I eat steak and mushrooms or Chicken Fry with Pan Fry Potatoes, and in my book thats criminal.

The Phoenix said...

Texas Roadhouse is incredible. Their off the bone ribs is amazing. My mouth is watering now.

Keshi said...

wish I cud really go check these places out myself :)


writer chick said...

Jeez,I just realized how hungry I am by reading your post. Nothing like great eats at great places. Thanks for the tips - if I ever come to the lone star state, I'll know just where to go.

Phats said...

OK this post made me hungry and wanting to eat at those places! I love Texas Roadhouse so good!

We ate at a great Steak place in El Paso, I can't remember the name of it though when we were there for the Sun Bowl, it had live animals, and great food. And a really good italian place there too. Some good eats in Texas for sure

Bruce said...

I think Mickey D's was the last place I went, and that was for a salad. Last "real" restaurant? The Olive Garden in Hazelwood, MO on December 30, 2004.
I did go to Charley's here, which is literally up the road from me, a couple years ago, but it was a post-funeral get together(we buried a family friend that day), so that doesn't count.

phred said...

I agree, Joe Allens has the Best steak in Texas. Bar none.
Appreciate the plug for Main Street. If you dare, try a double meat - large burger = 1 lb. of 90% lean meat. And those onion rings are hand breaded, not something out of a box.
Main Street will be featured in " Texas Highways " in September.
One thing Texans know is, good food and cold beer.

LisaBinDaCity said...


I have a no tagging (no meme) zone on my blog.

But since you asked so nicely I will consider it ;-)

David Amulet said...

That is a crazy chain to get to you. The brave new world of internet communication ...

I've not been to any of your restaurants. Damn.

Don't feel bad, Lisa--I've had the same rule up for more than a year.

-- david

:P fuzzbox said...

cd: No steak with mushrooms. That should be against the law. And the best thing about that dish is those rolls for soppin' up the gravy. Ahhh truly decadent.

phoenix: I always opt for their Cowboy Cut Sirloin. Damn it's good.

keshi: I'm sure that you would love them.

wc: I could talk about food for days. I once made it a habit of finding the more out of the way back alley type places but AJ is all about the tried and true. But when I get a chance I will go damn near anywhere in search of good grub.

:P fuzzbox said...

phats: I was at the Sun Bowl back a few years ago when USC with Keyshawn Johnson ripped Tech's ass. It was some awesome tailgating.

bruce: I avoid Mickey D's as much as possible but my son loves the place so I end up having to go. I must admit that those McGriddle's things are pretty damn good.

phred: That's awesome that you will be featured in Texas Highways. And y'all's Large Cheeseburger is all I can handle. And I would never call a frozen ring crazee tastee. Y'all do a great job with those damn rings. What I like most about Main Street is that I have never left the place hungry or wanting more. Except maybe a good nap.

lisa: I know that you are a no tag zone but since I have never before tagged anyone. You immediately came to mind. I am just a little evil like that. And you can give us the best from coast to coast.

david: Don't worry. Next time I will have to tag you.

Green Eyes said...

Yep, hungry!

Bruce, let's go to dinner!

Catch said...

Fuzz...the way you describe though places just makes my mouth water! We have a Texas Roadhouse and I love it!! They have the best damn steaks around...even better than the Outback!

Phats said...

I never got to cheer at the sunbowl, but I have been to 4 of them. my girlfriend cheered at one. We won't be going back though since they no longer have a Big 10 tie in. It was always fun, and they ran that thing awesomely, fanfest was awesome

David Amulet said...

I went yesterday to a restaurant I would call best fast food--the only one I go to: Chipotle!

-- david

eZ said...

hey fuzz
nice list, it does makes me want to get a bite to eat,lots of places here, the last time we ate out, ummmm last December, it was Outback and it was great! I have heard the Roadhouse is good.
have a great week!

the weirdgirl said...

Great list, fuzz! I got hooked on the diversity of places this one went to, as well. I picked tags from Texas, Southern CA, France, DC and mid IL just to keep it going. (I should have asked our buddy Phoenix and my Hawaiian girlfriend, too.)

Columbo's sounds right up my alley! One of the best things I've ever had was chili poured over a chicken enchilada, and now I'm imagining chili with sausage and garlic toast!

:P fuzzbox said...

green eyes: How could Bruce turn down an offer like that?

catch: And it's a heck of a lot better price.

phats: I don't have much comparison to go by as the only bowl games that I have ever attended was the Sun Bowl and The Cotton Bowl and they were both awesome.

david: Never heard of it but the name sounds promising.

weirdgirl: Johnny Corino's has an Italian Chili that is to die for. It is my brothers favorite Italian place.

Big Pissy said...

Thanks! Now I'm hungry!!! :)

jane said...

What you've written here reminds me of 1 of my brothers. Like you, he can take out of towners to the best of the best when they visit. I think he'd like that beer thing too.

michaelm said...

I'll work on it tonight, buddy.
Thanks for the tag.


Rocky said...

Great list. I visited Texas once and had some of the best food I've ever eaten.

The only place I ate at on your list would be The Roadhouse. That wuz good eatin'. I believe I tore into a steak the size of a frisbee.

I will have to ponder the tag as I love so many chow houses...

Ol' Lady said...

I’m movin away from home…some family members just won’t leave me alone…so I’m movin

Please stop by my new place…I have moved everything including all of my past posts and comments. What a fuckin job…copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste…you get the idea.

Feel free to link my new digs at your place :)

Same idiot…different home…stop in for a coffee :)

Hope to see you soon
Ol Lady

:P fuzzbox said...

pissy: You're welcome. ;)

jane: Sounds good to me.

michael: Thanks, bud. Looking forward to it.

rocky: I know what you mean. I could go on for days on my favorite eating joints.

ol lady: I'll check it out and change the link when I get a chance.

velverse said...

mmm... Texas Roadhouse... Yeay! Another vote for that. Hahaha.. sounds like there are loads of texas Roadhouse fans :d

Thanks for sharing great restaurants list!

Nicole Tan said...

Sizzle Shrimp sounds like an absolute yummy little thingy at Orlando’s!!! and Mmmm I love bbq too..must try joe allen’s…Furr’s Cafetaria sounds good..all me can eat..and so many food!! Drool!
Ps thanks for doing the tag. I hope you enjoyed it.. If you know of anyone else doing it please feel free to send me a message and I’ll update them too on the updated list of tag doers

:P fuzzbox said...

velverse: I never knew Texas Roadhouse had such a large fan base. They deserve it though.

nicole: In blogsearching today, I have found quite a few. Even people that never do tags seem to have fun with this one.

LisaBinDaCity said...

I haven't forgotten you! Just haven't gotten to it yet.

Lolly said...

I can't tell you how many times I've driven by the Thurber Smokestack - even before it was a restaurant, I'd see it, and wish I had time to stop and poke around. In fact, I'm headed that way this Sunday. I'll have to see where Matador, Spur and Dickens are. I've never heard of them! Except Spur. I may have heard of that one.

The Egg said...

Hello! Came here via Angel's blog. So Fur's cafeteria is still around? My early years were spent in Lubbock. I remember pigging out at Fur's. I also loved a taco joint and Pistol Pete's pizza. Yeah I'm crazy with my food memories!