Saturday, February 17, 2007

What's In The Name

I have always been amazed by the way that certain people's names just roll off the tongue. Names like Antonio Bandaras, Gerard Depardieu, and Hakeem 'The Dream' Olajuwan flow like the Missississippi River. These people had it easy by being born with them. Others weren't so lucky and had to make a new name for themselves like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Linda Lovelace.

Stan 'The Man' Lee was a master at creating comic book hero names that flowed and could be easily remembered. Names such as Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, and Matt Murdoch with their twist of using repeating letters made them flow and etched them in the memory.

I wonder how many people think of this when creating a user name for their blogs. My user name is a twisted little bit of a joke. Most people when responding to me use the shortened version of Fuzz. No one really calls me by my first name. And I always liked :P.

BTW, the pin-up model from the '50's in the pic name is Betty Brossmer. Now that's a name that should be remembered.


Gerald Ford said...

Whoa! First!

Anyways, Betty Brossmer's hot.

As for names, I think I'll change my name to Max Power. Has a nice ring to it.

anonymum said...

i'll send you an email and you can work out your "new" name ok? mine is dipsy dippindoodle..
now there's a vision for you

David Amulet said...

I thought about blogging as "Sparky McFancyPants," but I'm reserving that for my forthcoming jazz-trashmetal band.

"Angelina Jolie" rolls off the tongue, too. (Insert joke here.)

-- david

Pixie said...

Aww do you want me to call you :p in future..

I always use Pixie when I can on forums and things,but my original sign in for blogger was "ukchippy"- Which WP called me way back before we had me, he still sometimes calls it me now & again.

Big Pissy said...

I wanted to use a different blogger name but it was already taken.

So I went with my second choice. ;-)

Catch said...

I have used Catch online for years...then I met a few people that I got to know online and they called me Catch So now its kinda like a nickname, but only for onliners..

:P fuzzbox said...

gerald: It would really work if you ever give thought to the porn industry.

anonymum: I have tried various incarnations of the naming game. They just don't seem to turn out for me.

david: Angelina Jolie does have a sweet sound. So does Carmen Electra. Those two should hook up. The tapes would be worth a mint.

pixie: I will always think of you as Pixie. It is a name as sweet as you are. And Fuzz will Suffice.

pissy: You have such a cool user name. What was your first choice?

:P fuzzbox said...

catch: It is catchy. ;)

Bruce said...

Asshole was already being used, so I just went with my real name. I could've gone with my knighted name, Sir Sits-On-His-Ass-A-Lot, but I figured it might be a bit ostentatious.

EZ said...

hey fuzz
lovely picture. I think a user name shows a little of our personality. I have changed mine so often, I forget who I am somedays.

Mike said...

I'm not that creative. My blog was named after my favorite movie. If it really had something to do with me, I'd have to see a doctor! I'd be walking around like those guys in "Johnny Dangerously" with Enlarged Scrodum Syndrom".

The Phoenix said...

Wow...what an amazing pin-up.

They don't make 'em like they used to.

michaelm said...

My user name came from the Steely Dan song "Bad Sneakers".
Got my email (bookofliars@) from the song "Book of Liars" by SD as well.
I've found their lingo eliminates the need for extraneous numbers (i.e.
Gotta admit I'm liking David's 'Sparky McFancyPants'. . .

:P fuzzbox said...

bruce: Ostentaciousness is to be avoided. Good call.

ez: You always come up with good ones.

mike: Sometimes you just have to say farg it.

phoenix: Ain't that the truth.

michael: It's a winner.

angel, jr. said...

Yeah, I think certain names are easy to remember.

I don't think some of the new names being given to celebrity's children are fair though. I think some of those children will be teased forever about their names.

Lolly said...

I knew a guy once who named his daughter Lydia Elaine Spradley.
That really rolls!
Doesn't it :P?

Green Eyes said...

A name that flows is very important. My online name is not very original. It was not easy coming up with one!

writer chick said...

I love coming up with names for characters - doing that and coming up with titles often take more time than the writing the piece itself. I agree names need to have a ring to them.

why did I choose to go with generic Writer Chick? Seemed like a good idea at the time. ;)

:P fuzzbox said...

angel, jr: It is like some of those celebrity parents just wanted their kids to grow up getting their ass kicked.

lolly: That does roll.

green eyes: I love your user name. But then again I love green eyes.

writer chick: I like it. It has a certain self confidence that is very alluring.

Metal Mark said...

I like the pin-up. My user name isn't very creative.

Paige Burns said...

Paige Burns was an easy pick for an erotica author name with the double meaning, but my username on most things is bookmom, two things that really say "me".

Ol' Lady said...

I turned around one day and there was my name :)