Friday, July 29, 2005

Celeb Whorehounding
I generally will not blog about celebs due to the fact that others do it more frequently and better than I. But occasionally I need to vent.
The Rolling Stones are coming out with a new C.D. and I suppose they will tour off of it. The last one they did most everyone said the same thing. These guys are just to damn old. My opinion last time was if they can still rock more power to them. This time however, I will agree since seeing a commercial where 62 year old Mick was singing "Cant Get No Satisfaction." If you can't get no satisfaction at age 62 give up the Viagra and keep your ass at home. And did they disinter Keith Richards for this, My God, he has been wearing a death mask for the past umpteen jillion years.
I guess it will give hope to all those aging and flatulent Pop/Rock, Techno Rap, and Hair Band has beens to climb back on the stage. At least that ill conceived and short lived TV Show, featuring 80's has been that was on the air for so short a time that thankfully I have been able to forget it's name, died a timely death. I mean who in blue blazes gives a flying fig what Flock of Seagulls and the rest of their ilk sings now. I must admit I watched an episode of this drivel. Sometimes, like anyone else, I find myself in a mood for a good trainwreck. But once was way more than enough.
On a similar note, Mick's ex, Jerry Hall will star in a new unreality show. The premise is a contest where whining sycophantic gaywads will vie to be Jerry's "slave." How desperate for 15 minutes of fame do you have to be to compete to be the slave of an aged amazon douchbag?
Oh well it's a sick world and I am a happy man. (I stole my freind's quote. He won't mind. There is enough sickness for everyone.)


Ruben said...

Nice blog design!

:P fuzzbox said...

Thanks all the credit goes to Big D. I just explained to him what I wanted and he whipped it out.

Crazy Dan said...

It is a good design and you know that reallity show of the chicky jerry hall has been on for awhile now in fact it almost over. In its place is Hogan knows best which if you havent seen you should check it out.

:P fuzzbox said...

Yeah I've seen the Hogan show. I think that it is mildly annoying although both the Hogan mom and daughter aint to shabby on the eyes.