Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pickin' The Hits

Angry Joyce is a football widow. I am not saying that I am a fanatic but I live for football season, from the Friday night lights to NCAA football on Saturday to Monday Night Football and even the flex games on Thursdays, I watch all that I can. I play pick 'em football and I have an NFL fantasy football team. One thing that I never do though is bet on football except for the occasional squares game. The reason for this is simple. At picking winning teams, players, and any other outcome, I just plain suck.

Any underdog I pick ends up playing like the bums that they are, any favorite that I pick will end up getting beat by some Jr. High School for the Blind, any dynamic superstar player put on my fantasy roster will end up with a season ending injury in the first quarter, and any number that I pick in a squares game will change 5 seconds before the end of the quarter.

But hope springs eternal. This year after two humiliating losses to my fantasy team, I have managed to eke out three straight wins. I should probably quit now while I still have a winning record but I will forge ahead in hopes that this year will be my year, after all they say that the sun has to shine on a dog's ass once at least once in his life.

Now Phats has invited me to be a guest pigskin prognosticator in his weekly prediction post. I accepted the honor and hope that I will not humiliate myself, but chances are that I will suck like a Kirby. So if you want to see me humiliated, go ahead and check over at Phat's place after the games and I am sure that you won't be disappointed.
I correctly picked 10 of 12 games and out picked the master prognosticator, Phats. I am glad that he let me goof off and be a guest guru and am really pleased that the Red Raider Fight Song is blaring away over at his place. The Red Raiders have broken into the top 25 with their win over the Aggies. In other Red Raider news, sales of some tee shirts were halted by a group of haters. The tee shirts had a pick of the Red Raider hanging the Aggies Dog mascot with the logo reading,'Vick 'Em.' Hater's have no sense of humor.


Phats said...

haha I thought your picks were pretty good they will be up tomorrow night. I especially liked your Purdue pick! :)

I am the same I can't get enough football, although mostly college football.

Jim said...

OFF TOPIC -- fuz -- please FEDEX a Mr. Gatti's pizza, and a bunch of Whataburgers, I'm going into withdrawal!!!!! Jim

jane said...

I'm the same as you, but just with college football. Last week I actually got my feelings hurt cuz Jim didn't want to watch ncaaf all day long. There were some damn good games though!!

David Amulet said...

Good luck with your picks. This is a CRAZY year in college football ...

:P fuzzbox said...

phats: There is something special about college football. The players are doing it for the love of the game and not financial gain. Unless you count the Reggie Bush investigation and countless others like it.

jim: While Mr. Gatti's pizza is good, I have much fonder memories of their spaghetti. Going to school there was a Mr. Gatti's and every Tuesday night was all you can eat spaghetti for three bucks. My mouth is watering thinking about it now. I will get on the Whataburgers. No one should be forced to live without a Whataburger.

jane: It was a great day. But maybe this season will be filled with them.

david: I would hate to be picked in the top five this early the way it is going. They seem to be shooting targets.

Perplexio said...

Congrats on your superlative Fantasy Football record thus far this season. I'm tied for first in my FF league but it doesn't hurt that I have Tom Brady and Randy Moss on my fantasy team. I used to make the abysmal error of picking the Browns Quarterback du jour as my starter (as I'm a Browns fan)-- given the Browns record the past few seasons you can see where that would sink any hopes I might otherwise have.

eZ said...

hey fuzz
pick a card any card-lol
I am playing in the HGTV builders football league, not doing that great, but it is fun.
I will check out phats-I have a niece who graduated from PU last year, and one that started this year.

Bruce said...

If you wanna always be right in picking games, stick with Division III powerhouse Mt. Union. Since 1999, they're 113-4, and are averaging a mere 60 points a game this year.

Phats said...

Fuzz picks are up, best of luck! Bruce they have that record because they areplaying DIII

:P fuzzbox said...

perplexio: Brady has been a hell of a player this year. I started with Brees and thought I had a good one. Turns out that was wrong. I have hodgepodged it together and am thinking of just getting whoever is playing Detroit on any given week. It worked last week.

ez: Even though my record generelly sucks, I love playing fantasy football. It's all about the trash talk.

bruce: Div III or not that is one helluva record.

phats: I saw that we had a few differences. Makes me wonder if some sort of wager needs to be made. I would love to hear the Raider fight song playing over at your place for about a week or so.

Bruce said...

phats- yes, they are playing D-III, but it's still college football. You should try and take in a game sometime; you might like it.

Keshi said...

I hate football!

btw Fuzzy come by n let me know ur thoughts on my current topic..tnxx ;-)


The Phoenix said...

I had to quit Fantasy Football cold turkey. I got so addicted to it. All the stats that fly by at the bottom of the screen...oh man, I was constantly getting updates on my players.

Now I can watch and just relax.

Perplexio said...

yeah Detroit is a great team for the other teams in the NFL to practice against. ;-)

And given that Cleveland has beat 2 of their divisional rivals (the Bengals and the Ravens) they may just have an outside shot of sneaking into the playoffs as a Wild Card. I'm not getting my hopes up and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. They aren't Super Bowl material just yet, but maybe sneaking into the playoffs this year (even if they get dispatched in the first round) will make them "hungry" enough for next season.

Big Pissy said...

I'm not in to football at all.

The only team I care about it Auburn's....and that's only b/c 3 members of my family are grads. ;-)

Phats said...

Bruce try to take in a game? haha have you ever been to my blog? Or do you mean a DIII game? I was a college cheerleader at Purdue.

Fuzz- I could give you what Cheryl got a picture of me haha If I can find it I would do the fight song

Catch said...

Im just not into football Sweety, however, I do like the football players, in my younger years I was totally in love with Joe Namath whether he had pantyhose on or not!!!!

:P fuzzbox said...

bruce: I like the idea that they actually have playoffs. The big boys could learn from that.

keshi: Hope you liked my suggestions.

phoenix: My fantasy teams generelly are so bad that I don't worry about their stats too much.

perplexio: It's good that Cleveland is back. Hopefully one day they can get back to the pinnacle that they once were.

:P fuzzbox said...

pissy: If you have too root for only one team then Auburn is a purty good choice. They don't embarass themselves too often.

phats: I did not realize that you were a cheerleader. And no please don't send a pic. AJ might get wrong ideas.

catch: Namath has personality even now that he is out of rehab.

Phats said...

Yes sir, it's where i met the lovely future mrs phats :)
I think you're going to win my friend

Keshi said...

LOL cool picks!


:P fuzzbox said...

phats: It was a lot of fun. I can't believe that I picked 8 of 10 correctly. It was my weekend for college ball. If only my fantasy team would have done as well. I was well on my way of having my best score so far when the vaunted Chicago D scored only 1 fantasy point while my opponents Baltimore D scored 27. I lost by 11 points. Oh well there is always next week.

keshi: Thanks, Glad you liked it.